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VTA Launches 2016 Measure B Transparency Website

VTA is excited to launch the 2016 Measure B transparency website to provide a window into 2016 Measure B program revenue and spending.

Thank you to all the usability testers and survey respondents who provided feedback on the beta site.

Visit the Site

You can provide feedback through a survey that is linked in the footer and pops up when you start to leave the site. We will continue making changes and prioritizing new features based on feedback from users like you.

Here are some ways you can use the site:

  • Find out how much money has been awarded to your city
  • Find out how much money has been awarded to a mode of transportation or a specific project you care about
  • Compare the amounts awarded to a set of categories

Allocations, Awards, Expenditures and Grantees?

To support transparency, we have used the measure's official terminology on the site. The measure’s revenue most commonly flows to Grantees through a process that starts with an Allocation, followed by an Award, and finally a Payment.

Key terms:

  • Allocation: an Allocation is the VTA Board-approved amount of 2016 Measure B funds available for a specified project or program.
  • Award: An award shows that VTA and a grantee have executed an agreement to fund a project.
  • Expenditure: An expenditure is VTA's reimbursement of 2016 Measure B funds to a grantee.
  • Grantee: Agencies that receive 2016 Measure B funds for projects. They include 15 cities, Santa Clara County, Caltrain and VTA.
  • Category: The 2016 Measure B ballot language specified nine Program Categories, with ballot allocations specified for each.

Please note:

  • Data are not always complete, as we continually add and update financial data and documents.
  • Data on the site are not audited financial statements.

Features Tour

The features and design are based on surveys, usability testing, and input from the 2016 Measure B Citizens Oversight Committee.

Thank you to everyone who provided input, and for your continued feedback.

Project Filters

Customize what you see to what you care about using the Transaction Type, Program Category, Grantee, and Project Search filters.

Projects List

A table at the bottom of the view will show all the projects and programs matching your filters. You can sort based on any column.

Project View

Click on a specific project for details including websites, a map, allocations, awards, payments, and documents. 

You can export the Project View as a PDF through the print option or share a link.

Who Else Should Know? Export & Share

  • Save a PDF using the Print feature 
  • Share a link via email or social media
  • Export to CSV to analyze

Category Quick Links

Click the large Program Category tiles for quick links to the nine primary 2016 Measure B funding areas.

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