Mountain People Newsletter, May 2016
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Dear all,

Hopefully you all received the April news letter - if not click here.
Here is the second one in our new format. If you have any comments please do contact us.



Tegneklubben (art club) was started by three 11 year old girls: Marthe, Frida and Ida who painted pictures and sold them locally to raise money for pencils/pads for schools in Nepal.

That was last year. This year they held a sales day at a local supermarket, selling Beni Handicrafts products for $800. All going to show that everyone can do something for somebody! Thanks Tegneklubben!

MP Homework Club

The MP Center is now in operation. Following 5 health clinics and 1 dental clinic, the next move was: The Homework Club - aimed at children who have no light at home to do their homework. This has been running, with two part time teachers, with just over 140 children registered, and between 50 and 70 attending each day.

Special thanks to Øydis - Education of Life, Beth - Giving Asha USA, Paulette - Hong Kong, Pauline - Australia, Lynne  - UK, Uttam, Hotel Moonlight and all of whom contributed to Homework Club furniture, books, teaching aids and teachers wages. 

Do you want to be a Homework Club supporter? Contact David .

Tipling Treks


Is a two year project to build up sustainable tourism along The Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) section between the two popular areas of Langtang and Manaslu.

This April Frank Lutick, who Mountain People had sent in with Beni and 8 helicopter loads of aid materials right after the earthquake, went back 1 year later. 

His brief report can be found here

Future: A visit by Thorstein and Temba in November, where they will contact all viable tea-houses/lodges, discuss how to upgrade them, upgrade of paths, signs, menus, training of guides and porters, as well as writing our own designated guide book to the area.

Children of tomorrow  

MP does not sponsor individual children, but supports schools, institutions and groups.

This is a private initiative, by 3 members: David, Ragnar and Else, to help put 6 children through school. Their parents have sacrificed a great deal to help others and it is felt they deserve some help themselves.

Children of Tomorrow is just that: Children are our tomorrow. 

Could you think to be involved in this (donate or raise) then contact David for more information. 

We invite you to be an Ambassador for Mountain People. 

Send this newsletter to those friends and family members you visited Nepal with. Invite them to join. Or send to those you know love Nepal, and to those who plan and dream of visiting. 
Membership is free, there are no begging letters and you can leave anytime.

Best wishes to all,

Thorstein, David and Uttam.
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