Advancing Real Change, Inc. promotes justice
by ensuring that the life histories of people​charged with crimes
are at the forefront of their cases.

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ARC, Inc. is more than just the handful of people you hear directly from in these emails; we are a community of staff, Board members, volunteers from near and far, community partners, clients, and former clients. As we close out this year, we wanted you to hear directly from some of the individuals who make our work possible, so we asked them a question, “What comes to mind when you think about ARC, Inc.?” Their answers are above, and we hope this image means to you what it does to us: a broad range of the skills, priorities, and values it takes to work together towards meaningful, lasting change.

This is the community of which you are a part and that you make possible. We are grateful for all the things that this community does to move our work forward - whether it is attending our events, spreading the word, giving financially, volunteering, presenting at trainings and webinars, or answering the phone when we call with a question, you help sustain our work every day. We are excited to do more and go further in this new year.

As you know, today is the last day of our matching gifts campaign. Thanks to this community, we have already raised more than $16,000 towards our $25,000 matching goal. If you are able to make a contribution, please know that a gift in any amount is meaningful - especially today, when it will go twice as far.

With gratitude and hope for the New Year,
The Entire Team at ARC, Inc.

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