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   Week in Review | April 7, 2017

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Early childhood sleep problems show up on brain MRI by 7 years old

Echoing a University of Chicago study showing that children with sleep apnea are at risk for brain damage, researchers in the Netherlands have shown a link between childhood sleep disturbances and smaller gray matter volumes. 

Diagnostic Imaging

Matching CT image data with patient photos, FBI researchers caution on privacy

Facial images extracted from publicly available radiology scans—think of head CT scans stored in open-access medical image repositories for research and education—are fairly easy to match with patients’ photos, raising concerns over privacy.

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Re-excision rates reduced with the help of digital breast tomosynthesis

Alessia Milan, PhD, MS, from the University of Turin in Italy, presented a study about digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) emerging as a promising technology when it comes to surgical planning, because it presents a better view of lesion margins than mammography alone.

Women's Imaging

Cutting-edge prostate MRI has potential to go whole-body

Researchers at UC-San Francisco are working on ways to sharply fine-tune MRI for catching and characterizing prostate cancers. The metabolic, diffusion and perfusion-weighted techniques they’re developing with their vendor partner may become applicable for structures well beyond the prostate. 

Advanced Visualization

High-rez finger MRI may point way to burgeoning extremity uses for 7T

European researchers have demonstrated a dedicated setup for fast-acquisition, ultrahigh-resolution in vivo MRI of the finger, according to a study posted online in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 

Advanced Visualization

The virtual IR doc will see you now, colleague

Using natural language processing technology and IBM’s Watson, a team of interventional radiologists at UCLA has created a “virtual radiologist” chatbot to field questions from clinicians when an actual i-rad isn’t instantly available for a quick consultation. 

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