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  • Derrick Toba's response to overwater coverage questions from FHA AGM
  • Minutes from March FHA Board Meeting
  • Message from Dixie Pintler
  • St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon Sunday, June 10th
  • Sailboat slip for rent?
  • Houseboat rental availability?
  • Cape Cod Catboat seeks new owner

Message from Derrick Toba - Thank you for inviting me and my staff to the Floating Home Association (FHA) Annual Meeting.  Members of the FHA had several questions on implementation of stewardship measures into our agreements.  These stewardship measures represent what DNR believes to be the best way to achieve our goals of preventing and minimizing impacts to aquatic habitat and species.  Here is a link to our general leasing page ( and handout on stewardship measures ( Many of our measures were developed to be consistent with the regulatory agencies requirements under their permits. There were specific questions on our goal to reducing or minimizing over-water coverage.  There are several impacts that we are concerned about over-water coverage: impacts to vegetation and juvenile salmon.  Contrary to what I indicated in the meeting, DNR does not have a comprehensive list of all references reviewed by DNR.  We have utilized information from both The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).  Here are links to their reports, each with their own bibliographies.  The first link ( is from NOAA and has a list of references with clickable links to research documents. The second link ( is an extensive publication from WDFW covering a number of types of in-water structures, including docks. DNR had also performed a light penetration study completed by our Nearshore group (attachment).  While the study focuses on the differences between types of light penetration, it presents good background information and references on the rational of incorporating grating into over-water structures.  As mentioned at the annual meeting, DNR reviews each agreement on a case-by-case basis and site-by-site basis.  We only ask for measures when it would be applicable at a given site, so not all of the measures in the lease template may apply.  DNR is also open to alternative methods that lessees may propose to meet our goals as well.  For existing improvements, DNR works with the lessee on the timing for incorporating agreed-upon measures, such as during an ordinary maintenance or repair schedule, or during future expansion activities.  We understand some of the difficulties of implementing the individual stewardship measures and are open to discussing those during the lease negotiations.  Derrick Toba, Assistant Division Manager, Department of Natural Resources, Aquatic Resources Division, Shoreline District

Minutes of the FHA's March Board Meeting have been posted to the website. You can read them here.The next board meeting will be in June. Please reply to this email or contact the relevant board member if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 

Message from Dixie Pintler re Terry Pettus park: I really goofed up I failed to give credit to the artist who designed the plaque-- (really important!!) his name is William Blaine Johnson (on the plaque you see his initials) he donated his time out of love and respect of Terry-if you get a chance please mention it. Dixie

Message from Caroline Barr: I am with the community relations department for the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon on Sunday, June 10th. The race course has changed this year and various roads around Lake Union will be closed for a few hours on Sunday morning. Please find a link to the new course here: The yellow lines on the course map are access lanes we are working to have in place on race day. Please note: these are subject to change. We are working on final course map and road closure information. Please find a link to the community page here: This page will be updated with course, road closure, and access information as it becomes available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you! Caroline Barr Manager, Community Relations, 302.528.5085

Message from Emily Gipple: Hello!  I found a slip for a small sailboat last summer through a houseboat owner.  That one isn't available anymore, but a friend who lives in another floating home suggested I reach out to you, to cast a wider net. Could you let me know if there's a forum to ask and see if anyone would rent out moorage for a sailboat?  We're local and polite, and will use the boat once every week or two for the summer. Much, much appreciated! Best, Emily Gipple (913) 220-1936

Message from Russ Anders: Do you know of any one that is looking to rent their floating home? I have a friend who is an executive at Expedia who is currently living in a high rise downtown and would love to live on a floating home. He is single with no kids and no pets. Please let me know if you hear anything and I’ll let him know. Thanks, Russ 2025 Fairview Ave E, #R

Message from Noah Newman: My name is Noah Newman and I'm a recent graduate and am moving to the Seattle area in the coming months. I am going to be spending the next year as an Americorps volunteer in the King County public school system, and will be receiving a relatively limited stipend during my time there. In searching for reasonable housing for the year I thought about house sitting for a little while until I was made aware of floating homes. I think this would be a far more interesting approach to living for the year, and it would be a nice learning opportunity for me. If you know of any folks in your association that are looking for a home-sitter or looking to rent space in their home for some time in the coming year, would you be able to put me in contact with them? I'm a handy guy and am willing to work/do any maintenance necessary to someone's home as needed. I'm happy to provide character references as well! Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you, Noah

Message from Alan Toelle: I am getting ready to sell my 22-ft. overall Marshall Sanderling cruising Cape Cod Catboat. This would be an ideal boat for a houseboat resident on Lake Union. My daughter and son-in-law lived in a houseboat for awhile ca. 1990s and I moored this boat at their house several times. It is compact and easy to fit in. The boat is just under 22’ long and 8’-6” wide. It is a classic design that fits beautifully into the waterfront scene. Therefore, I would like to bring it to the attention of your members. Although I have had the boat for 50 years, it has been well maintained and is clean and in very good condition. I would be happy to send full details to anyone that may be interested. Sincerely, Alan Toelle Bellevue, WA (425) 736-4137 

FHA Tour - September 9th, 12-5 pm
Tom Campbell is looking for houses on Eastlake to feature in this years tour. Contact him at if you are interested. Sharon Morken is our Tour Volunteer coordinator and she would loved to hear from you if you would like to help out. Apparently there are all sorts of opportunities and you get on the tour for free! Sharon's email address is

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