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Each month, we interview leaders in the inflooens community to ensure we have our fingers on the pulse of the mortgage industry. We choose trailblazers from across the industry who challenge the status quo In the pursuit of excellence.

In our first interview with Mardi Clark, Director of Operations at TruHome Solutions, LLC, we found out what makes her smile (her kids!) and how she sees the mortgage industry evolving.

Question: How did you get started in the mortgage industry?

A: I began as a mortgage processor right after finishing my Bachelors degrees in Spanish and International Studies. I needed a job to fund my love for travel, and aside from a two-year hiatus to teach Spanish and complete a Masters degree in Education, I’ve worked in the industry ever since.

Question: Tell us a little bit about your current position and your journey to get here?

A: After working as a processor for a couple of years, I moved onto a loan officer team for a short period of time until landing back in processing as a trainer. Later, I moved into a manager and then director role over mortgage processing and fulfillment. Due to TruHome’s strategic initiatives, I somehow got lucky enough to land a full-time gig as Director of Operations Analysis, which is a fancy term for evaluating current processes and systems usage and looking for areas of improvement through system enhancements and new technology. I love that I am ALWAYS learning something new in my current role.

Question: How did you find out about inflooens?

A: My co-worker Ty Crooker is basically a genius. We had been researching and demoing loan optimization and mortgage workflow platforms for several weeks, and we were starting to lose hope that anything like inflooens existed. Inflooens came up during one of Ty’s internet searches, and we submitted a request for a demo. The rest is history!

Question: How do you think inflooens will transform your team’s daily work?

A: Inflooens will transform literally every aspect of daily work. Processors will no longer have to go hunting and pecking for the next priority, re-working and evaluating files daily to provide status updates. This isn’t just about having a digital checklist available (that, by the way, can be maintained and updated in real time by training and management as guideline changes and adjustments to workflow are made). Inflooens will transform the quality and efficiency of communication with borrowers and third-party providers. It will give complete visibility to all roles within the organization as to the very specific details of the status of each task – when was an item ordered, by who, where the order was sent and via what delivery method, when the document was then received, whether or not it was complete, the errors or issues that the documentation had, the revisions that were needed, who requested the revisions, etc. The same details are then also present for borrower items. There is no more guesswork. There are no more hidden details buried in disjointed systems. Managers are no longer copying and pasting pieces of reports, taking snip its of pipeline views, typing out daily requirements for their entire loan team. Because of the finite details of task and borrower condition tracking, each processors prioritization and to-do list for the day are available in real time and curated just for them! Out of office coverage and capacity planning are actually simple and meaningful! Collaboration and escalations are handled within minutes. Communication with anyone is templated, beautifully crafted, painless, and documented in one place. It’s a complete and total game changer for everyone.

Question: What excites you most about inflooens?

A: I’m most excited about how happy our employees will be to have these amazing tools and features available to them – to allow them to communicate better, close more loans, and overall be able to work smarter and not harder.

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