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A giving campaign with lasting impact

This Giving Tuesday is special for us here at ARC, Inc. With it, we are kicking off an end-of-year campaign to raise $50,000 in support of training efforts for new mitigation specialists here in our office and across the country. 

We know that the practices we are sharing are effective. In the past year, ARC, Inc. has had successes that most would have said are impossible in our current climate. Those successes tell us that, no matter what the politics of the moment, helping those in authority see a full picture of a client is powerful.

Like all truly powerful things, mitigation is not easy. Mitigation specialists - like our team and the hundreds of individuals we help train each year - need intensive support to develop the skills and knowledge base required to do this work effectively. In each case they take, they need to be willing to put in countless hours to develop thorough, nuanced pictures of their client’s personal narrative.

That is why we have launched this end-of-year campaign. If we reach our goal, ARC, Inc. will be able to host more trainings for larger numbers of attendees, launch new resources for those who connect with the organization online, and invest in more in-depth learning opportunities for our own staff. It's a significant goal for our small organization, but it's one that - with your support - we believe we can meet.

If you've benefited from an ARC, Inc. training or one-on-one support and want to make sure others have the same chance, if you know firsthand the difference mitigation investigation has made for your client, or if you simply believe that our justice system can be better and that what we do is part of the answer - supporting this campaign is the best way to contribute.

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What your gift means

"I hardly know where to being in thanking you... I am now changing the way I work with family members in even my non capital cases." 
- Note from a training attendee

How to help

Want to help us reach our goal? Choose a way to give that's right for you: 

Training the Next Generation of Defenders
ARC, Inc. fundraising page

Staff-led fundraising pages
Support the peer-to-peer giving page of a member of our team and get a glimpse of why they do this work

Board member campaigns
Visit Board member pages to see how they're leading this effort


What is Mitigation?

Those who face criminal charges in our court systems confront tremendous dehumanization, often presented as nothing more than the crimes of which they are accused.

The goal of mitigation is to break this narrative by developing an accurate, multi-dimensional account of the accused's life, including investigating the circumstances of the offense.

Ultimately, mitigation provides reliable information needed for courts to arrive at an individual decision about a person’s fate.
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