May 2019
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7-9 May 2019 - Rome
Jesus & the Pharisees International Conference

Scholars aim to give Christians a kinder, gentler view of Pharisees

When William Faulkner famously wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” he wasn’t speaking specifically about religion - though, it should be noted, the line occurs in his 1951 novel Requiem for a Nun.

Faulkner easily could have been, however, because in no other sphere of life does the weight of the past hang quite as heavy as in religious traditions.


Jesus and the Pharisees:  A laywoman’s reflections

Why would a lay “everyday” Catholic attend a conference on Jesus and the Pharisees? The lure was an opportunity to meet Pope Francis – and this Jesuit-trained laywoman was not about to pass up that opportunity.

There was second lure for me - the conference addressed something I’m curious about: Why do the Pharisees have an unsavory reputation, e.g., hypocrites? That reputation is out of sync with what I know about Pharisees like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea and their elegant empathy when preparing the body of Jesus for burial after the Crucifixion. Surely this act alone flies in the face of conventional views about Pharisees. The conference gave me a chance to resolve my curiosity (and conflicted feelings) about Pharisees by hearing directly from the experts.



26 March 2019
Fr Zollner, SJ, President of the Centre for Child Protection 
gave the Annual Russo Family Lecture at Fordham University

Pontifical Gregorian University
Renewal Program for Missionaries

The Clergy, Religious and Laity working in the vineyard of the Lord are missionaries and need on-going formation because of a fast-changing world in which the Christian Faith is lived.

  • The various questions that arise if not tackled appropriately may lead to confusion and stifling of the spirit of mission and proclamation.

  • The Renewal Program for Missionaries aims at helping missionaries to gain clarity and insights into various aspects of mission and Faith proclamation.

  • The participant will thereby acquire confidence in responding to various situations with a rootedness in Faith. 

  • A one-semester program would be ideal for those on Sabbaticals or for those needing a short term program.

Doing a renewal program in Rome will be the most meaningful with the proximity of Pope and other major sites of missionary interest. 


Alumnus Profile
Deacon Michael Clark
Gregorian University, STB 2016 


Michael Clark Ordained A Transitional Deacon

On February 2, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano ordained Mr. Michael James Vian Clark as a deacon for the Diocese of Bridgeport at St. Gabriel Parish in Stamford, 11 am, on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

Pressing Needs in Rome - An Invitation to Help

1. Pope Francis Adopt-A-Scholar Program 
Help fund young leaders who return home filled with energy to build the Church in their native lands by donating to our scholarship program.  Whether you can give $50, $500 or $5,000, your donation is helpful!  Taught in the Jesuit tradition of excellence, our students receive a rigorous Catholic formation in a wide range of disciplines. In Rome they develop a network of friends and colleagues extending all over the world and lasting a lifetime. LEARN MORE

2. Relocating the Reception Area at the Gregorian University
Help us bring the Portineria at the Gregorian up to current safety standards.  Details on the project, renderings and cost estimates can be found HERE

3.  Enhanced Waste Recycling at the Gregorian University. 
This Project implies the rethinking of the waste collection system within the University spaces, by positioning three compartment containers in the most waste-producing environments such as classrooms, the Library, the main offices and common areas. Project total is $40,000. The project outline can be found HERE.  Perhaps you can help with a piece of this?

6 October -12 October
2019 Colloquium
Rome through the eyes of Ignatius

See the Eternal City from a unique perspective - from the heart of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus.  Experience the adventure of Jesuit Rome with its academic, spiritual, social and cultural opportunities. Please join us as we explore from the center to the periphery. Registration is open!

Alumni Can Now Purchase the Verbum Software
used at the Biblicum

The Verbum team and the administration at the Biblicum have established a process for Biblicum alumni to obtain the same software package the faculty and students are using in their studies. Alumni are able to purchase the software at the same discounted price that has been extended to the students. This software package and pricing is currently only available via the Biblicum.

Verbum’s Biblicum Standard package was created in collaboration with the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. The collection offers the necessary books and software tools for advanced Catholic academic biblical study. Key texts one would expect in any advanced scholar’s package are included such as:
  • biblical and extrabiblical texts in original languages with translations and critical apparatuses
  • a curated collection of commentaries for each biblical book
  • essential grammars, lexicons, and dictionaries
It also features the full range of software tools that Verbum and Logos are famous for, namely reverse interlinears for key Bibles, Hebrew audio pronunciations, Hebrew and Greek lemmas, and grammar constructions parsed with the mere hover of the mouse.

Mass Cards
available online

The Gregorian University Foundation is pleased to offer Mass cards for the living and for the deceased. 

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Praying with the Pope in May
Pope Francis' Universal prayer intention for May is: 

That the Church in Africa, through the commitment of its members, may be the seed of unity among her peoples and a sign of hope for this continent.

Reflect further on the Pope's Prayer Intention for May and unite yourself with the Pope's Prayer Network 
Watch the Pope's Video >>

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