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29 Sept @ The Unicorn, Camden

A new-to-us venue, and four new-to-us all-girl bands from all over the UK – free entry too! Come and help us settle in to Camden's Unicorn, LOUD WOMEN style, with:
Atmospheric dark pop from London
Art rock duo from Cardiff
Newcastle-based raw, rough, roaring pop-punk duo
Manchester all-girl punk grunge band

30 Sept @ The Lexington

No babysitter? No problem. Bring the kids for an afternoon of awesome punkrock, especially arranged for audiences that include toddlers and kids, as well as their parents who really deserve to relax with some grown-up music too!
We'll keep the noise levels at a reduced level, but ear-defenders are recommended for the very young ones. A stellar line-up:
Party Fears - Spoiled Fruit
Party Fears – Spoiled Fruit
Brand new single from the Berlin-based Irish legends who blew us away at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Grab their album from here

13 Oct @ The Fiddler's Elbow

LOUD WOMEN will have been a 'thing' for TWO whole years in October! 

In that time, we've put hundreds of awesome women on dozens of stages of all sizes; we've released records that have sold all over the world, and been played on the major radio stations; we've kept you informed about the latest music news from brilliant women; and mostly we've had a fucktonne of fun!

To celebrate all that, come along to a party at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden! With ...




Dream Wife - Fire
Dream Wife – Fire
Our awesome sisters at the She17 collective are putting on a whole weekend of live music, including: 
Jemma Freeman | Beth White | Sulk | Finn D'Albert | More Peas |
GUTTFULL | Hell + Hope  | Julie Usher  | Efa Supertamp | Chuck Sj-Hay

Best of all – it's completely FREE!

Why 'girls to the front'?
by Janey from Dream Nails

Taken from Dream Nails' forthcoming zine - order yours via their Pledge page

We say "girls to the front" in honour of our riot-grrrl fore-sisters, but really we mean *men to the back*. We sing for everyone, we perform for everyone, but we WRITE for all women (cis, trans) and nonbinary people who are fighting every day under patriarchy - i.e. a world that is controlled by, caters to and centres the male experience. When we throw out all our energy onstage, we are throwing it at our sisters. We are with you in struggle and we are in solidarity with you, and our shows and spaces are places of healing, expression and liberation for you to feel safe. We regularly have teenage girls and young women thank us after our shows for creating a space where they feel like they can just dance and have fun together and we will fight to maintain that for as long as we're performing.

We don't spend hours channelling trauma and anger and revolution into our music just to stand and sing it in front of (usually drunk) men - we want to sing it into the eyes of our sisters. We don't spend years of our lives unlearning patriarchal bullshit, performing for the male gaze and tiptoeing around male violence in order to worry about men feeling uncomfortable when we tell them to stand at the back. We didn't spend years at shows growing up - unable to see, shoved, groped and violently pushed - to recreate the same feelings in our female fans. No. This is our chance to change that.

  • Sisters, we want you to enjoy 100% of the show and we want you to know this show is for you. You are the centre of our world and all that we do. 

We don't want all-women gigs, that's not the point, and we don't want no-men gigs - no way! We want our man fans to take an active part in stepping back and giving space - which is radical and wonderful and a small but vital act of allyship in our liberation - and it's really not much to ask at all. And hopefully one day we just won't have to say it any more. And hopefully one day we'll live in a world where male entitlement no longer exists, and where women don't have to mentally juggle their wants and needs (from dancing up front to travelling home alone late) against their personal safety.

But until that world is built from our blood, sweat and bare hands...


Find Dream Nails on Facebook and Twitter and help them record their second EP via Pledge Music

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Rews – Shine

The 201 Greatest Albums Made by Women

by Kris Smith

An article on “The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women” was published last month. Despite describing itself as only “the start of a new conversation” and containing some brilliant choices, any selection that declares itself the “greatest” is asking for trouble when it leaves so much out. One response was this article, which brings the total up to 300 albums, but this time with no explanations.

Not wishing to spend any time in their musical middle-of-the-road, here’s our selection of 201 LOUD WOMEN-endorsed albums from the last 50+ years which aren’t on either previous list, although some of the same artists reappear. One album only per artist (which makes for a tough, tough choice with the likes of PJ Harvey) and this is still just a small part of the story.

Click to view the list on our website

Who and what have we missed? In future editions of the zine we’ll be running a LOUD WOMEN Classic Album feature in which musicians and fans nominate one of their fav albums by a female artist and tell us why. Want to contribute? Get in touch!

The LOUD WOMEN ‘Her’cury Music prize 

Stand by your internets for the announcement the music industry couldn't give two hoots about, but we're dead excited about ... the inaugural LOUD WOMEN 'Her'cury Music prize! The winner will be announced at lunchtime on Thursday 14 September. Here's a reminder of the shortlist!

  • Actual Crimes – ‘Ceramic Cat Traces'

  • Desperate Journalist – ‘Grow Up’

  • The Empty Page – ‘Unfolding’

  • Honeyblood – ‘Babes Never Die’

  • The Menstrual Cramps – ‘We’re Not Ovaryacting’

  • Nolay – ‘This Woman’

  • Oh! Gunquit – ‘Lightning Likes Me'

  • Pet Crow – 'A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life'

  • Petrol Girls – ‘Talk of Violence’

  • Sacred Paws – ‘Strike a Match’

  • The Tuts – ‘Update Your Brain’ 

  • The Wharves – ‘Electa’ 

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Argonaut: 10 question interview

Argonaut are a beloved LOUD WOMEN band – they played our very first event, and many more since then. We posed 10 questions to frontwoman Lorna, guitarist Nathan, keyboard/guitarist Abby, and bassist Joules, ahead of their appearance at our family-friendly matinee at the Lexington on 30 September.

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?

Lorna: OMG That’s a brilliant question. So many bands I love … NIN, Cyndi Lauper, Yeah Yeah Yeahs … I think it might have to be Tori Amos cuz when I was 17 ‘Crucify’ was one of my favourite songs and she has so much passion that I would love an acoustic version of one of Argonaut’s songs with her singing.

Abby: Someone quite disco-ey. Like Divine?

2. Choose: Cat or dog?

Lorna: Has to be dog cuz I had two lovely dog friends when I was a child. Worthington and Candy were my childhood pets. Love dogs.

Abby: Cats – because they’re awkward buggers. Oh I love them.

3. Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it?

Lorna: ‘Vintage Dress’ definitely. I would love them to wear fantastic vintage clothes and Doc Martens boots and dance in a Goth, grunge 80s/90s dance fashion.

4. Choose: Pixies or Breeders?  

Lorna: Pixies are the best! Pixies is a massive influence and for me leaving school in the early 90s and going to clubs in Birmingham and dancing to the Pixies was so amazing. ‘Where is my Mind’ is a favourite for me. Love the Breeders too. ‘Cannonball’ was and still is a great dance song.

Joules: Both. Except if you’re talking about now – then Breeders. Pixies aren’t Pixies without Kim.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.  

Abby: Record: Les Georges Leningrad‘s ‘Sangue Puro’ – it’s life affirmingly mental noise. Sort of defies description really. Book: ‘Astragal’ by Albertine Sarrazan – frank ’60s tale of young French woman who escapes from prison and her subsequent thrills and spills.

Nathan: New Beaches or Mermaidens albums? So many amazing female bands coming from Australia and New Zealand at the moment, the Antipodes always seem like a wonderful parallel universe, so many great bands that feel just that little bit misaligned and left of centre. I really enjoyed recently reading the Siouxsie and the Banshees biography, great ground zero inspiration and a good excuse to listen to the records.

Joules: Album: Solex vs The Hitmeister. Crafted almost entirely of samples from the bargain bin of the artist’s (Elisabeth Esselink) Amsterdam record shop, not that you’d ever know. Ethereal and a bit angsty. Book: The Manual (How to have a Number 1 the easy way) by The KLF. A bit obvious perhaps but I love it. Hopelessly dated but the attitude is still DIY 101.

6. Bikini Kill or Fugazi?

Abby: Bikini Kill, though I like Le Tigre way better. It’s bloody Kathleen innit? Nuff said.

Nathan: Bikini Kill. I loved them since I saw them with Huggy Bear. I only heard Fugazi once I read about them in connection with Riot Grrrl. I have a Fugazi record, must listen to it more!

7. What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?

Lorna: Sometimes because I’m the front woman I feel like I should be up there speaking out about things to the audience, but I’m quite a shy person when it comes to public speaking, so I tend to shout out about our lyrics instead.

Abby: Nathan’s jokes.

Nathan: Writing your best songs for a mostly imaginary audience.

Joules: Balancing rockstar ambitions with family life.

8. What are your band goals?

Lorna: To find a fantastic drummer. To release songs together more and have fun!

Abby: A nice outing sometime soon.

Joules: To have fun. Mission already accomplished. Fuck everything else.

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Joules: New album Argonaut Forever imminently available to pre order at

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands

Lorna: 1) The Baby Seals – seen them a few times live and bought their CD at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Very good tunes.
2) Pete Fij & Terry Bickers – saw them live a few weeks ago at Aces and Eights. It was an acoustic set and absolutely beautiful. Both used to be in 90s bands Adorable and House of Love/Levitation.
3) Suede – Night Thoughts. A really beautiful album. Been into Suede from when they first came along in early 90s got all their first 12″ singles and albums. Saw them live in 90s too at the Hummingbird. Great live! Brett Anderson’s voice is so amazing.
4) Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial. A fantastic album, it really grows on you the more you listen to it. Nathan and I both love them.
5) Chastity Belt – heard them on 6Music and I really liked them. Think they are playing live in September.

Abby: 1) MIA – innovative, witty ‘up yours-ey’ pop tunes.
2) Sink Ya Teeth – amazing band recently discovered at LOUD WOMEN Fest. Charley Stone says they’re a bit like Silver Apples, and I agree.
3) Velodrome – this is actually one woman, Katherine Christie Evans, who just has this utterly beautiful soprano voice accompanied by gorgeous and very original music.
4) The Menstrual Cramps – the singer is really arsey in a brilliant and inspiring (and funny) way, and the guitarist and bassist are just so very cool. Their songs are ace too.
5)  U.S. Girls – like MIA, this band (actually also just one woman, Megan Remy) have been around for a while, and deserve way greater recognition than they get. Megan writes great and very original pop songs about overtime and periods. She also has this unique feline voice.

Nathan: 1) Kane Strang – when I saw him Lorna told him he looked like me when I was young and he replied ‘maybe he’s my dad!’ 2) Noveller – I am really into guitar pedals and Jazzmasters at the moment and she is the queen of both! 3) Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – greatest songs, greatest name, great people and two of the best shows I saw last year. 4) Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – a heavenly match, loving the single and really looking forward to the album and live shows. 5) Car Seat Headrest – so young and clever. Let’s see how that works out for him…

Joules: The Lovely Eggs. Fantastic, loud and absolutely bonkers tunes from husband and wife duo who are accompanied on the road by Holly’s mum to look after their young son. Holly’s guitar work is astounding (especially live) and David’s drumming is an engineer’s dream.

Find Argonaut on Facebook and catch them live at Little LOUD WOMEN on 30 September at the Lexington

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U.S. Girls - Damn That Valley (Official Video)
U.S. Girls – Damn That Valley

UK riot grrrl: a second wave snapshot

As an occasional feature we promise not to call ‘How I became a Loud Woman’, we interview musicians about their inspiration, beginnings and career in the DIY scene. Here, Sophie from Little Fists gives us a glimpse at a riot grrrl scene linked to much missed bands such as Candy Panic Attack and Actual Crimes, as well as current LOUD WOMEN: BugeyeGhumLittle FistsThe Ethical Debating Society and The Potentials!

It was weird being a teenage girl in the late 90s / early 2000s – feminism was apparently dead, grunge was dead too (and I was too young anyway), and all that seemed to be on offer was ladette culture and magazines like Kerrang! featuring female musicians as hot novelties. As a teenage feminist I felt like an oddity, but thanks to the serendipity of the internet, I discovered riot grrrl and suddenly a whole world blossomed in front of my eyes: women with guitars, contorting their voices into every sound imaginable, filled with rage and pain, singing about shit I cared about? This was so fucking REAL. I immersed myself in Bikini KillBabes in ToylandHoleHeavens to Betsy and every other riot grrrl record I could get my hands on. I discovered zines and the concept of riot grrrl chapters, and, well, that was it.

My first band Tar Baby (named after a lyric from a Breeders song) got together in 2000.

None of us could play our instruments, but we learnt as we played, writing songs about fucked up beauty standards, and battling misogynistic rehearsal studio bros along the way.

Later that year, I started a riot grrrl chapter in London with my bassist Clair and suddenly we were surrounded by like-minded people. It was an explosion of creativity: everyone was in a band or writing a zine, and zines led to pen pals, which led to more zines and a whole UK network of amazingness. There was something so vital about holding a zine in your hand, written by someone your own age, and being able to read about stuff you could actually relate to – sex, feminism, body image, relationships, mental health, just how it felt to be a fucking teenager in this bullshit world. I started my own zine – Antisocial Scarlet – in 2001, and I still have all the zines from that time: Sister Disco, Twinkle Eye Fizzy, The Hand That Cradles The Rock, Dead End Doll, She’s Not Even Pretty, Spilt Milkshake, Firefly, Pussy Star, as well as my chapter’s collective zines and so many more. Ink from teenage hearts/minds/souls, spilt onto paper, photocopied and preserved forever.

My chapter, Riot Girl London, wasn’t really an activist group – as the Guardian wrote about us at the time: “they are not plotting to picket Spearmint Rhino” (as if we would have wanted to?). More importantly, what we did was meet regularly and created a space to, well, just be. To go from being bullied at college for being a feminist, to being surrounded by political, fierce, creative peers was invaluable. We had picnics, went to the pub and got together to see bands like Le Tigre and Sleater Kinney play. I think we may also have managed to put on a gig (which I can’t take any credit for!), which seemed almost insurmountably hard at the time – thank god some things are easier these days.

The bands I remember most from that time are HookerValerieBugeye (guitarist Angela came to chapter meetings) and Linus (whose guitarist Andy Roberts was also a member of RGL, but sadly passed away in 2005). I’m not sure if I ever saw any of these bands play live – surely I must have?? (anxiety and vodka do weird things to one’s memory). But I do vividly remember giving a member of the band Angelica one of Riot Girl London’s flyers and her being most unimpressed… ouch. Some of the RGL bands were The Cherry Bombers and Witches of Oz, who Tar Baby played our first ever gig with (along with The Lollies and The Blue Minkies) in April 2001. This gig introduced me to the fact that being in a band is mostly about extreme nerves, waiting around for hours and drinking tequila, but seeing Witches of Oz play made me forget about all of that; they were fierce and intense and seeing their drummer Vicki beat the shit out of the drums was utterly inspiring. Women can’t drum? Yeah right, fuckers.

Like so many bands, Tar Baby didn’t last – we split up right before we were meant to play Ladyfest Glasgow along with The Gossip (which I am obviously not bitter about at all, 16 years later), but it did lead to more bands and more connections…

I ended up in an early incarnation of Candy Panic Attack, which led to the short-lived Emily’s Values, whose singer was of course the amazing Tegan – now in possibly the best band ever, The Ethical Debating Society. Aaron from my riot grrrl chapter ended up in a band with Vicki, whose bands (both together and apart) include Left LegActual CrimesGhumEx People and Jane Doe Ensemble.

After a 7 year gap of not playing music, I joined My Therapist Says Hot Damn, which broke me out of terrified monotony and into a world of screaming, crying, guitar smashing, amps-on-fire chaos and joy….which finally led me to Little Fists. And in another twist of fate and serendipity, a few years ago I ended up on a night out with Holly Casio – the writer of much-loved early 2000s zine Angel Food – who now plays in the awesome Buffycore band The Potentials. It feels so heartening that 17 years later I am still surrounded by the people who created this second wave riot grrrl culture in the UK, and to know that even though the world is still fucked, we’re part of this huge community of musicians, writers and activists, trying to create a small space where things don’t feel so bad.

My Therapist Says Hot Damn Fuck Yeah Vodka - Nambucca 13 Sept 2012
My Therapist Says Hot Damn – Fuck Yeah Vodka

Rabies Babies: 10 question interview

Rabies Babies are awesome – they played the first LOUD WOMEN Fest and we’ve been dying to see them again ever since. We posed 10 questions to Lorna Tiefholz, ahead of their appearance at our family-friendly matinee at the Lexington on 30 September.

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs? 
I’d love to hear what Holly Golightly would do with a Rabies Babies song, or Jane Weaver or Ela Orleans. Artists who we love and who sound nothing like us. It would be so interesting to hear. We do a cover of The Primitives ‘Crash’, I think we do it ok. It sounds more like a crash than the original version. I’m not sure if anyone recognises it as The Primitives song though.

2. Choose: Cat or dog? 
Cat because we sometimes play a song about Laura’s cat called ‘Mousetrap’, but we like dogs and some of the lyrics in another of our songs ‘La La La’ is inspired by a dog barking.

3. Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it?
‘I Fought The Floor And The Floor Won’ with one of those dances where the dancers wear really sparkly costumes, pout and kick their legs around and end up doing the splits.

4. Choose: Pixies or Breeders? 
Breeders. Last Splash is one of the greatest albums ever made. (And I have tickets to see Breeders play soon!)

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of 
A couple of years ago I went into a Berlin record shop and asked the guy working there for recommendations. He handed me a pile of records and one of them was ‘Komm Her!’ by The Inserts. I would love to see the Inserts live. They are like the Berlin version of Rabies Babies. They don’t play often. It is my dream to one day do a gig with them.

Book would be ‘Love & Rockets’ comic books by Jaime Hernandez = tales of crap punk 9781606998656_L&RNS8bands, superheroes, wrestling, underage drinking and crushes. We can all relate to that.

6. Bikini Kill or Fugazi? 
Bikini Kill, (even though I do quite like Fugazi). I love the film The Punk Singer, and when Laura’s son was a little baby we used to sing ‘Les & Ray’ (by Le Tigre) to him.

7. What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?
Our guitarist’s son is almost 3 years old. He is fantastic but sometimes it makes practising or gigging difficult because babysitters are expensive and/or unavailable. I would love to see studios with creche facilities. Can you imagine that? It would be brilliant. Recently we did an all day gig at a pub and the sound man got arsey about a toddler being near the stage. This is a problem that dads in bands rarely have, but mums in bands often have to deal with. We are very excited to be playing at the Little Loud Women gig so Laura’s son can come along and enjoy the gig too.

8. What are your band goals? 
Our band goal has always been to have fun. We have been going 18 years, and we have had a load of fun, so we are doing ok. Our other goal is to fight sexism and sexual assault within the punk music scene, sadly this is needed more now than ever and over the last couple of years we have actually lost friends because we’ve been a bit mouthy about standing up to sexual assault. We have a couple of anti-assault songs and usually do a consent speech half way through our set (we probably won’t do this for the Lexington gig – we’re going to make that performance kid friendly).

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now? 
We do not sound how we look and we do not look how we sound.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands



Otoboke Beaver
Sauna Youth (or Monotony) 
Skinny Girl Diet 
Moon Duo 

These are bands that I love seeing play live, and have released excellent albums. All of these bands are tight and have something original about them and are made up of really mind-blowing fantastic musicians.

Find Rabies Babies on Facebook and catch them live at Little LOUD WOMEN on 30 September at the Lexington


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THE INSERTS - Komm her
The Inserts – Komm her

Introducing: Adwaith

Introducing Adwaith – our new favourite menywod swnllyd (that’s Welsh for loud women, in case you were wondering).

Signed to Cymru’s finest, Libertino Records, the all grrrl trio just released their debut double A-side single ‘Lipstick Cock’ (Red Lipstick) and ‘FEMME’, the former described as “a fully charged post punk anthem in the vain of The Slits at their most immediate,  an anthem celebrating youth, androgyny and love. The flipside ‘FEMME’ on the other hand could quite easily have been a long lost single on Postcard Records or Cherry Red Records from the mid-80s.”

The BBC are loving their Adwaith, quite rightly, playing them on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio 6, and BBC Radio Cymru. Adwaith were introduced on the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude festival as the most exciting band from Wales in decades and will finish the summer on the Gorwelion /Horizons stage at Festival No 6. In the middle of all this activity, Adwaith have managed to record their debut album, and their label Libertino believe its ‘creatively ground breaking and will stand as one of the important albums from Wales alongside the works of Gorky Zygotic Mynci, Super Furry Animals and Gwenno.’

We just missed out on booking Adwaith for LOUD WOMEN Fest, but we promise we’ll get them on a London stage pronto.

Find Adwaith on Facebook and Soundcloud

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The Noise & the Naive: 10 question interview


The Noise & the Naive are a brand new “power pop duo” from Newcastle, joining us on 29 September at The Unicorn in Camden. We’re really excited about getting to know Anne and Pauline better, so we sent them 10 questions!


1.   Who would you most like to cover your songs?

Anne & Pauline: Duchess Says

2.   Choose: Cat or dog?

Anne & Pauline: cats are baddest

3.   Choose one of your songs to be played on Strictly Come Dancing. What dance would you like to be performed to it?

Anne & Pauline: Glitter Green: a muscle show // Vintage Mechanical: a waltz that would go wrong

                  ---> listen/dance on Bandcamp

4.   Choose: Pixies or Breeders? 

Anne & Pauline: The Breeders, because of Kelley Deal’s outfit in Safari.

5.   Recommend a book that you think our readers might not have heard of 

Pauline: Hyperbole and a Half, a graphic novel that manages to make depression funny.

6.   Bikini Kill or Fugazi? 

Anne: Bikini Kill, one of the best band names ever. Also realising with this question that I should listen to Fugazi more!

7.   What’s the most difficult thing about being in your band?

Pauline: settling who’s the Noise and who’s the Naive

8.   What are your band goals?

Anne: to be like Shonen Knife – keep playing music until we’re 82!

9.   What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Anne: I am the Noise

10.  Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

– Melt Banana – they come from the future

– Deap Vally – loving how their sound fills the space

– Otobokebeaver – because of this (see video below)

– Grand Blanc – a cold and dark look back at the French eighties

– Angel Olsen – a music you can listen to with your mum


Find The Noise and the Naive on Facebook and catch them live at LOUD WOMEN on 29 September at the Unicorn

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IMG_0719LOUD WOMEN Fest 2017

Well, that was a hell of a lot of FUN! I’ve finally emerged from my bed to come and say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to LOUD WOMEN Fest last night – it was the best ever and we can’t wait to do it all again!

Thank you first of all to all the awesome bands who came and played for us, namely:

Jelly Cleaver – a stunning performance from a very talented singer with a new album out – check out ‘Cure for An Existential Crisis’ on Spotify

Beverley Kills (band) – huge fun, want to see these again soon! I loved their cover of Straight Up 

Lea Andrews Music – what a voice! A rare treat.

Grace Savage – possibly my highlight of the Fest, Grace is a stunningly talented beatboxer who mesmerised the room. Really hope she’ll come back and make amazing face noises for us really soon!

Velodrome Music – never the same performance twice, we all thoroughly enjoyed their beautiful crazyfun set.

She Makes War – what a class act. Laura made a lot of new fans yesterday, playing to a packed room in the afternoon. Welcome back any time!

Baby Arms – effortlessly cool, a brilliant pop band. Jennifer had to borrow my guitar half way through after a string crisis – she carried on like a pro, and my guitar has certainly never been played so well before 

IMG_0688Party Fears – our new BFFs! Enormous fun all the way from Berlin. If they don’t come back soon we’re just gonna have to go over there for more of that good stuff.

Gaptooth – pure awesome, catchy-as-hell pop songs. Hannah embodies everything LOUD WOMEN is all about – when she wasn’t on stage, she had rolled her sleeves up, put on a high vis jacket and helped us steward the event. She also created the gorgeous drawings on our event poster. We love her big time!

Thunder On The Left – injected some powerful big-stage rock onto our little stage

Lilith Ai – a beautiful performance from an awesome woman set on a path for stardom – what a treat to hear that bone-shaking voice up close. (And she made me a delicious tarty-cakey-pie. I mean, seriously, delicious. The entire Fox family thanks you for our ‘Lilith Pai’!)

The Baby Seals – superb! We can’t wait for them to hurry up and get famous so we can tell people we loved their early stuff.

Sink Ya Teeth – storming performance to a jam-packed room. Come back soon!

LIINES – we finally got to see LIINES! And they lived up to all our hopes – a barnstorming performance, loved em.

GUTTFULL – I may be a little bit biased, but I think it’s fair to say that was GUTTFULL’s best performance ever. And the room pretty much exploded, in a really good way, and I’m getting teary again even just thinking about Moe’s brother’s haka … just so much love. Best band ever.

DREAM NAILS – ‘nailed it! All their touring has really consolidated their live performance. Really enjoyed the new groove injected by their brand new bassist – sounded like they’d been listening to some Fire Party. And their messages are totally aligned with the positive spirit of feminism that LOUD WOMEN is all about: supporting your sisters, and lending them strength in the face of patriarchal bullshit. Girls to the fucking front 

Janine Booth – as ever, Janine’s poetry charmed, wowed and inspired a packed venue. I’m always amazed how she gains and holds the attention of an audience who’ve come to watch loud music, and immediately turns them into fans. Love her to bits.

The Twistettes – another new favourite band, awesome punk brilliance. Welcome back anytime.

Petrol Girls – performance of the night. Fresh off the ferry from the their European tour with Dream Nails, they put on an incendiary show which, again, consolidated the festival’s spirit of raising up the sisterhood. Ren is an awe-inspiring frontwoman.

Hands Off Gretel – And another powerful Lauren leading this band. No doubt they’re going on to much greater things!

PUSSYLIQUOR – the perfect grrrl punk band – my absolute favourite favourite new band of the day! They must come back and play again very soon please.

Mammory Tapes – an ideal end to the Fest – Chéri d’Amour and co kept us dancing way beyond curfew. Perfect selections for a perfect day 

Enormous thanks and my eternal gratitude to Team LOUD WOMEN for putting in a very long day and night of hard work to make sure everything ran so smo

othly: thank you Lucy Morgan Gemma Gompertz Phil WhaiteAbby Werth Lorna Argonaut Jo Smith Hannah Wright Charley Stone Ris Kaand last but *most* Kate Whaite who skilfully managed the door, compered the bar stage, sold merch, stewarded … and

entertained a room with jokes to fill a potentially awkward string-breaking pause. Absolute superstars, all of you. 

IMG_0652 (1)Huge thanks to the amazing team of volunteers at DIY Space for London – it’s such a fantastic venue, making events like this possible. Thank you Colette Rosa and Tommy and Vanessa and Anne Marie Sanguigni and everyone else at this brilliant venue.
Special thanks to Mark Estall from Marketstall Recording for keeping everything sounding perfect, and keeping things running smoothly. Brilliant too to be joined by two interns – Melissa and Lizzie – from Soundgirls.orgwho came and helped Mark and Vanessa. Hope to see them working in sound again soon!


Finally thank you to Gonul and 1001Anatoliandelights for preparing a delicious Turkishfeast for us at short notice – such delicious food!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone for supporting our scene, and helping these put these amazing women on stage. Let’s do it all again next year … but bigger, and louder 

Check out Katie Frost's beautiful photographs of some of the bands on her Flickr here!

Just announced! Joanne Joanne will be headlining our Christmas party at The Lexington on 21 December - woohoo! Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 15 Sept - grab em!
BBC Music Introducing hosts: Amplify
This a new music event for aspiring artists to develop skills & progress their careers. Held on 6-8 October at ExCeL London, Amplify promises to "immerse you in a world of music, connecting you with the biggest industry names via workshops, talks and one-on-ones; all aimed at getting out there and even taking your own music to the next level".
The event offers a chance for musicians and those wanting to enter the industry to attend masterclasses, test and buy gear, hear key speakers, get career advice from industry leaders and watch bands and performances. Check out more detail here:
BBC Music Introducing hosts Amplify extended trailer 2017

BBC Music Introducing hosts Amplify

LOUD WOMEN gigs diary

29 Sept @ The Unicorn, Camden
Ghum | The Noise and the Naive | Think Pretty | Witch Fever

30 Sept @ The Lexington - family-friendly matinee
Thee Dinner Ladies | Rabies Babies | Militant Girlfriend | Argonaut

13 Oct @ The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden
LOUD WOMEN 2nd Birthday Party | The Ethical Debating Society | MX Tyrants | GUTTFULL | Layzervag

3 Nov @ The Unicorn, Camden – Witch Fest
Winnie & the Rockettes | W*llstonekraft | Art Trip and the Static Sound | The Creeping Terrors

18 Nov @ The Bird's Nest, Deptford
Vulpynes | Duck | Militant Girlfriend | Basic Dicks

21 Dec @ The Lexington – The VERY LOUD WOMEN Xmas party
Joanne Joanne | GUTTFULL & more
The LOUD WOMEN: Volume One compilation album is now just £5 from

The awesome and multi-talented Sheena Revolta (Women in Revolt) has an exhibition of photographs on in Gateshead next month which is very much up our street: Twenty portraits of women in DIY music – musicians, DJs, promoters, writers, and so on.

The show includes Nathalie Stern, Tough Tits, Novyi Lef, Cath Tyler, Pauline Murray from Penetration, Annabella from Women in Revolt and many more. There’s a sneaky peak on our website …

Island-punk artist Ms. Mohammed releases her debut EP, Alibi, this Autumn. Read all about it here.

That's all folks!

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