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1 & 2 Sept

LOUD WOMEN Fest is back in 2018 – bigger and louder than ever! Building on the massive success of our last two Festivals, we’re expanding from one to two days, and we will be in a much bigger venue than before. (Venue announcement coming soon!)

As previously, we’ll be running bands one after the other over two stages, so the music doesn’t stop, and there are no awkward clashes. The Festival will showcase the very best contemporary DIY punk, pop and indie music, led by women and gender non-conforming folk, with big name artists playing alongside brand new acts. The aim is to bring this music to as wide an audience as possible – as we know that the Festival will be widely covered by the media, and other promoters look to our line-ups for inspiration.
Save the weekend of 1 and 2 September 2018 and, in the meantime … bands may apply to play using the form on our website. Applications are welcome from bands and solo artists who are:

  1. led by women, or gender non-conforming folk
  2. punk, pop and indie (no rock thanks)
  4. available to play either 1 or 2 Sept
Apply to play LOUD WOMEN Fest 2018!
Gaptooth (feat. Sisters Uncut) - They Cut We Bleed
Gaptooth (feat. Sisters Uncut) – They Cut We Bleed
All Bandcamp proceeds from the sale of this single go to Sisters Uncut
Bitch Falcon - Of Heart
Bitch Falcon – Of Heart

LOUD WOMEN gigs diary

21 Dec @ The Lexington – The VERY LOUD WOMEN Xmas party
Joanne Joanne | GUTTFULL | Hurtling
20 Jan @ The Amersham ArmsPersonal Best | Dream Nails | The Ethical Debating Society | Best Praxis
7 Feb @ The Victoria, Dalston – teaming up with The Other Women show for a Resonance FM fundraiser. Bands TBA.
13 Feb @ The Lexington – Galentines Day Ball – Dream Nails | The Menstrual Cramps | GUTTFULL
24 Feb @ The Fighting Cocks, KingstonAnarchistwood | Brosephine | GUTTFULL | Phoenix Chroi
9 Mar @ The Fiddler's Elbow – Under My Thumb, with Big Joanie | I, Doris | plus live karaoke
17 Mar @ DIY Space for London, St. Patricia's Day: – Hawk | Hot Sauce Pony | Gold Baby
21 April @ DIY Space for LondonBasic Bitches (US) | Glue | Quim Smashers
30 June – The Matchwomen's Festival
1 and 2 September – LOUD WOMEN Fest 2018
Our next gig is our CHRISTMAS PARTY! Thursday 21 December at The Lexington, with:
Joanne Joanne

plus Mammory Tapes will be joining us after the band for a CHRISTMAS DISCO – spinning tunes til your feet can't dance no more!
There will be the usual raffle and lots of fun and festivity – come along! Tickets are £8 in advance, and they're selling fast so don't leave it until the day!
Get your Christmas party tickets now!

5 Scottish female duos who are totally badass

There's some truly famazing music happening in Scotland's thriving DIY scene right now, and for some reason female duos seem to be doing it best North of the border!

Ditching the role of bassist – or replacing the drummer with a machine – can sometimes mean a loss of groove, volume, or stage presence ... but it needn't be so. Duos have to work a hell of a lot harder, granted, and there's no room for error on stage. But really skillfull musicians – which Scotland seems to be teeming with right now – know that two heads can be much better than four.

There's lots to be said for being in bands who eschew the standard four- or five-member format. Rocking up to a gig, just you and your best girl, is top, easy-maintenance fun – fewer diaries to co-ordinate, fewer egos to navigate, less equipment to fit in the boot, and fewer way to split the venue's beer tokens. All this makes for a happy band – and, of course, happy bands make awesome music!

Here's some Scottish twosomes that LOUD WOMEN loves big time, in particular order:

  1. bratakusBratakus

    Bratakus are two sisters, Breagha and Onnagh Cuinn, from the Northestmost North of Scotland, making some of the most exciting new punk music we've heard in years! They play guitar and bass, accompanied by a drum machine. The pair travelled down to play for us at the Hope and Anchor, back in  2016, and we fell head over heels for them. Bratakus also contributed to our first compilation album LOUD WOMEN: Volume One. We want to see lots more Bratakus in 2018 please thank you. Find them on Facebook and YouTube.

  2. twistettesThe Twistettes

    The Twistettes were an absolute highlight of this year's LOUD WOMEN Fest at DIY Space for London. The pair are also sisters, Jo and Nicky D'Arc from Glasgow, who play drums and bass – ditching the role of guitarist, which is highly controversial for a punk band! The combination works perfectly though, and the pair are enjoying international success – recently touring South Korea. Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.
  3. deuxdeux furieuses

    deux furieuses are now based in London, but friends Ros and Vas are originally from Glasgow, and their celtic passion is very evident in their stunning rock music. They play guitar (Ros) and drums (Vas), with Ros singing nearly as much as Vas, while playing, like, a million drums like a thunderstorm. Find them on Facebook and their website.
  4. doubleDouble Pussy Clit Fuck

    Just, wow. Glasgow's Rosana Cade and Eilidh MacAskill are "Your favourite queer performance art riot-grrrl-on-grrrl-on-boi-on-boi-band; bringing you anti-genre mega noise by big dykes on tiny instruments". Who even knows. Find them on Facebook.
  5. noiseThe Noise and the Naive

    Yeah yeah, they're from Newcastle and that's not in Scotland, but fuck it – this pair are awesome and we loved hosting them at The Unicorn this autumn! Pauline and Anne are a French couple, and they play guitar (Pauline) and drums (Anne), with both singing. Their self-titled debut EP is beautiful – it enjoys regular play at LOUD WOMEN HQ! Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.
Slotface - click to load image

Sløtface:'Try Not to Freak Out'

review by Stacy Norman

Out now on CD/Vinyl/DL
It's always exciting when I get to review a band I've never listened to before. I mean, yeah, sometimes it's massively disappointing, but sometimes it's exciting and you can feel yourself fill up with joy at discovering a new, awesome band.

Norway's Sløtface fell into that latter catergory, and I've been floating on that "new band feeling" all week. Haley Shea's vocals remind me of Eva Hendricks (Charly Bliss) and Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo); deceptively pop friendly, while being perfectly capable of delivering biting words when necessary.

Formed in 2012, 'Try Not To Freak Out' is the bands first full-length release. Sound-wise, there are definite nods to 90's alt rock (a lot of these songs would have fit in perfectly on the Ten Things I Hate About You soundtrack!), though they're delivered through a current 10's soundscape, cleverly avoiding the trap of sounding like just a revival band.

Things open with a bang, with the Patti-Smith-referencing 'Magazine', which sees the band tackling the age-old problem of beauty standards in the media, and still managing to make it sound fresh and relevant. It has everything I love in a song; fuzzy guitars, "oohs", sweet-yet-sneering vocals, and a big singalong chorus. It's a powerful mission statement, and a perfect opener for this album.

'Nancy Drew' provides a timely anthem, as Haley warns us to "watch out, she's a nightmare Nancy Drew" as our protagonist eyes up the possibility of "taking your welfare boys club down." I'm willing to be a lot of us can relate as she laments:

10,000 hours of falling asleep to singer-songwriter tunes in my ear /
And I think I've filled my quota of boys with acoustic guitars.

'Try Not To Freak Out' delivers catchy, feminist tunes with a glittery pop sheen, which is just what we need in a year as darkly and overtly misogynist as 2017. It's jittery and joyful, and will have you hitting "play" again after every listen through.

Sløtface's website

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Sløtface - Nancy Drew
Sløtface – Nancy Drew
Bratakus - click to load image

Bratakus:'Target Grrrl'

review by Jenny Bunn

Out now on Bandcamp

When I first opened up the Facebook page for Bratakus, I was surprised to find two Scottish sisters staring back at me, rather than the very Germanic image that I had somehow got into my head after hearing the name (wait, maybe I’m thinking of Bratwurst?). I was even more intrigued to see that the duo – Breagha and Onnagh Cuinn on guitar and bass respectively – were exactly that: a duo.

It’s certain to say that Bratakus and their drum machine have found their sound. The band’s debut album – 'Target Grrrl', released August 2017 – is classic punk that wouldn’t feel out of place in the 1970s. There’s no bullshit and no faffing around waiting to get to the punch line as the pair deliver fast-paced political messages. Every song on the album sits at under three minutes long, but boy do they manage to squeeze a helluva lot of distortion and power chords into that short period of time. Expect to be met with a load of whoas and split vocals: the girls’ voices play off each other perfectly with a balance of spat out venom and shouty riot grrrl.

The subject matter of the songs ranges from the likes of pollution to feelings of disassociation and disaffection. For me, the album highlights are 'No More Love Songs' (described perfectly as a “hate song for love songs”), which is as blunt as it is brief with the repetition of the title throughout, and the slightly steadier penultimate track, 'Product'. Initially, I didn’t gbrat2ive much thought to the lyrics as I was too busy appreciating the overarching angst of it all, but through the wonders of Bandcamp I got to reading and I’m glad I did: underneath all the shouting there’s a lot more lyrical poetry to the songs than I’d first given them credit for. Following on from checking out their Bandcamp, I ended up on Bratakus’ YouTube channel, where you’ll find brilliant examples of the DIY ethic that is so rife within punk – from their recent tour diary features titles written in fridge magnets to early video recordings that are performed live from a very messy teenage bedroom.

As a final note, they get major bonus points from me for featuring Rik Mayall’s 'Pollution' poem from the Young Ones at the beginning of one of their tracks. Nicely done ladies, I’m looking forward to see where the next album takes you.

Find Bratakus on Bandcamp and Facebook

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Bratakus - Open Your Eyes (Live)
Bratakus– Open Your Eyes
The Darts - click to load image

The Darts: 'Me.Ow' 
review by Gilan, from Brosephine

DL from Bandcamp

Me.Ow ineed!

From start to finish this L.P by the Darts will have you biting your bottom lip and nodding away until your poor little fingers can’t hit repeat  anymore!

The Darts are Garage-Psyche-rock grrls based in Pheonix, Arizona but their sound is based somewhere between an old school Hollywood horror film and a church in Vegas (with added surf elements for good measure).

The LP starts of with ‘The Cats Meow’ which sets the tone of the whole piece perfectly! The heavy distorted and whiney guitar riffs coupled with the surf sounding synth create such a deliciously sinister sound. Then, the vocals kick in. They drip all over the track, like honey but with just enough of a bite to give it edge! The lyrics are unashamed and delivered unapologetically.

dartyThough they definitely have a sound which is unmistakably ‘them’, they still manage to set a different scene with every song.  Tracks like ‘Strange Days’ and ‘Get Messy’ are packed with a punchy beat and loads of energy. Then there are tracks like ‘Slay me’ and ‘You’ll bring me flowers’ that are slower but have strong almost post-rock elements slightly reminiscent of True Widow that just beckon the listener in.

From start to finish this L.P was a psychedelic party for my ears that I didn’t want to end.  The Darts manage to create a sound that is timeless but not dated, with the perfect balance of grit. I want to see the movie this music is the soundtrack too. With no UK tour dates on their page, they are definitely a band to keep an eye out for!

Warning: This LP may corrupt you!

Find The Darts on Facebook and Bandcamp


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The Darts (US) - "Get Messy" [OFFICIAL]
The Darts – Get Messy
Beaches - click to load image

Beaches: 'Second of Spring' 
review by Ella Kaill

DL from Bandcamp

Beaches are your new favourite (Australian) five-piece. They’ve toured domestically and abroad, played with Deerhunter, Best Coast and a plethora of other established artists, and their self-titled debut album was cited as one of the 100 Best Australian albums. Not convinced? Released on September 8th of this year, monster double album 'Second of Spring' features 17 tracks of swirling, dirty psych-rock that speak for themselves.

‘Void’ is the single with an unforgiving momentum that doesn’t let the listener pause for breath. Echoing vocals wrap themselves around sharp guitar riffs and an unrelenting bass rhythm propels the entire movement forward. The track continues to build and drags us along for the ride, too.

‘When You’re Gone’ and ‘Arrow’ offer sweet vocals woven among earthy distortion, whereas ‘Wine’ and ‘Contact’ are haunting and submerge the listener in rich, droopy chords. Though the tracks vary in tone and mood, the pace of the album remains largely upbeat.

beachessBeaches have a knack for unremitting extended tracks. The staunch power in these epic pieces drives the album onwards with such a force that it’s easy to forget that this is a double album. A quiet confidence lies in the craft - and rightly so. Every track belongs; one would not have a hard time guessing that any one of these songs was a Beaches song. 'Second of Spring' proves that Beaches have honed their style and can churn out sound of colossal heights.

This album is as tenacious as it is mellow. Layered melodies swallow you up, and heavy, droning riffs spit you back out. Electrifying intoxication.

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Beaches - Void (Official Music Video)
Beaches – Void
Krakow Loves Adana - click to load image

Introducing: Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana is a Hamburg-based duo: Deniz Çiçek (guitar/keys/vocals) and her partner Robert Heitmann (who also runs the duo’s own record label, ‘Better Call Rob’).

Their new single ‘American Boy’ recently dropped, with a spendid video. It’s taken off the the pair’s upcoming fourth album entitled ‘Songs After The Blue’.

Deniz about writing ‘American Boy’: “I was definitely angry when I wrote American Boy. I was angry with the world, I was angry with myself, I was angry about feeling powerless. I felt like I had no power to right a wrecked system. All this anger turned out to be a strong tool when you dare to act upon it and not on it. It resulted in a creative output, it resulted in American Boy.”

Find Kraków Loves Adana on FacebookInstagram,  Twitter and Bandcamp

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Kraków Loves Adana - American Boy (Official Video)
Kraków Loves Adana - American Boy
Mermaidens - click to load image

Mermaidens: 'Perfect Body'

review by Hannah Kessler, of Quim Smashers 

Out now on Bandcamp

Mermaidens are a New Zealand-based three-piece band. They describe themselves as post-punk, and their style has definite shoe-gaze influences. My initial impression of them was that they were effectively combining soft grunge with a darker undertone.

When I started to play this album on Bandcamp, I was at once struck by the great technical skill. The title track, 'Perfect Body', begins with a twangy, nostalgic guitar line, which collides with a moody bassline, in an almost atonal flavour, reminiscent of free jazz. This kind of dark and complex rhythm continues throughout the album. It forms a beautiful contrast with the lead singer’s understated and restrained vocals. She manages to convey a lot of power and feeling with her voice without raising it, commanding the aural space with great skill.

The songs, when listened to in order, flow into one another. They create an atmosphere perfect for long walks, meditation or work. The seemingly continuous drumming feels like a heart-beat keeping the flesh of each song alive. The repetitive riff in 'Smothering Possession' is underscored by a meditative distorted bass and it feels like an unsettling, gradually building call to arms. Meanwhile the background heartbeat of 'Mind Slow' is seductively menacing. That said, however, the album did begin to feel almost a little too repetitive. It is definitely one to listen to when the mood is absolutely right.

All in all, this album can be commended highly for its maturity and restraint. The artists behind it have created something full of power, emotion and beauty. It is a beautiful love letter to shoegaze music, while still retaining its originality. Listening to and buying this album is highly recommended!

Find Mermaidens on Facebook and Bandcamp


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Mermaidens - Satsuma (Official Music Video)
Mermaidens – Satsuma
Maria Kelly - click to load image

Introducing: Maria Kelly

A beautiful new voice from Ireland, Maria Kelly.

Following the release of her stunning debut EP, The Things I Should, Irish artist Maria Kelly returns with another poignant yet profound new single, Hollow, out now via Veta Records.

The single deals with the disappointment that comes with never quite getting through to someone. Maria explains “It came about when I had to be brutally honest with myself about the state of a relationship. It’s so easy to trick yourself into thinking that everything is fine, but this song represents that moment you snap, get angry and want to confront the problem.” Hollow opens with Kelly’s signature delicate vocal, entwined with a subtle whisper track, creating a powerful sense of secrecy and sorrow. Combined with Kelly’s intricate guitar plucking, earnest songwriting abilities and a captivating string arrangement, Hollow is once again a prime example of Kelly’s unique ability to create beautifully melancholic indie-folk.

This release is the first of Maria’s that she has arranged herself; “I never had the confidence before, as I had convinced myself that I just wasn’t very good at arrangement. But after giving myself the chance, being patient and with the incredible strings and electric coming from Matt Harris (HAWK), I’m really proud of how this track turned out and I hope others like it as much as I do.”


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Argonaut - click to load image

Argonaut: 'Forever'
review by Lauren Murphy 

Out now from Key Mail Order

In 2017 it’s hard to leave the house, or even stay in, without hearing music that has been produced, polished and perfected to the point where it’s hard to believe there were real, imperfect humans involved in it’s making. Artists spend up to a year in and out of the studio recording take after take until their album sounds exactly as it does in their head.

Argonaut have not done that. Argonaut spent just two days in the studio to record this, their third album, and the result is raw and fragile and urgent in all the best ways. In places. it feels like catharsis just listening to it; like listening to a group of people trying to get something off their chest.

argoAlbum opener 'Zero Said' is a thumping anthem that scratches at the nerve exposed by the #metoo movement.

'Everybody Crash' is a clear standout, with its amazingly catchy hook belying a cynical rallying cry against the world, and singer Lorna’s vocals softening the edges of the fury that bubbles through it.

Each song on the album demonstrates a rich pool of influence, seemingly touching on every decade without ever aping anybody and never ever feeling less than fresh.

The only downside to this album is that the eschewing of modernity doesn’t just extend to a good old musical rant, but to the release which is strictly mail order and even more strictly limited to 100 numbered copies.

Run, run to get yourself something to dance to while 2017 crashes and burns.



Find Argonaut on YouTube, Facebook and their website

Catch them live (for the last time with their brilliant bass player and producer Joules, who is sadly leaving the band) on Friday 15 December at The Bird’s Nest in Deptford



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Argonaut - Spring
Argonaut – Spring
Jelly Cleaver - click to load image

Jelly Cleaver: 'Cure for an Existential Crisis' 
review by Kate Whaite

Out now on Bandcamp and Spotify

Currently based in London, Jelly Cleaver describes herself as a “singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bringer of good vibes and cosmic truths”,  and that’s the closest you could get to her in so few words. If you find the phrase “cosmic truths” a little scary, don’t worry. There are plenty of down-to-earth truths, too. When I saw Jelly Cleaver play at this year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest, I knew I was seeing something special. With just her voice and her guitar she charmed a whole room. With this album, Jelly Cleaver might charm a whole world.

Jelly’s debut album 'Cure for an Existential Crisis: Four Suites and One Song Explorinjellyg the Crisis of Living and the Fear of Death' is not for the faint-hearted. The title alone ought to tell you that, but just in case that wasn’t clear, I’m telling you, too. This is not an album you pop on and forget you are listening to. This is an album to listen to on a grey day when the world is troubling and you want to get to know yourself a little better. It reminds me a lot of early Laura Marling in that it’s like being taken on a trip that shows the everyday to you afresh, revealing the hidden passions we usually let our gaze skip over.

The music is stirring and spiritual, and a genuine pleasure to listen to. At the centre are Jelly’s vocals (delivered with care and nuance and stretching gorgeously both high and low) and her guitar (ranging from a soft acoustic instrument to an electric force that builds tension and rhythm). But the two are surrounded and lifted up by a swell of music. Jelly herself plays 10 instruments on this record, but she also drafted in an orchestra. On her Bandcamp page  it’s described as symphonic folk, and that’s just right.

The whole album is stunning, and filled with lovely lyrics about sophisticated topics. See ‘Secret Pt. 2’:

I wonder what you think happiness is.
We are bounded by the boundaries of our understanding.
If you understood the world ,you would not stand for half of these things.

‘The Migrant’ somehow manages to be topically political, sensitive, heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time, and ‘I Was Thinking’ is pretty and philosophical in a way very few things are. But my favourite stretch of the album is Suite Two: Songs to Lost Love. ‘Caged Bird’ makes its own lovely niche, despite calling to my mind both Maya Angelou and Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Green Finch and Linnet Bird’. ‘The Holy Father’ sounds like a folk song I’ve forgotten and suddenly remembered, with soaring vocals and even a little tambourine, I think. ‘Southwark Cathedral’ is all desire and longing and mystery. This is an album you listen to with your full attention, an album to listen to over and over, an album that asks you and makes you stop and just… listen.

Follow her on Facebook, buy the album, go see her when she plays. Treat yourself to something really good.

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Ode to Morrissey - Jelly Cleaver
Jelly Cleaver – Ode to Morrissey
Kesha - click to load image

Kesha: 'Rainbow' 
review by Gemma Gompertz and Phil Whaite from GUTTFULL

Out now on Spotify

Kesha’s Rainbow was our album of 2017. It’s a breathtaking record, with full-spectrum feelings – anger, defiance, heartbreak, hope, love – and beautiful, unexpected bangers.

That it even got made at all is a tribute to her fighting spirit and her determination. In 2014, Kesha spoke out about the sexual, physical and emotional abuse that she’d suffered at the hands of her former producer, sparking a legal battle that led to him preventing her releasing any new music until this year. The first single from Rainbow, ‘Praying’, is a message to him, a soaring piano anthem that eviscerates him and celebrates the fact that she survived.

Kesha’s here to tell us what most of us already know: that power has an effect on the vulnerable, but she also reminds us of the great, glittering power of vulnerability. Of softness. Of wearing your colours with pride. This shines most brightly in the album’s title track, about finding beauty in a fucked-up world, sharing it with the people you love, and drawing on each other to get through.

There’s so much to enjoy in this album –  Kesha duets with Dolly Parton on country classic ‘Old Flames’ (written by her mum, Pebe, in the 1970s), and it's unapologetically joyous. There’s a lot to think about, too. Is ‘Godzilla’ a romantic ballad, or a heartbreaking tale of how gaslighting motherfuckers flatten your every experience in the world?

This is an album about the strength you can find within yourself and others. It’s about feeling like you don’t belong anywhere, and then finding somewhere you belong. It’s about letting go of the past without forgetting or forgiving the people who fucked you over. It’s about living your best life without worrying what others think.

And if you’ve never danced and yelled along to ‘Woman’, the second single from the album, we insist that you do. Right now. You’ll definitely feel better for it.

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Kesha - Woman (Official Video) ft. The Dap-Kings Horns
Kesha – Rainbow

The mighty HAWK have a gorgeous new single, Can’t Explain, out via Veta Records.

Listen here.

Inspired by Irish history, the Catholic church and its mistreatment of women, Below oozes a twinkling, ethereal splendour as the spine-tingling emotion of Julie Hawk’s celestial vocals flow. Julie explains

“as an Irish woman, both looking back at how women were treated in the past and the desperate lack of progress today, I feel betrayed by my country. We’re still fighting for basic reproductive rights for women and seeing an embarrassing response from our government.”

HAWK originally formed in London in 2014, before relocating to Berlin last year where they now produce all music themselves. In addition to their musical endeavours, front woman Julie is also a skilled illustrator and has recently launched Female Fronted Drawn Together – a project through which she has created a playlist of admirable female bands/musicians and created an illustration to accompany each song.

HAWK will be joining us at DIY Space for London on 17 March 2018 for our St Patricia's Day extravaganza. Top craic!

Jelly Cleaver - click to load image

Duck: 'Faceache' 
review by Katie McFaul

Out now on Bandcamp 

Stomping in from Sheffield and here with their first LP release are Duck, with their ‘Wonky DIY Synth/ guitar noise pop’; although that sounds hard to imagine, their description is incredibly accurate! And after releasing their EP ‘Slack Gob’ last year, they are back with a full length, feature which did not disappoint.

From start to finish the album 'Face Ache' offers crashing guitars, haunting vocals and ferociously loud electronic beats, and it must be said that this combination really works.

Opening track ‘Stereo’ sees the band putting their strongest foot forward, with pounding drums and a tune that is annoyingly catchy. Moving through the rest of the album, each song has it’s own unique flavour, and though the tracks seamless merge into each other no two songs sound the same.

There is a bit of something for everyone on this record, provided you are into wonky DIY synth/guitar noise pop! Ranging from disturbing and robotic, to something you just want to dance to, Duck have emerged with some brilliant tunes. It is one of those albums that when it finishes you feel a bit sad, so to avoid this feeling you keep it on repeat for the rest of the night (or until you go deaf)!

'Face Ache' is currently available to stream or download and, even if you don’t think you’re into wonky DIY synth, give it a go anyway, and I’m sure Duck will convert you.

Find Duck on Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube

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Duck – Monsters
LW tshirts - click to view image
LOUD WOMEN t-shirts are here! Show us your lurve with these stylish tees, in yellow or black - just £10, which goes towards paying awesome bands to play awesome music!
Beach Girls and the Monster – Monsterbeach
Beach Girls and the Monster – Monsterbeach

Joanne Joanne: 10 question interview

Joanne Joanne is the world’s premier all-woman Duran Duran tribute band, and we love them to bits. Who better to headline our Christmas party on 21 December at The Lexington! In preparation, we asked 10 questions of JJ’s lead guitarist, the legendary Charley Stone (pictured centre, bottom).

  1. Who is the best Joanne of recent times?

Two of them are in our band! Jo Bevan and Jo Gate-Eastley. But also, Jo Brand, for dry wittingly and perfectly challenging all-male panels everywhere.

  1. What’s your favorite Duran Duran song?

Probably ‘New Religion’ because it’s a "dialogue between the ego and the alter-ego". Or ‘Sound of Thunder’, from the first album, because it makes me think about lying out in the sun with synth lines and drums racing through my head feeling drunk on life.

  1. powerSan Junipero or The Handmaids Tale?

Can I confess I’ve not actually watched either of them. I did read The Handmaids Tale recently and yes it’s amazing but a bit too depressing for some of these Viewers at this current time. Can I instead put in a vote for the book everyone’s reading on the tube, i.e. The Power by Naomi Alderman. [Ed. LOUD WOMEN thoroughly endorses this book also.]

  1. Best heckle, you’ve received (or given)?

For many years I used to shout out for “Martha’s Harbour” at every gig I went to, including e.g. hardcore American punk bands. These days I tend to stick with “Very Good Indeed” or “Not Bad!”

  1. Who were the second best 80s band (after DD)?

The Fall [Ed. LOUD WOMEN thoroughly denounce Mark E Smith.]

  1. What’s the 2nd best tribute band name (after Joanne Joanne)?

The Misters of Circe, my gender-nonconforming Sisters of Mercy tribute band. Let’s face it, it’s even better than the original.

  1. What’s the best thing about being in your band?

I always wanted to be in Duran Duran, but actually with this we’ve created the ideal version of Duran Duran: all the best bits and none of the rubbish. And totally inhabiting it. Don’t just dream it, be it.

  1. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.

Can I put in a word for “The Book of Words”, Duran Duran’s lyric book from 1984, with essays about their Seven & The Ragged Tiger tour and making-videos, and lots of thoughts from Simon le Bon about the artistic process. It was a very formative work for me, I’ll be honest.

  1. What are your band goals?

Hammersmith Odeon by ‘82, Wembley Arena by ’83, Madison Square Garden by ‘84.

  1. Give your top 5 contemporary bands.

Jen Macro’s Hurtling are amazing! We’re really excited about playing with them on 21 Dec – make sure you get there early to see their whole set. They have the only bassist who can give our Jo Gate-Eastley a run for her money.

Jo Bevan’s Desperate Journalist are pretty perfect, if you loved all the best bits about The Smiths and The Cure and Bjork.

Also can we mention our sister band, MX Tyrants? Formed when we kept coming up with new riffs and ideas while rehearsing Duran Duran songs for Joanne Joanne. Current line-up is me (Charley), Lolo, Jo Gate-Eastley and Catherine Riley – we have a new video out, Sycamore Semaphore.

I think 3 is enough. Let’s not get carried away.


Follow Joanne Joanne on Facebook then come see them live at the Lexington when they play our Christmas Party on 21 December, along with Joanne Joanne and GUTTFULL!

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Wake up by Bugeye
Bugeye – Wake Up

We heart Bugeye’s new single and accompanying video big time – not least because those superbabes have dedicated it to DIY collectives fighting to make a difference in their local communities, such as The Zine UKThis FeelingThe Music TrustNorthern Exposure, and, yours truly, LOUD WOMEN! Right back atcha with that lovebomb, you lovely Bugeyes you.

Wake Up by Bugeye is out now via Marwoo Records. Follow Bugeye on Twitter and Facebook

Hurtling: 10 question interview

Hurtling are beloved members of the LOUD WOMEN family – led by the ubertalented Jen Macro (ex- My Bloody Valentine and Chris TT), along with Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi. We can’t wait to see them play at the Lexington for our Christmas kneesup on 21 December. In the meantime, we asked Jen 10 questions …

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs? 
The Breeders

2. Choose: Tina Turner or Chaka Khan?
Tina Turner. (Slightly) better hair, better songs, better gait. She’s still alive right? She should do the Legends Slot at Glastonbury.

3. Choose one of your songs to be on an advert. What kind of product is it? 
For the Summer’ – Hay fever tablets.

4. Choose: town or country? 
Town – because you get the best of both worlds – townsfolk who visit the country always seem to appreciate the fresh air and nature, but country folk always seem to hate coming in to towns, well, London town.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.
Don’t really do reading. Can recommend Channel 4’s recent adaptation of Charles Forsnam’s graphic novel 'The End of the Fucking World'. The score was by Graham Coxon and the whole thing was brilliant.

Recordwise – love Shannon Wright, not many people seem to have heard of her. She’s done 10 albums I think, ‘Secret Blood’ is awesome – tense, eerie, guitary and darkly beautiful.

6. Bore us with the details of your set-up please.
Fender Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, Fender Twin, pedals – LOTS of them. Recently downsized board with the help of a DC brick power supply which pops underneath, rather than having a 4 way with a cluster fuck of adaptors on the top.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band? 
Being able to enjoy the shit out of playing music

8. What are your band goals?
To release our debut album (which is nearly finished), play some festivals, play in Europe while we still can!

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now? 
We are supporting Joanne Joanne and GUTTFULL on 21 Dec at the Lexington.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands 
St Vincent – because she designed a guitar that was more ergonomic for smaller framed people but still has the welly of the ‘prohibitively heavy’ Les Paul. Plus the song ‘Cheerleader’ and its video are pretty great. She gives good video.

Marika Hackman – because she is an astonishing songwriter and lyricist, plus she has gone from acoustic(ish) chanteuse to forthright rocker in the space of two albums.

Deerhoof – because they are bonkers and never fail to satisfy, live or on record.

Bug Prentice – because songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Ally Craig is a genius, became aware of them because they record at our drummer Jon’s OneCat Studio – more people should know about them. Fact.

Plus anyone who will let us support them…(shameless)

Follow Hurtling on their website, Facebook and Instagram then come see them live at the Lexington when they play our Christmas Party on 21 December, along with Joanne Joanne and GUTTFULL!


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Hurtling - Feel It
Hurtling – Feeling It

The LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar

Followers of our socials are counting down through the festive season with the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar! Every day we're opening a window to reveal one of the awesome bands we've put on over the course of this year.

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The LOUD WOMEN: Volume One compilation album is now just £5 from
Mega Emotion - Sick Burn
Mega Emotion – Sick Burn
Murmur Tooth - A Belly Full
Murmur Tooth – A Belly Full

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