Nothing to add.
Do you ever feel like you have utterly nothing to add? I’ve not done a thing of interest since I last wrote to you; I'm fresh out of thoughts worth sharing. I guess that’s how most people in NSW are feeling at the moment: drained, deflated and certainly devoid of inspiration for a ‘fun welcome column’ in a newsletter that lands in thousands of inboxes. 

There is one thing – person, I suppose – that I’ve dedicated much thought to lately. Someone who delights, offends, and thoroughly bamboozles me, often all at the same time. Gordon Ramsay. (I was also not expecting this development.)

See, YouTube’s algorithm got me good: it landed me on the doorstep of the Kitchen Nightmares channel and I haven’t looked back. The silly supercutsfrozen meat sagas and elaborate British insults offer just the kind of low-stakes distraction I’ve been craving. I’ve since progressed to watching full episodes.

And that, my friends, is how I'm going in lockdown. Hope you're faring better.

  Alice Griffin, editor of 
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