Single-use plastics entangle and are ingested by pets and wildlife. Ask your Board of Aldermen to support the straw and polystyrene ordinances to reduce these threats to animals»
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Protect pets, wildlife, and the environment - restrict single-use plastics

Dear friend,

The Melrose Board of Aldermen is scheduled to consider, at 7:45 pm Tuesday, Sept. 3 at City Hall, a plastic straw reduction ordinance and polystyrene ban ordinance that would protect pets, wildlife, and the environment. Your voice is needed, now!

Single-use plastics such as straws and polystyrene containers are an environmental disaster and a danger to pets and wildlife. These plastic items are used once and thrown away, after which they make their way into landfills, rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans, where they are ingested by or entangle sea turtles, otters, seals, fish, birds, and other animals. Some animals mistake plastics for food and can slowly die of starvation.

MELROSE RESIDENTS: Please make a few brief, polite phone calls to your aldermen to urge their support for the straw and polystyrene ordinances that would reduce the devastating impact of these single-use plastics. Melrose residents are represented by one ward alderman and four at-large aldermen. 

When you call, you can simply state your name, then say, "As a resident who cares about animals, I’m calling to ask you to support the straw and polystyrene ordinances to protect the pets and wildlife of Melrose from dangerous plastic pollution." 

After your call, send a follow-up e-mail message to the full Board of Aldermen at Sending an email this way will add your message to the public record, meaning it will be accessible in the meeting agenda packet. Customizing your message will help it stand out!

Read more about how single-use plastics impact animals and see our letter of support for this ordinance, which is supported by the environmental and animal welfare community as well as a subcommittee of the Board of Aldermen in Melrose. Follow the local efforts on Facebook at BYOBag Melrose.


Thank you

Taking time out of your life to contact your elected officials makes a difference, thank you! You're helping build a more humane Massachusetts. 

Want to do more to help? There's state-level legislation pending on the plastic bag issue, too, filed by State Senator Jamie Eldridge and State Representative Lori Ehrlich. Please take action by making two brief, polite phone calls.

Look up the phone number for your state senator and representative. When you call, you can simply say, "As a constituent who cares about animals and the environment, please support An Act Reducing Plastic Bag Pollution (S.462 and H.771)."

Katie Hansberry
Maine Senior State Director
Humane Society of the United States
t 207.999.2323

Melrose is poised to be a leader on single-use plastics reduction. There are so many alternatives to single-use plastics, so let's limit their use, and in turn limit the pain and suffering of wildlife we share this planet with

Photos by (clockwise from upper-left) Animal Rescue League of Boston, Troy Mayne, John Cacalosi, and Terry McCarmac

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