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2017: The year of Devoxx US
January 2017

We are only 10 weeks away from the start of the first
Devoxx US conference! 
March 21-23, 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center. 
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The Schedule is here.
Meet Sandhya Kapoor 
Devoxx US 2017, Program Committee
Cloud Solutions Architect, Developer Ecosystems & Startups at IBM
I would like to take you on an exciting and rewarding personal journey that brings together Devoxx and IBM Watson.

The journey began with a discussion on how to leverage IBM Watson, to make a cognitive search engine for Devoxx videos, and Voxxed articles. hosts valuable articles and videos covering cutting edge technologies and penned by pre-eminient technologists worldwide for the Devoxx community.

Stephan Janssen and I presented this cognitive search prototype at Devoxx UK in June 2016. There was tremendous interest in Watson along with some skepticism around Watson being a truly cognitive platform. Skepticism which would be answered at the next Devoxx in Belgium!
With the addition of Watson’s Conversation API and natural language queries, we used the popular Pepper Robot as the front end. He charmed the audience with his answers to questions, derived from IBM Watson’s Conversation service. Watch the fun Devoxx BE keynote here.

In response to skepticism for the Watson cognitive search engine at Devoxx UK, we also had a three hour university session that would take a “Deep Dive into Watson’s Neural Networks” at Devoxx BE.

As you can tell, it’s been a whirlwind trip and amazing experience for me working with Devoxx and the brilliant people in the community. But the best part of this trip is that it hasn’t ended yet. We have Devoxx US coming to San Jose in March 2017. I am excited to be part of the Devoxx US Program Committee, as well as presenting at Devoxx US. So my Devoxx journey continues and I’m so excited to see what happens next and you can be sure, I’ll be sharing all that great news with all of you…
The Java Posse

Closing Keynote, Devoxx US 2017

The Java Posse consists of Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Joe Nuxoll, Chet Haase and Dick Wall. 

The Java Posse are widely appreciated in the Java Community for their entertaining presentations, conference presence, and for their unpredictable sense of humor which refreshes and reinvigorates technical audiences. Oh, and for their Java Posse podcast, which they produced regularly for nearly a decade (Java Platform News, Interviews, Opinions, and General Mayhem).

We are thrilled to welcome The Java Posse to Devoxx US. Be sure to tune in Thursday afternoon (March 23, 2017), as they will be delivering the Closing Keynote at the inaugural event. A good time is guaranteed.

Thanks again guys!

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The Sponsor Nook

Thank you to all of the companies that have agreed to sponsor Devoxx US! We greatly appreciate the support. For more information on Sponsorship, please contact or see to download the prospectus.
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