How could this happen?

Dear <<First Name>>,

Only a year ago some of you have asked me what my next career step would be - I usually answered I didn’t know for sure, just that there’s certainly something interesting for me and it wouldn’t be my own company. In December 2015 I decided to change my life and it was probably more drastic than I would have thought... and as you know it turned out it would indeed be my own company, the only thing I had disqualified for myself in the beginning.

Now, around 6 months later I can say it has been an exciting journey since then - and it still is and will hopefully continue to be.

This month we are already two months in business, delivered the first results for two clients and have a full pipeline of new requests. 

Pausing for a second and thinking about this rocket launch the best is not the first contracts, the freedom or my great new colleagues - it has been to see how much so many of you supported me through this journey and how actively and passionately you have been a part of this!

Thank you to all of you, it has been a truly heart-warming experience for me!



What is LIVEsciences?


It’s been intense discussions, long workshops, lots of brainstorming and even more fun to create a clear picture of what we want to do with this new endeavor, the journey is still not finished and will probably never be.

Together with Frank and Steffen, who you will get to know in the next issues, and many more people who have been a part of this journey, we discussed what we wanted to achieve for the world, what our broader sense would be.  


We Catalyse Success!


What does that mean?

  • We believe, there is lots of potential out there for organizations to make the world a little bit better.

  • We believe, there are so many smart and passionate people whose potential is not leveraged.

  • We believe, there could be more fun and more sense in the work we do everyday.

  • We do not believe, that capitalism is evil, but do believe, it’s a great lever and capitalism and idealism can be squared.

The key to all of this:

Unleashing the potentials which are already there and our passion to catalyse this energy with you!

Welcome to the LIVEproducts

Our brand new LIVEproducts aim to provide efficient access to our Intellectual Property, unique methods, information and knowhow, while still being customizable to your needs.

In the next newsletters we will introduce one of the LIVEproducts each - in issue 2 it will be the LIVEradar, which is a great tool to stay on top of your compliance challenges.

Today though we will start with the LIVEincubator - a platform to plant the first seed for your next idea on how to bring your organization one step forward.  

LIVEincubator - Your Vote!

The LIVEincubator is a possibility to exchange experiences, challenges and ideas on recent and future topics of the LifeScience industry and beyond. 

The incubator is more than an informational event. It is a platform for smart heads sparking new ideas for themselves and other colleagues in the room - whether it is an open event everyone could join or a specifically created venue only for you and your team, facilitated by us with innovative methods. 

For our first open event (likely to take place after the summer break) we would like to ask you which of the below cutting-edge topics would be most interesting for you.

The SupplyChain LIVEincubator will be brought to you in collaboration with Bardo Hassemer Consulting (




Many parts in the corporate world became less predictable. Agile Project Management is becoming state of the art and design thinking is at the edge of many workshops, but how does this influence the way we organize?
How do we create and maintain an innovative organization? How does a ‘learning organization’ look like? What is Org 4.0 or a Network Organization? And how can I leverage some of the methods for my teams? My of the methods met




With the EFPIA code on Transparency for Transfers of Value being implemented at most companies and the first reports ready for the June 2016 deadline, there are new challenges ahead:
How can I further automate my reporting? How can I make my data gathering and reporting processes more efficient? When can we expect similar Transparency regulations from other countries/regions e.g. Latin America and how could we prepare? sive organizations to efficiently meet customer requirements?

UDI meets IoT


To comply with FDA’s UDI (Unique Device Identification) regulation also opens doors for many opportunities.
How can global interoperability of medical devices leverage your IoT-strategy (Internet of Things)? What is the best approach to align UDI with your master data and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) initiatives? For which products could innovative UDI based service-concepts act as a key differentiator to protect or increase your margin? For which


Demand Volatility vs Supply Complexity


How have customer requirements changed in the last decades? And which progresses of customer and compliance expectations will we have in future?
To meet these requirements Supply Chains become more complex in geographical, technological and organizational ways. This implies uncertainty across all functions and participants of a Supply Chain. How can we deal with that? What are the leverages to synchronize comprehensive organizations to efficiently meet customer requirements?

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