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31 July 2019
Solemnity of St Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, passed away 459 years ago on this day in the year 1556. He established the Society of Jesus in 1540, instructing the early Jesuits — to go out and "find God in all things."
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17 July 2019
Celebrating 35 Years of US and Holy See Relations

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between the United States and the Holy See, US Ambassador to the Holy See, Callista L. Gingrich, inaugurated an exhibit at the U.S. Diplomacy Center in Washington, DC.

The exhibit highlights a longstanding bilateral relationship that was formalized in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan and Saint John Paul II.  Today the United States and the Holy See work together to advance peace, freedom, and human dignity around the world.

(From left) Vatican Foreign Minister Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Ambassador Calista Gingrich, Dr Margaret Melady, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Military Services, USA

GUF Senior Advisor Fr Bill George, SJ, and Gregorian alumnus Archbishop Timothy Broglio

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Alumni News
Most Rev. Mark Brennan
Pontifical Gregorian University

Gregorian University graduate, Most Rev. Mark Brennan, who was formerly the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Baltimore, Maryland (USA), was recently named Bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia (USA) by Pope Francis. At the Greg, Bishop Brennan studied Pastoral Theology and completed his education in 1974. Congratulations to the new Bishop!

Malcolm Gladwell on
Thinking Like a Jesuit

AMDC: A Jesuit Podcast

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell is doing a three-part podcast on "thinking like a Jesuit." In the series, he explores "Jesuit moral reasoning, and why most every modern political problem could use a dose of St. Ignatius." The podcasts are produced by the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States. Click the button below to listen to the first episode on SoundCloud now!

Notable Alumnus
St Maximilan Kolbe, OFM, CONV

Pontifical Gregorian University

Maximilan Kolbe was born in Poland in 1894. At the age of 12 he had a vision of the Virgin Mary who offered him either a crown of purity or a crown of martyrdom. He chose both. In 1910 he entered the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans. He was sent to Rome for studies and earned a doctorate from the Gregorian University in 1915 in Philosophy. He returned to Poland in 1919 after being ordained a priest.

He was very devoted to the Virgin Mary. He converted his friary into a center for publications about Mary and formed the Army of the Immaculate One to counter Communism. He founded several monasteries in Poland and Nagasaki, Japan. At the beginning of World War II, after the Nazi invasion of Poland, because of his German ancestry he was at first allowed to continue his publishing work. He used the monastery to hide over 2000 Jews. However, in 1941, after allowing articles to be published that were critical of the Nazis, he was arrested and taken to the camp at Auschwitz. After someone escaped from the camp, the commandant retaliated by starving ten men to death. One of the chosen men had a family and Kolbe volunteered to take his place. When all the others had died, Kolbe was still alive and had to be put to death by a lethal injection. His body was cremated the next day.

Two miracles were attributed to Maximilian Kolbe and he was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1969 and canonized as a saint by Pope St. John Paul II in 1982. He is considered the patron saint of amateur radio operators, drug addicts, journalists, and political prisoners. His feast day is August 14, the day of his death. At his canonization the Pope recognized Maximilian Kolbe as a martyr of charity.

Jesuits and the Moon 

As the US recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, we would like to share some ways in which Jesuits are connected to the moon.
  • There are more than 30 craters on the lunar surface that are named after famed Jesuit astronomers.
  • The US gifted the Vatican a moon rock retrieved by Apollo 17 as a sign of goodwill. You can see it at the Vatican Observatory!
  • Giovanni Riccioli, SJ, (1598–1671) gave the Sea of Tranquility its name.

Vatican News

As an ecumenical gesture of goodwill, Pope Francis gave relics of St. Peter's bones to Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew. The bones, found in a 1952 dig under St. Peter's Basilica, were bestowed to the Orthodox delegation after the mass for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. His Holiness hopes this move will contribute to the growing unity between the East and the West.
Pope Francis presented his outline for a reformed Roman Curia. The document, entitled Praedicate Evangelium, reveals a simplified, decentralized Curia in which several departments may merge and the role of the laity is intensified. The draft was sent to the heads of all Vatican departments as well as bishops' conferences and various lay law institutes. 

6 October -12 October
2019 Colloquium
Rome through the eyes of Ignatius

See the Eternal City from a unique perspective - from the heart of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus.  Experience the adventure of Jesuit Rome with its academic, spiritual, social and cultural opportunities. Please join us as we explore from the center to the periphery.

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Praying with the Pope in July
Pope Francis' Universal prayer intention for July is: 

The Integrity of Justice
That those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last word.

Reflect further on the Pope's Prayer Intention for July and unite yourself with the Pope's Prayer Network 
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