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Note from Hilary:
I've been a bit remiss on our emails letting you know about upcoming events. Our internet plan was deleted instead of moved (requiring a lot of phone support time & shuffling) AND we've been busy moving into our new home and setting up our bar & studio for filming more cocktails & bourbon reviews! 

It's a work in progress but Tim & I thought we would go ahead and share a quick photo. This has required a lot of shopping & searching to fit the space and also not end up with furniture that was off-gassing chemicals which would ruin both the bourbon experience and our health. Everything to date is solid wood and either antique or second hand. Still to do: bar top, change out lighting, deal with wallpaper and/or paint.

We're trying to make up for being remiss in our emails by including a recipe for you and a preview of what's coming up in August & September!

Cocktail Recipe:
Strawberry-Rhubarb Popcorn Ball

So the cocktail we had originally planned on for June's Summer Farm to Table Bourbon Dinner @ Addie’s was a Strawberry Rhubarb Smash (similar to a Julep) using Barrel House Distilling Company’s Devil John Dark ‘Shine.

But through ordering fault or happenstance, we accidentally ended up with Devil John Moonshine instead.

The drink turned out amazing with both light & refreshing fruit flavor and a soft buttered popcorn (think buttered popcorn jelly bean) note that made the drink far more rich and complex than your average moonshine drink.

In case you want the original recipe planned for the evening we also have the Strawberry-Rhubarb Smash recipe. Follow the link for BOTH recipes!

Upcoming events:
(click the images for full info & tickets on each event)
Wednesday, July 25th • 6pm-8pm
Bourbon Cocktails I: Historic & Classic Cocktails @ The Kentucky Castle (Versailles, KY)
$35/ea • [more info & tix]
We have one more date for the July Bourbon U class before we start a new experience!
Thursday, August 16th • 6pm-8pm
Bourbon Dinner "Chilled & Pickled" @ Addie’s at the Woodford Inn (Versailles, KY)
$50/ea • [more info, menu & tix]
We have hot and cold elements on each course for a sensory experience! The first two courses even have elements of cold spice, which is always fun on the palate, and the third will have butterscotch and a strong cinnamon flavor in the garish which will compliment the Double Oaked bourbon quite well!
Thursday, August 23rd • 6-8pm
KY Bourbon Trail Craft Tour Dinner & Tasting @ Mellow Mushroom (Somerset, KY)
$40/ea • [more info & tix]
We've all heard of the big, brand-name Bourbon distilleries, but what about the smaller ones? It takes extraordinary passion, dedication and patience to start a distillery, learn to ferment and distill, and finally to wait while the barrel works its magic on your spirit. Often, small size comes with flexibility to experiment in new and unusual ways. This tasting will concentrate on the people, stories and products of the distilleries on the KY Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® program.
On Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, ABLE will be hosting their 2nd annual bourbon-themed fundraising event "DelectABLE Bourbon Charity Dinner"
We already have an amazing bourbon lineup for this event!

August: Bourbon Cocktails II - Modern Cocktails

August "Bourbon U" @ The Kentucky Castle

230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY • $35/ea

Dive deep into details you won’t typically learn on the distillery tours & come join us each month for a different bourbon experience only available at the Kentucky Castle. 

Modern Cocktails are beginning to return to pre-Prohibition era styles while also exploring new techniques and ingredients like craft spirits, specialty bitters and more.

In this class we’ll cover flavors beyond the basic sweet, sour and bitter including complex notes from herbaceous, spiced, spicy and other components plus the basics of flavor theory.

The Kentucky Castle's Bourbon-Steward-In-Residence (& Bourbon industry insider) Tim Knittel will guide you through advanced techniques including:

• Accent ingredients, including floats & spritzing
• Barrel aging
• Combing spirit types
• Eggs - foam & flips
• Classic recipes with substitutions of specialty sweeteners and bitters
• Texture - silky, stiff, thick and sparkling

This class is the eighth in our year-long “Bourbon University” with a new theme offered each month.
➡ No need to attend them all - mix and match as you like!

$35 per person, class includes guided bourbon flight and light food. Dinner reservations at Castle Farm Restaurant available for after the class.

August 1st, 29th (Wednesday) 6pm-7:30pm
& August 19th (third Sunday) 3pm-4:30pm

More info & Tix ($35/ea):

... click below for more upcoming:
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