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Issue #243 | April 2, 2021 


How to Get Authorized for Political Ads on Facebook
"In addition to being able to run ads, you’ll also receive benefits like improved search rankings and tags that identify you as a “Confirmed Organization” that boost your credibility."


Fundraising Breakdown Series: Elise Stefanik
"Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s team knows how to run a fundraising program online. They’re consistently one of the most powerful digital presences on the right, and when they see an opportunity they always jump on it."

Social Media

Nick Clegg doesn’t think Facebook is polarizing
"But in terms of incentives, this is the bit that maybe we have not been articulate enough about. Firstly, the people who pay our lunch don’t like the content next to incendiary, unpleasant material. And if you needed any further proof of that, this last summer, a number of major advertisers boycotted Facebook because they felt we weren’t doing enough on hate speech."

At least one member of Congress thinks we need a government agency to regulate social media companies
"Much like the FTC or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Welch argued that such an agency would be staffed by policy and technology experts, and could focus on a wide range of issues, from content standards and data privacy to misinformation and disinformation."

Facebook removes video interview with Trump, citing his ban from the platform
"An email Lara Trump posted to her Instagram account later on Tuesday shows a message warning her team about uploading the video. The email reminded them that “content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platform (including new posts with President Trump speaking) and will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.'"


How Tech Helped Democrats Win: By the Numbers
"There is more scientific RCT work ahead of us, but if these correlational observations from 2020 are in fact causative, we could win 13 more seats in the House alone in 2022."
Supreme Court Decides In Favor of Callers In Facebook Ruling, But Practitioners Remain Wary of Carriers
"Meanwhile on Thursday, attorneys sought to educate phones vendors about the ruling's impact on their businesses. The Beltway firm Holtzman Vogel Josefiak Torchinsky PLLC sent an email noting "this decision has no impact on calls using an artificial or prerecorded voice. These so called ‘robocalls’ are not impacted by this decision and still remain a TCPA violation unless certain exceptions are met.”"
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