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Issue #78 | December 15, 2017  

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Google AdWords Adds Targeting by Phone Number, Mailing Address
"Previously, AdWords campaigns only allowed advertisers to upload anonymized email addresses as well as set broader targets around demographics and interests."
Google Analytics releasing 4 new functions to offer more user-centric insights
"User-focused reporting...

User Explorer
The new User Explorer tool allows marketers to view the lifetime metrics and dimensions at the user level. Based on the life of their cookie, this will open up new details to marketers, such as the number of transactions made or total time spent on the website.
Audience Reporting
Previously, Audiences could be created and published to other platforms such as AdWords, but there was no way of doing so in Analytics.
Conversion Probability
The ability to segment these potentially-converting users gives marketers the power to target these users specifically in their remarketing campaigns on AdWords and DoubleClick. This will then give the option to bid more aggressively on them or send those users to specialized landing pages."
2017’s most shared content on Facebook will definitely not shock or amaze you
"Tribal political posts have grown over the last year.

Two of the most shared gained over 3m Facebook engagements each. The first was this article by American Bacon on ‘President Trump requiring ‘welfare to work’ – the free ride is ending’. The second was this article ‘20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS and The Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It‘. Both are strong opinion articles...

It appears people share content on Facebook to support their particular political tribe or viewpoint. Often political posts have far more shares than likes or reactions. There is some evidence that the more partisan the content, the more that particular tribe will share it. That has echo chamber side effects of course – the more you like content that fits your tribe, the less divergent viewpoints you’ll see.
Governors and Federal Agencies Are Blocking Nearly 1,300 Accounts on Facebook and Twitter
"The responses we’ve received so far show that governors and agencies across the country are blocking at least 1,298 accounts. More than half of those — 652 accounts — are blocked by Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican."
Snap releases Lens Studio, a tool for creating your own AR effects
"The move marks the first time that average users — and advertisers — will be able to create AR lenses for Snapchat. Lens Studio will offer them templates and guides for getting started, for both two- and three-dimensional designs. A scripting API allows users to build additional effects into their designs — tapping an object to change its shape, for example, or altering it as the user walks closer to it."
How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web
"According to OMC's data, a full 19 percent of all “conversational” email is now tracked. That’s one in five of the emails you get from your friends. And you probably never noticed.
"During the 2016 election, we sent a tracked email out to the US senators, and the people running for the presidency," Seroussi says. "We wanted to know, were they doing anything about tracking? Obviously, the answer was no. We typically got the location of their devices, the IP addresses; you could pinpoint almost exactly where they were, which hotels they were staying at."
Twitter now lets you create tweetstorms before tweeting
"Twitter today revealed plans to give users a better way to create threaded tweets. Thanks to a new button in the tweet composer, you can add new tweets to a thread before you publish them."
The Alt-Right Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.
"What I found on these sites was more pitiful than fear-inspiring. Sure, some alt-tech platforms were filled with upsetting examples of Nazi imagery and bigoted garbage. But most were ghost towns, with few active users and no obvious supervision. As technology products, many are second- or third-rate, with long load times, broken links and frequent error messages. A few had been taken offline altogether."
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