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Issue #239 | March 5, 2021 


Facebook to lift political ad ban imposed after November election
"Facebook says advertisers who have completed the ad authorization process may submit new ads that require a “Paid for by” disclaimer or edit existing, eligible ads to turn them back on."

Amazon-Owned Twitch Bans Amazon’s Union-Busting Ads
"Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama are voting on unionization and Amazon is doing everything it can to stop them. As part of its anti-union campaign, Amazon ran anti-union ads on Twitch, the games streaming giant that it owns. Now Twitch has broken with its parent company and told Motherboard it has removed the ads, and that they should never have run in the first place."

Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing
"Google’s heft means the change could reshape the digital ad business, where many companies rely on tracking individuals to target their ads, measure the ads’ effectiveness and stop fraud. Google accounted for 52% of last year’s global digital ad spending of $292 billion, according to Jounce Media, a digital ad consultancy."


A 2022 Doomsday Scenario for Campaigners
"For campaigners, our competition is no longer restricted to the opposite party. Rather, we compete with all of the other ways voters can spend their time. If these trends persist and candidates and their allies are shut off from reaching Americans alongside the media where they consume news and information, broad segments of the American populace may no longer be civically engaged."


Fake News Gets More Engagement on Facebook—But Only If It's Right-Wing
"According to researchers at the Cybersecurity for Democracy project at New York University, far-right purveyors of misinformation have by far the highest levels of engagement per follower compared to any other category of news source."


Donors gave a House candidate more than $8 million. A single firm took nearly half of it.
"The company that produced the video, Arsenal Media Group, would take a cut. And a firm hired to promote the video, Olympic Media, would keep up to 70 percent of the money it generated, some of which was not disclosed in Klacik’s initial campaign finance filings."

Social Media

Democrats drubbing Trumpless GOP on social media
"The combined Twitter following for the 10 elected Democrats with the biggest audiences is 102 million compared to 23 million for the top 10 Republicans. Even taking President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris out of the equation, Democrats' following is nearly triple Republicans'."

Tips for Winning Social Media Marketing Campaigns
"The rule should always be to follow voters. While the future of Facebook ads for political campaigns is in question, the reality today is 60 percent of voters log into Facebook daily. That's a bigger audience than those watching their local news."


Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked-Including Private Data
"On Sunday night the WikiLeaks-style group Distributed Denial of Secrets is revealing what it calls calling “GabLeaks,” a collection of more than 70 gigabytes of Gab data representing more than 40 million posts."

Building Decentralized Communities for Politics with Texting
"A list of emails or phone numbers of community members, is not owned by one single platform. Such a list can be used on several different platforms. It provides a direct channel to community members where one can communicate, coordinate, and fundraise directly. There are no sophisticated algorithms that decide whether or not community members want to see this content. If a community member opts in, it is understood they want to hear from the community."

What is Rumble, Donald Trump Jr.’s new favorite online video platform?
"In his video heralding Rumble, Don Jr. goes on to boast about Rumble’s algorithm, which he says treats conservatives fairly, and once again mentions the platform’s 'level playing field."
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