At the public hearing at the State House on Tues, June 4, please help make sure animals are protected. Urge your state legislators to take action. 
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Help advocate for animals

Dear friend,

You can help protect animals by contacting your legislators about the animal bills scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, June 4, at 11 am, at the State House in hearing room A-1. 

TAKE ACTION: Please make a brief, polite phone call to your State Senator and Representative to help ensure animals are protected. 

  1. Look up their phone numbers.
  2. When connected to a staff member or leaving a voicemail, start by stating your name and the town you live in.
  3. Then you can simply say, "As a constituent who cares about animal welfare, please urge your colleagues on the Municipalities Committee to please support: House Bill 1774 and Senate Bill 114 (which establish protections for puppies and kittens), House Bill 1823 and Senate Bill 1204 (which allow consumers who purchase a sick pet to seek reimbursements for vet bills), and House Bill 1822 and Senate Bill 989 (which allow law enforcement officers to issue citations for keeping domestic animals in cruel conditions as a middle-ground, rather than felony cruelty charges); and to please oppose: House Bill 1773 (which makes it easier for puppy mills to sell in Massachusetts)." 
  4. After your call, please send a follow-up email. 

Read more about these bills in this letter and below.


Additionally, if your state senator or representative is a member of the Municipalities Committee, they are in a key decision-making role for these bills.

PURCHASED A SICK PUPPY? Your story is uniquely valuable. Please share your story with the Committee members at the hearing on Tuesday and please also submit it via this HSUS puppy buyer complaint form (your story can be shared anonymously this way, if needed). Email us with any questions

Protect puppies and kittens
An Act Protecting the Health and Safety of Puppies and Kittens in Cities and Towns (H.1774 and S.114) would protect consumers and animals in four ways: (1) prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age; (2) require the promulgation of rules and regulations for commercial kennels used for boarding, “doggie daycare,” and breeding kennels; (3) update laws re kennel licensing; and (4) end the roadside sale of animals, closing a key sales outlet for puppy mills.
Sponsors: Representative Campbell and Senator Chandler. Co-sponsors of H.1774 and S.114Resources: factsheet
Update the "puppy lemon law" to protect consumers adding pets to their families
An Act Protecting Consumers When Purchasing A Pet (H.1823 and S.1204) would provide fair and reasonable recourse in the event an “unfit” puppy or kitten is sold to a consumer, including reimbursement for some medical expenses. Families who discover they have purchased a sick puppy from a pet shop or breeder regularly end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on unexpected veterinary bills, often choosing to keep the puppy or kitten in their family rather than return the animal to the seller—because they are attached to the animal and/or are concerned about what will happen if they are returned.
Sponsors: Representative D. Rogers and Senator Welch. Co-sponsors of H.1823 and S.1204. Resources: Factsheet
Extend citation authority for cruel conditions for dogs to other domestic animals
An Act Enhancing the Issuance of Citations for Cruel Conditions for Animals (H.1822 and S.989) would allow law enforcement officers to issues citations for all domestic animals in “cruel conditions” expanding upon the current law that only applies to dogs. Providing a citation with a monetary fine gives officers the ability to achieve corrective action without bringing felony cruelty charges. Additionally, this legislation would make a technical change, updating current law to better protect dogs left outside and unattended.
Sponsors: Representatives Puppolo and Senator Montigny. Co-sponsors of H.1822 and S.989Resources: Factsheet.
OPPOSE: Make it easier for puppy mills to sell in Massachusetts
Despite its title, An Act to Protect Pets in the Commonwealth (H.1773), would actually explicitly allow pet stores to purchase from completely unregulated and uninspected breeding facilities, including the worst puppy mills throughout the country. Some of the language is taken from legitimate animal protection legislation that passed the Senate last session, An Act to Protect Puppies and Kittens, and weakened, rendering it ineffective at protecting animals.
Sponsor: Representative Cusack. Co-sponsors of H.1773. Resources: Factsheet
If you're able, please join us at the hearing on Tuesday, June 4, at 11 am, in hearing room A-1 of the State House. Either way, please contact your state senator and state representative about these bills. Finally, if you've purchased a sick puppy or have a personal story related to these bills, please let us know

Thank you

Taking time out of your life to contact your elected officials makes a difference, thank you! You're helping build a more humane Massachusetts. 

Stephanie J. Harris
Massachusetts & Rhode Island State Director
Humane Society of the United States

Change is happening, and animals need you to be a part of it! Help make ours a more humane society. 

Are you looking for more ways to help animals? Get involved with animal issues in your own neck of the woods. Let us know what issues interest you most by filling out this short form, and we’ll connect with you on ways to engage. You’ll be called on to help as needed, and you can volunteer as much time as you’d like.
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