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History of the plaque for Terry Pettus
If you have visited Terry Pettus park in the last few days you may have seen the new boulder and plaque which have been installed this week. Their arrival is all due to the hard work of Dixie Pinter, a former floating home dweller and trustee to Terry Pettus Trust which she has managed for roughly 34 years, and Mark Peek on Tenas Chuck. Dixie is planning a small gathering on Saturday June 2, at 1:00 pm, John de Graff, the person who made the documentary of Terry’s life, will be there. I have posted the full story behind the arrival of the plaque, along with some photos of it being installed, to the FHA website here.

Floating Home Available from Rob Widmeyer
My wife Kathy and I are replacing our floating home with a new one. It seems a waste to demolish our existing house so I am trying to find someone who could replace their house with our house in an existing floating home moorage space, or find some use for it outside of Seattle. A match would be a floating home needing replacement that is same size or slightly larger, where our house would an intermediate solution where a new house or significant remodel is not currently desirable or feasible. As float size is critical, I realized that there are some straightforward options to make our float / house smaller, if required. I have floor plan diagrams showing 3 options to reduce if this would be required. This would not be a sale – my objective is avoid the expense of demolition. If someone wanted to relocate it to an existing spot, I have experience doing exactly that with a house on our dock a few years ago. In our current permit process, I have established our existing house as a registered floating home, and have all drawings and permit required data for the existing house that would be required to support moving to a new spot. I would be happy to assist others through the process, and contribute any drawings or documents. We have begun construction on our news house, so our schedule is now more certain. When complete our contractor will simply switch out the old for the new. I believe we are on schedule to have our existing house available late fall or sooner. My existing house has been remodeled / renewed regularly over the years. Outside is well maintained and leak free. The photographs show you the condition. I really want to give our house an extended life and would be ready to help make it happen. If anyone sees some possibility for this idea, I would be happy to tour them through the house. You can contact Rob here and view photos and measurements here.

Several times we have been asked if we can advise floating home owners who are replacing their current homes and want to put the outgoing homes to good use elsewhere. I would love to be able to information that would help connect members with resources on the FHA website. If you have been through this process, and have advice you would be willing to share, please reply to this email. I am compiling information here.

Emergency Awareness & Planning
The FHA board is looking at how it could help members in planning for and responding to a natural disaster. One starting point is to ask if anyone out there has created a good list of supplies that its useful to have on a houseboat. Email me what you have and I will post to the website.

Tiny House Builders
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Katya Golberg, I'm a producer with ITV America and "Tiny House Nation". "Tiny House Nation" is coming back for its 5th season and I wanted to revisit the possibility of working with your company for an upcoming episode. I'm new to the project and not sure where you left off with my colleague the last time we reached out. I'd love to chat if you're open to the opportunity of having one of your upcoming projects featured on the show. This season we're looking to feature tiny home builds between 200-500 sq ft being constructed between June-November.  If that sounds like something you're be interested in exploring, I'd love to chat. I'm working under a tight deadline and hope we can connect soon!

Seattle Public Utilities
After Dave Chappelle raised this at the last board meeting, and Sheri Greaves commented on the Facebook page, I included a request for info in the last e-alert. So far we  have info for 7 docks. Houseboat Harbor, 2460 and 2466 Westlake, Boyer, Salix and Log Foundation have been switched to commercial billing starting first or second quarter this year. Roanoke was already being billed commercial (our dock captain thought that was normal for a single connection that has multiple users). Let us know if there is anyone else.

FHA Tour - September 9th, 12-5 pm
Tom Campbell is looking for houses on Eastlake to feature in this years tour. Contact him at if you are interested. Sharon Morken is our Tour Volunteer coordinator and she would loved to hear from you if you would like to help out. Apparently there are all sorts of opportunities and you get on the tour for free! Sharon's email address is

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