Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Dear Community Members,

Ramadan Kareem!
We are writing in order to solicit your time, energies, enthusiasm, and — yes — monies as we embark on renovating major parts of MCC that will really make MCC stand out while also serving our community with the spaces it needs.
We have two phases of renovations:
  • Phase 1 is revenue-producing and includes a new Banquet Hall, a café, and an industrial kitchen
  • Phase 2 is more youth-centric and includes male and female youth lounges, a Sunday School, a multi-purpose room, and a grand entry to MCC. We will also be raising the ceilings in the masjid area and conference room and adding a mihrab and minbar, insha’Allah. We are looking to complete renovations at MCC within the next two years — hoping to complete them even as early as 2020, our ten-year anniversary as the MCC, insha’Allah
Our target is to raise $250,000 this Ramadan to kick off construction, insha’Allah. You will hear more about this throughout Taraweeh and Jumu'ah. You have been a very generous community and we look forward to your continued support. As usual, donations can be made at MCC or through our website, foyer kiosks, donation boxes, or through our mobile app.
As many of you know, MCC was established in late 2006 and we bought our current facilities in 2010. MCC’s vision was to provide guidance and leadership for the religious, social, and educational needs of the Tri-Valley East Bay Muslim community in a self-sustaining manner and to provide the infrastructure and services necessary to meet those needs. We especially wanted to emphasize youth services and have facilities that included a masjid, a banquet hall, and eventually a full-time school, insha’Allah.
Alhamdulillah, in the past few years, we have paid off both our Shariah-compliant bank loan of $2.5 million and our community Karz-e-Hasana of $1.8 million. We have also made many renovations to MCC including: 
  • adding a revenue-producing day care center,
  • replacing the AC system, 
  • upgrading the lobby, masjid carpets, conference room, PA, security system, bathroom, wudu area, Parent-Child Room, 
  • re-paving the parking lot, 
  • improving the landscaping, 
  • extending the women’s prayer area, and 
  • adding a noise abatement wall.
  • Our community has doubled in size. Alhamdulillah, with the additions of our Operations Manager, Youth Director, and facilities’ personnel and hundreds of volunteers, our religious, educational, and professional services have grown exponentially with...
  • counseling sessions, 
  • Girl Scouts troop meetings, 
  • career advice, 
  • financial planning sessions,
  • Qu’ran hifdh (memorization) program,
  • weekly men and women’s halaqas, 
  • new Muslim book club meetings, 
  • interfaith activities, 
  • youth mentorship services, 
  • self-defense training, 
  • food, blood, and toy drives, 
  • special needs programs,
  • and many, many more. 
We have a long waiting list for our Sunday school. These are all signs of a successful first decade at MCC, Alhamdulillah. 
We have our challenges as well — some operational but primarily those that arise out of growth. We know that we need to expand beyond our current facilities by acquiring another building to supplement and complement what we have, if nothing else but to alleviate the Friday (Jumu'ah) parking challenge. While this may take a bit of time, it is a high priority for us. We request your duas and your financial support for our success.
Jazakum Allahu Khair,
Muslim Community Center - East Bay (MCC East Bay)
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