March 2022
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A Celebration of Sainthood
Michael C. McFarland, SJ

This month on March 12 the Society of Jesus celebrated the 400th anniversary of the canonization of St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier, along with three other great saints, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Philip Neri and St. Isadore the Farmer. The occasion was marked by a Mass at the Gesu Church, where St. Ignatius is buried. Pope Francis joined the community at the Mass and preached the homily.

400th Anniversary
Mass to celebrate St. Ignatius’ and St. Francis Xavier’s canonization
Pope Francis attended the Mass at the Jesuit Church of the Gesù in Rome. From his homily:
"The saints we commemorate today were pillars of communion. They remind us that, for all our differences of character and viewpoint, we have been called to be together."
Read the Pope's full homily HERE.
Foundation 2021 Funding Highlights
Due to the generous gifts of our supporters in 2021, the Gregorian Foundation was able to send over 2.5 million in funds to Rome this year.  The money was used to fund multiple projects including:
  1. The Pope Francis Adopt a Scholar Program 

  2. Endowed Chairs at all three institutions

  3. Endowed Scholarship at all three institutions

  4. Institute of Anthropology Interdisciplinary Studies on Human Dignity and Care (Formerly the Centre for Child Protection)

  5. The Center for Discerning Leadership Program at the Gregorian University

  6. Complete Renovation of Frascara 007 at the Gregorian University

  7. Renovation of the Theology Department Offices at the Gregorian University

  8. Completion of a lightning suppression system at the Gregorian

  9. One full-time salary for the library digitizing project at the Oriental Institute

  10. An assistant to catalog the 10,000-book Persian/Iranian collection at the Oriental

  11. Sponsorship of the Fratelli Tutti Conference at the Gregorian University

  12. Roof Renovation at the Biblical Institute

  13. Missiology Scholarships at the Gregorian

  14. Sponsorship 0f the Bellarmine Conference at the Gregorian University

  15. D’Agostino, Hilbert, and McNamee Canon Law Funds

  16. McCarthy Oriental Faculty Fund 

  17. Miscoll Library Fund at the Biblicum

Alumni News
Lay Women Study at Pontifical Universities
Interview with Gregorian University alumna Laura Ieraci

I would give the same advice I received from Bishop Lionel Gendron, P.S.S., now bishop emeritus of St-Jean-Longueuil, Quebec. He said if I wanted to make working for the Church my life’s work, then I should study in Rome.
“You will learn in Rome more about the Church in one year than you will working here in 10,” he said. And he was right. The experience of the Church in Rome is not replicable anywhere else. It is a microcosm of the universal Church, where all 24 churches in the Catholic communion are present, where every issue facing the church is pondered, discussed and debated, be it theological, canonical, social or otherwise.

I Am ND: Meet Joe Holt — not an average Joe
Pontifical Gregorian University alumnus Joseph Holt is a business ethics professor at the University of Notre Dame.
During the pandemic he volunteered as a nurse's aide, helping nurses on the front line during the worst of the pandemic.
“Ask yourself: What pressing need in the world moves your heart so much that you’d be willing to make some sacrifice to address it? None of us can relieve all of the world’s pain, but all of us can relieve some of it. It’s good to do that."
See the Eternal City from a unique perspective – from the heart of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus. Experience the adventure of Jesuit Rome with its academic, spiritual, social and cultural opportunities. Please join us for this year's Colloquium as we explore from the center to the periphery.

Support for Ukraine

Ukrainian students at Gregorian University offer prayers and solidarity.
The Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome has organized a collection to support the Ukrainian people with medicine, medical devices and funds to help with medical supplies. One hundred percent of humanitarian aid collected will be transmitted to Ukraine through the Minor Basilica of Santa Sofia in Rome. Please make a secure, tax-deductible gift by clicking below.

Faculty News

Gregorian University Professor Roberto Regoli
Fr. Regoli recently wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled,
Pope Benedict, Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church's Future. The criticism of the retired pontiff is about more than his record as an archbishop. 

Click HERE to read the article.
Henri De Lubac Award 2022

On 28 February 2022 the jury of the "Henri de Lubac" Award, organised and sponsored by the French Embassy to the Holy See, met to award a doctoral work in French and a doctoral work in a foreign language defended at one of the Roman Pontifical Universities.

The award in a foreign language was awarded to Rev. Fr. Filadelfio Alberto Iraci (Faculty of Canon Law, Pontifical Gregorian University) for his doctoral dissertation Diritto canonico e teologia morale. Storia e prospettiva interdisciplinare, moderated by Prof. Carlo Fantappiè.

The same jury also decided to give a special mention to Sister Ana Cristina Villa-Betancourt (Facoltà di Teologia, Pontificia Università Gregoriana) for his doctoral dissertation La diferencia sexual según los Padres Capadocios : iluminaciones de su reflexión y su experiencia cristiana para la problemática de hoy, moderated by Prof. Michelina Tenace.

- International Conferences -

Year of the " Family Amoris laetitia "Pastoral Practices, Life Experience, and Moral Theology : Amoris Laetitia Between New Opportunities and New Paths

11-14 May, 2022

The conference aims to explore the critical issues, provocations, and ideas that emerged from the Apostolical Exhortation Amoris Laetitia of Pope Francis. It seeks to understand them in greater depth and to further explore the applications of an evolving theological-moral reflection, and its pastoral implications. We believe that this papal teaching has continuing significance both for the theology of marriage and the family, and for moral theology in general. This approach starts from within an ecclesial horizon and is also ready to re- think theological and moral issues in a constructive dialogue with human experience. This experience is considered both universal and always contextualized by particular cultures and personal events. 


Mass Cards
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The Gregorian University Foundation is pleased to offer Mass cards for the living and for the deceased. 
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Praying with the Pope in March
Pope Francis' Universal prayer intention for March is:
For a Christian response to bioethical challenges
We pray for Christians facing new bioethical challenges; may they continue to defend the dignity of all human life with prayer and action.
Reflect further on the Prayer Intention for March and unite yourself with the Pope's Prayer Network Watch the Pope's Video >>

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