With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and changes to reimbursements, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA, recognizes it’s a critical time to control expenses. 

Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital is turning to operational excellence to effectively manage more than $2.5 million in inventory. A 410 bed, acute-care facility, they are recognized as a top specialty-referral hospital and leader in cardiac care and have been using RFID automation and inventory management best practices to monitor over 2,000 SKUs in seven Cardiac Catheterization labs and three Electrophysiology labs.  While maintaining a very tight lean inventory, Lisa Newton, Unit Director of Invasive Cardiology, will share their story of how they have developed an automated inventory model with the right amount products sitting on the shelves that their cardiovascular doctors need, and quickly achieved a return in capturing lost revenue, support patient safety and staff satisfaction. 

Expert advice from:

Lisa Newton, BSN, RN
Unit Director Invasive Cardiology, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
Lisa Stepps
Support Management, Supply Solutions, Cardinal Health

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital gained greater control of their Cardiovascular Suite inventory
  • Learn how to drive operational excellence efficiencies to accurately manage, track and monitor your high-value procedural inventory, while reducing waste and variability
  • Why RFID automated inventory management solutions for your Cardiovascular suite can drive rapid improvements all while enhancing staff satisfaction and patient safety 
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