Dear Parents and Caregivers

Today your child has been given these two notices.  Please look in your child's bag for these forms and complete and return to school.
Here is an electronic copy also for your information.

Thank you
Sam Keen & Andrea Elvines
Year 5 & 6 Teachers

Arthur Street School
Camp Iona
General Information 


  • March 21st to March 24th 2017


  • Depart School Tuesday 21st March 9.30am

  • Return to School Friday 24th March 3.00pm

Camp Site:

  • 35 Tulliemet Road, Herbert, 8O RD, Oamaru 9495 – 03 439 5695 

Camp Cost:

  • Cost: $215.00 per child

  • This will cover the following costs:

    1. Camp Hire

    2. Food Cost

    3. Equipment Hire

    4. Bus Transportation

    5. Professional Instructors

    6. Children’s Camp Folders

    7. Incidental Expenses

Food Days:

  • Tuesday March 14th - Breakfast Spreads

  • Thursday March 16th - Biscuits / Cakes


  • Your child will need to provide their own morning tea and lunch on Tuesday 21st March

Drink Bottle:

  • Your child will need to provide their own named drink bottle (not glass) on Tuesday 21st March



Arthur Street School – Camp Iona

Contact Details - (To be returned to your child’s classroom teacher by March 10th)

Child’s Name:





Address of Parent / Caregiver:


Telephone Numbers:







E – Mail:




General Consent:

  • I approve of my child attending this camp

  • I agree that he / she will take part in School Camp activities

  • I understand that my child will be taking part in Aquatics based activities using appropriate safety resources

  • I agree to meet my share of: 

    1. Camp Fees

    1. Provisions as listed

Signed: ______________________________ Date: _________________________



Arthur Street School - Camp Iona

What to Pack:  

  • 1 Pillow / 1 Pillow Slip

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Toilet Bag with:

    1. Soap

    2. Toothpaste

    3. Toothbrush

    4. Comb

    5. Shampoo 

  • 1 Towel

  • Togs

  • Sunhat

  • Sunscreen

  • Shorts

  • Sweat Shirt / fleece top

  • Warm Pyjamas

  • 2 pairs socks – woollen preferred

  • Polypropylene underwear (Tops & Bottoms)

  • 2 Sets underwear

  • Solid old sports shoes

  • 1 Pair track pants / Trousers NO JEANS

  • 1 Long sleeved top

  • 2 T – Shirts

  • Waterproof raincoat (Not Fleece)

  • 1 Named Tea Towel / 2 Large Plastic Bags

Optional Extras:

  • Camera

  • Indoor Board Games

  • Torch

Please Note:

  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not to be taken to camp


Arthur Street School

School Camp – Camp Iona

Year 5 & 6

Health Profile and Medical Consent (Child)




Medic Alert Number:


(if applicable)

1. Please tick if your child has any of the following:










Travel sickness


Fits of any type


Chronic nose bleeds


Heart condition


Dizzy spells


Colour blindness


Other (Please specify)




For overnight events






2. Is your child currently taking medication?





If YES, please state: Health condition/s:


Name of medication/s:


Dosage and time/s to be taken:


Other Treatment:


3. Is a health plan required?





Has your child had any major injuries (breaks or strains) or illness (glandular fever etc) in the last six months that may limit full participation in any activities?





If YES, please state the injury / illness:


4. Is your child allergic to any of the following?






Please specify


Prescription medication




Insect bites/stings


Other allergies


What treatment is required?


5. When was your /your child’s last tetanus injection?


6. Outline any dietary restrictions e.g. diary free / vegetarian


7. What pain/flu medication may your child be given if necessary?


8. To the best of your knowledge. Has your child been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases in the last four weeks?






If YES, please give brief details


9. Is there any information the staff should know to ensure the physical and emotional safety of your child?






If YES, please state or attach the information.





I agree that if prescribed medication needs to be administered, a designated adult will be


assigned to do this. I will ensure that prescribed medication is clearly labelled, securely fastened


and handed to the designated adult with instructions on its administration.


I will inform the school as soon as possible of any changes in the medical or other circumstances


between now and the commencement of the event.


I agree to my child receiving any emergency medical, dental, or surgical treatment, including


anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.


Any medical costs not covered by ACC or a community service card will be paid by me.


If my child is involved in a serious disciplinary problem or action that threatens the safety of others,


s/he will be sent home at my expense.


To be read and signed by a parent of the child who is going to Camp Iona.


Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _________________________


Copyright © 2017 Arthur Street School, All rights reserved.

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