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  • Wave Damage
  • FHA Board Meeting Minutes
  • Free Beer
  • Tour Update
  • Aurora Bridge Updates
Wave Damage
Several people have reported damage caused by a large wave at around 2:45 this morning. The Log Foundation had a main fire hose line brake and spew water everywhere and at least one float got loose, and we have a broken mains water pipe on Roanoke Reef. The harbor patrol said they got a call at 2:45 am which they investigated, but they couldn't see anything. Does anyone have any more information they would like to share?

FHA Board Meeting Minutes
The minutes of May and June's meetings have been posted to the FHA website. You can read them here.

Free Beer
Tom Campbell and the FHA Social Committee will once again be organizing free kegs of beer for docks who are celebrating Seattle Night Out on August 7th. For details of how to obtain one, please email Tom on

Tour Update
We are excited to announce that the search for homes is over! Twelve homes have been volunteered, and the tour committee is delighted with the range of old and new, large and small, as well as the extent to which they are dispersed along the length of Fairview Ave. A huge thank you to all the civic minded souls who stepped up to support the FHA's main fundraiser! The next ask is for volunteers. A surprisingly large number is required,in a variety of different roles. The upside is you get a free tour ticket! If you are interested, please email Sharon Morken who will be able to match you up with an opportunity. Her email address is

Aurora Bridge Updates
  - Liberty is still making good progress on the south side of the Aurora Bridge as they continue to head north. Crews are closing in on the pier south of Dexter Avenue and should finish blasting and painting that section next week. Once that portion is complete, they’ll begin sandblasting and painting the area of the bridge directly above Dexter sometime around Monday, July 23. Below is a chart of the completed work and where Liberty is currently working. I’ll attach a copy of the image as well. 

Air quality test results - The results have continued to come in well below the necessary thresholds. We’re still doing some fine-tuning with the timing of the reports and the subsequent summaries, so expect the turnaround times to speed up as the project continues to move forward. Thanks for your patience.
No night work next week - Liberty has adjusted the schedule of their approach a bit, and there won’t be any night work going on next week either. Right now, night work is scheduled to resume Sunday, July 22 at the earliest. I’ll be sure to circle around if there happens to be any changes in the meantime. 

Just a couple final housekeeping items to review. I know we’ve added a couple new folks to the mailing list, so I want to re-share some links. For the newly initiated, there’s a website to check the noise levels from the painting and sandblasting. This site and noise monitors were set up to help achieve our goal for the project to keep the work at or below 73 decibels 50 feet away from the staging areas. There’s also a website to learn more about the work and why WSDOT is repainting the bridge.

7.19.2018  - Today’s update is an expansion on the usual air quality summaries we’ve sent in the past after a couple results from last week came in slightly higher than the baseline thresholds. We received the testing results for the week of July 9 yesterday. The results showed there were increases at two separate monitoring stations between the Carleton House and Queen Ann Healthcare on Wednesday, July 11, and Thursday, July 12.

Liberty Maintenance, their air quality monitoring consultant and WSDOT reviewed the work for both days and found the results were not caused by any breach in the containment around the bridge. 
We weren’t able to pinpoint the exact source, but believe the likely cause in both cases were workers incidentally brushing up against the monitors. We think this is the case because the increase was relatively low and isolated to a single location on two separate days.

All the results before and after July 11-12 have come in below the allowed thresholds, and Liberty and WSDOT are closely monitoring the work and incoming results to make sure that continues. The full report is still being finalized and will be sent when it’s completed. If you were present in this location on these dates and are concerned about your risk, please contact us. Also, be sure to reach out if you have any additional questions. Marqise, Northwest Region Communications Office, Washington State Department of Transportation. 206-440-4699. AuroraBridgePaintProject@WSDOT.WA.GOV 

As ever, let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 
All the best, Sarah
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