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LOUD WOMEN gigs diary

13 Oct @ The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden
LOUD WOMEN 2nd Birthday Party | Foxcunt | MX Tyrants | GUTTFULL | Layzervag
3 Nov @ The Unicorn, Camden – Witch Fest
Winnie & the Rockettes | W*llstonekraft | Art Trip and the Static Sound | The Creeping Terrors
18 Nov @ The Bird's Nest, Deptford
Vulpynes | Duck | Militant Girlfriend | Basic Dicks
21 Dec @ The Lexington – The VERY LOUD WOMEN Xmas party
Joanne Joanne | GUTTFULL & more
20 Jan 2018 @ The Amersham Arms – Personal Best | Dream Nails | The Ethical Debating Society | Best Praxis
13 Feb 2018 @ The Lexington – Galentines Day Ball, save the date!
Nervous Twitch - That Weird Guy
Nervous Twitch – That Weird Guy
LOUD WOMEN is stonked to present the world premier, never-seen-before, brand spanking new, exclusive to yours truly … awesome new video for their single ‘That Weird Guy’.

Do not miss ...

LOUD WOMEN favourites Downtown Boys (led by this month's cover woman, Victoria Ruiz) are touring the UK like NOW – and you must not miss them! Catch them supported by the awesome Big Joanie in Brighton, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Sheffield and Manchester 
Downtown Boys - Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas
LOUD WOMEN's 2nd birthday party - click to view image

13 Oct @ The Fiddler's Elbow

LOUD WOMEN has now been a 'thing' for TWO whole years! 

In that time, we've put hundreds of awesome women on dozens of stages of all sizes; we've released records that have sold all over the world, and been played on major radio stations; we've kept you informed about the latest music news from brilliant women; and mostly we've had a fucktonne of fun!

To celebrate all that, come along to a party at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden this Friday! With ...

LW tshirts - click to view image
LOUD WOMEN t-shirts are here! Show us your lurve with these stylish tees, in yellow or black - just £10, which goes towards paying awesome bands to play awesome music!

GUTTFULL: 10 question interview

GUTTFULL - click to view imageGUTTFULL are the best sax punk band in the UK right now – no contest. LOUD WOMEN loves them most of all, not least because we are in them. We asked them/ourselves 10 questions, and no that’s not odd at all …

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
Cassie: I’m going to be the first to say Downtown Boys because I expect the others will say the same. Victoria Ruiz is about the only frontwoman I can imagine giving as visceral a rendition of ‘Gaslighting Motherfucker’ as our Moe!
Gemma: I’d really like to hear Downtown Boys make ‘Mafu’ their own.
Louis: I would pay to see Enya perform a cover of ‘Arsehole’.
Phil: Demi Lovato to cover ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’

2. Choose: Madonna or Beyoncé?

Moe: Beyonce – she has been an integral artist in the soundtrack OF MY LIFE! she has been there during the best and worst shit. I completely rate Madonna however for her drive and determination. She’s done it all on her own. She created her own platform. She is untouchable.

Cassie: Madonna was my first hero. A 10-year-old Cassie went to see her at Wembley (with my parents) and I’ve wanted to be her ever since.

Gemma: Beyoncé and her dance moves all the fucking way.

Louis: Early era Madonna – fond memories of a trip to France when I was 12 listening to The Immaculate Collection on repeat.

Phil: Beyoncé is making revolutionary, stunning, relevant music that moves me every time I listen to it. I haven’t forgiven Madge for W.E.

3. Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?

Cassie: ‘#Notallmen’ is quite a sexy song, I think anyway. I’d like to see it set to some feminist porn – does that exist? It should do.

Phil: ‘#Notallmen’ is definitely some of my sexiest work. I’d be honoured.

Gemma: Feminist porn does exist, but I’d quite like to hear ‘Gaslighting Motherfucker’ over the montage that starts with women leaving their shit boyfriends/managers and doing their band, their way, like The Runaways or We Are The Best.

Louis: I hear ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ on an American teen type movie where it’s featured in one of those montage bits where these girls plot revenge on their cheating boyfriends.

4. Choose: the 80s or the 90s?

Cassie: I’m still embarrassed about the 90s having even existed – it’s all so awkward and bland. The 80s was frantic and angry and dirty and neon pink – much like GUTTFULL!

Gemma: The 90s because things were socially getting better and we could still listen to 80s music if we wanted so HAH. Louis: 90s – Kurt n Courtney, obvs.

Phil: Why not both? I had more fun in the 90s, though.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of

Cassie: The postman just delivered me Nervous Twitch’s new single ‘That Weird Guy’ today and it’s beautiful! I don’t read a lot, I just don’t get the time. For the past couple of years every time I go on holiday I read another few chapters of David Byrne’s How Music Works. It’s fascinating, and really inspiring for my own writing – I’ve written a number of GUTTFULL songs on the same holidays. I’m about three quarters of the way through now!

Louis: A band called Lowly released and album this year called Heba. It’s beautiful, dreamy Danish pop.

Phil: The Martin Beck series of books by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö are great detective novels that are also searing critiques of patriarchy and capitalism. Your readers have almost definitely heard of Kesha, and are probably aware that she’s recently released an album called Rainbow, but if they’re not aware of how breathtaking, touching, wonderful and fun it is, they should definitely give it a listen.

6. One for the guitarists…bore us with the details of your set-up please

Cassie: My guitar is a Squier – a signature model designed by Ryan Jarman of The Cribs. I mostly love it because it’s purple. I’ve been using my husband’s Turbo Rat pedal recently, after I accidentally swapped pedal boards with Lori from Weekend Recoverywhen we played with them in Brixton, so I’ve only just got my usual pedal – a Nano Big Muff – back. I’m really loving the Turbo Rat though – might see how long I can go before Mr Fox notices I’ve still got it. And I don’t have my own amp yet. [Update: I just had my 40th birthday and my brilliant other half bought me a BEAUTIFUL purple Gordon Smith and I can’t wait to play it on stage on Friday!]

Gemma: Don’t bother with set-up or pedals, is my advice.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band?

Gemma: Being in the best gang, and the feeling I get when we play to a crowd made uncomfortable by Moe shouting that they’re arseholes.

Cassie: The swearing and the glitter.

Phil: Getting to play on stage with my best friend, and making new friends every time we play (even at gigs where most people seem to hate us).

8. What are your band goals?

Gemma: Supporting Downtown Boys.

Cassie: The bloody destruction of the patriarchy. (And a US tour would be great!)

Phil: All of the above, plus convincing Moe that Kesha’s Rainbow is the greatest album released this year.

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Louis: We have amazing T-shirts for sale! Also we will soon be recording our debut album, with a release next year.

Phil: Yes, the T-shirts! If you buy them not onl


y will you look incredible, you’ll help us get the album made.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands
Moe: 1 Las Kellies : I call it gutt music. When a band have the capacity to make you dance. It’s raw.
Downtown Boys : I’ve never fallen in lust with a band so quickly. Again, proper gutt music.
The Twistettes: I ADORE them. ‘Suck it, Fake it’ is the most amazing track I have heard since Le Tigre’s ‘Deceptacon’. It makes this Samoan go savage on the dance floor.
Petrol Girls : at LWF 2017 they completely BLEW MY MIND! Like I was witnessing an important part of history yet to be written. Something was happening. Like when you hear catz brag about being at some important gig that you “Just don’t get it man. You had to be there, man!”
Witching Waves. Their album ‘Fear of Falling Down’ is my number one ‘go-to’ soundtrack for travelling. On the bus, tube or on foot. Y’know when EVERY track is a great track? Yeah, that. They are sooo bloody good.
Cassie: Mine’s going to be really easy to predict…
1. Downtown Boys, because they’re the most important band on the planet right now and we worship them in a totally, unapologetically, uncool way. When they come and play in London on 18 October we will be down the front actually losing our shit.
2. Dream Nails, because they’re the most exciting band on the planet right now. Their songs are inspiring and brilliant, and they get more amazing every time I see them play.
3. Petrol Girls, because they’re the most punk-fucking-rock band on the planet right now and I can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.
4. The Twistettes, because they blew my socks off at LOUD WOMEN Fest the other week, and reminded me of…
5. Bratakus, my other favourite Scottish punk duo. There’s very exciting music coming from up that way at the moment – GUTTFULL need to go on a Scottish tour!
Louis: Downtown Boys, Lowly, Savages, Waxahatchee, Cherry Glazerr
Phil: Downtown Boys, of course. Of all the bands we play with regularly, Fightmilk are my faves – Lily Rae’s a fantastic frontwoman, and their songs sum up brilliantly how it feels to hate your 20s. We had the pleasure of meeting Party Fears at Loud Women Fest, and I’ve fallen in love with them a little bit – I really want to play with them in Berlin. The Baby Seals are so much fun – I’m really looking forward to supporting them at Brixton Windmill on 23 October. Finally, Foxcunt are angry about a lot of the same stuff that we are, and are some of the best people I know.

Find GUTTFULL on Facebook and see them live at our Birthday Party on Friday!

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GUTTFULL – Arsehole

MX Tyrants: 10 question interview

LOUD WOMEN loves MX Tyrants! They played one of our first ever shows, so we’re chuffed that they’re coming back to play our 2nd Birthday Party this Friday 13 October at the Fiddler’s Elbow. We also asked them 10 questions …

Who would you most like to cover your songs?
Jo: Early Elvis.

Lolo: Duran Duran, of course, seeing as three of us have spent so long learning theirs for Joanne Joanne! I’d like Marc Almond to have a bash at ‘Rats in the Rain’ too.

Catherine: Queen, original line-up (although I wouldn’t want any Brian May guitar-wank nonsense): I’d quite like to hear Mr Mercury going full Freddie on ‘The City Knows’.

Charley: No one. Other musicians would not do them justice. I’m only being honest.

Choose: Madonna or Beyonce? 
Lolo: Madonna, not because I think she’s any better (certainly not in the last ten years), but because I have an emotional connection with her early singles due to adolescence and hormones and stuff. Especially ‘Borderline’.

Catherine: Madonna, but only in the 1980s (when she had her original face).

Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?
Lolo: All of our songs are well cinematic, but Mutual Lucid is about creating a film within a lucid dream, so it could be in a feminist take on the new Bladerunner film that actually passes the Bechdel test

Choose: the 80s or the 90s?
Lolo: The 80s, purely because it was the decade I grew up in. If I was older and fought in the punk wars I’d probably think it was the decade from hell.

Jo: The 80s because that’s when my young heart beat fiercely along to the likes of The Fall and Duran Duran. By the 90s it was a more lacklustre nod along to Soundgarden, The Sundays and the likes of Fresh 4 featuring Lizz E.

Charley: The 80s had the best music (early 80s pop / late 80s indie), whereas the 90s gave us Britpop which was an utter abomination, although admittedly provided a more enjoyable standard of living for some of these Viewers.

Catherine: The 1990s. Because of the Spice Girls, obvs.

Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.
Lolo: A record – “Until the Hunter” by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – yer wumman from Mazzy Star collaborating with yer man from My Bloody Valentine,recorded in a Martello Tower (look it up) on the Dublin coast, absolutely gorgeous and I don’t know why it wasn’t huge. A book – Caroline Criado Perez “Do it Like a Woman”, inspiring (true) stories about women who’ve done stuff they’re told they can’t do, everything from crossing the South Pole to standing up for sex workers in India.

Catherine: The Thurston Moore group’s new record has some excellent bass lines. And Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie is a beautiful book written by a brilliant woman who is feminist in her fiction and in her actions.

Charley: ‘Juniverbrecher’ by The Indelicates is a Brechtian concept album where everything English is disgusting and Nigel Farage is a Victorian con-man spirit medium and the spirit of Mr Punch aka Jimmy Savile has infected everything and this is what caused Brexit, you see.  It’s probably got a book to go with it as well, that’s usually the kind of thing they do.

Jo: “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss, because it’s the ultimate guidebook for little dreamers and big dreamers alike

One for the guitarists … bore us with the details of your set-up.
Catherine: this is exclusionist

Jo: ….can I bore you with details of my bass guitar kit? I have a very lovely old Fender Jazz bass (which I can’t be separated from), a Cort Fretless for dreamy 80’s sound; a Japanese Squier Precision (in case the main bass malfunctions); a half size double bass; a dusty old Takamine Jasmine acoustic bass; and, lastly, the reason I need no pedals is the Gallien Krueger 700 RB2 bass amp and Neocab 2×12; oh and if I get another piece of kit, I have been told I have to move out….

Charley: I don’t want to bore you but since you ask: I generally play a Squier Super-Sonic, which everyone thinks is left-handed, but it’s not. And my amp is a Fender Deluxe. But I can make anything sound good, let’s be honest.

What’s the best thing about being in your band?
Lolo:Getting to create new songs and hang out with very talented and lovely people.

Catherine: My band! Charley and Lolo and Jo-Jo.

Charley: My favourite thing about it is that we all write together, as a band. It’s not one of those bands where someone comes in with a song and we all work on it – we just start playing and when we find a riff we like we develop a song from it. I love this way of working, it’s collaboration in its most democratic form and it means that the songs we come up with are entirely unlike anything any of us could have come up with on our own.

What are your band goals?
Lolo:To keep doing the answer to question 7 with more people hearing and seeing us.

Catherine: To sound like early Elvis. And early Stones. And early Beatles. And to be early, sometimes.  

Charley: To play some slightly bigger stages with slightly better PA systems. I think anything from The Lexington up to The Forum would work best for this particular band, if anyone’s offering.

What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Lolo: That we’re playing the Loud Women birthday gig in the Fiddler’s Elbow on Friday 13th – if you’re reading this after that date, that our new EP “Many” will be out soon and is ace.

Catherine: We have a new video, and a new EP. And that our designer is a legendary shoegazer (which makes her output a little slow…)

Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

Lolo: Ye Nuns, because Charley Stone and I are in them

Joanne Joanne, because Charley Stone and Jo Gate-Eastley and I are in them

The Fallen Women, because Charley Stone and I are in them

W*llstonekraft, because Charley Stone is in them

The Wargs, because Jo Gate-Eastley is in them

Charley: What Lolo said. Plus The Indelicates because they created David Koresh Superstar, aka the greatest rock opera of all-time.

Find MX Tyrants on Facebook, and see them live at our birthday party this Friday!

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MX Tyrants:  Mutual Lucid      [Official Video]
MX Tyrants – Mutual Lucid
Ms Mohammed - click to load image

Ms Mohammed: 'Alibi' 
review by Ful Shup

Picture2Ms. Mohammed: ‘Alibi’ (LP)
DL from Bandcamp
September 2017

Light a candle. Burn some sage. Set your intentions. Brew some lavender tea. For Ms. Mohammed’s debut album Alibi will set you to discover the powerful energy emanating from a full moon and a full heart.

Alibi opens with a groovy drumbeat and continues thereon to present a hypnotic experience. Tribal drums paired with smooth, intimate vocals, Ms. Mohammed leaves us as her “alibis” to a ritual.

Like the moon herself, we are sometimes whole, but often left feeling broken, dismembered, incomplete. We have a dark side. Alibi attests to that state of being as you can hear both strength and vulnerability both in her voice and in the cyclical movement of the music. As where one lets oneself be most vulnerable, one shows the greatest strength. And that is the ritual: the struggle to grow whole again, as the moon does in phases. But not without breaking apart, not without shattering. That is the mantra of the moon goddess. Alibi is a fiery offering to her. You will hear the music growing tense with the rise of feminine energy as you listen to ‘Pandora’. That feminine energy permeates the rest of the album. It peaks in ‘Written In Time’ where you hear most vulnerability, courage, festivity, and sadness all at once.

The beat moves you through the album, like an actual heartbeat, a lifeline. The beat reminds you that everything is connected. The beat is the connection: it is palpably felt in the percussions from the onset.

  • “I am of the Earth and the Earth is of me”

the echo whispers as you move your body to the flow. Dancing too is a part of the ritual.

With ‘Never Again’, you will hear that the sound notably transitions into alt rock, yet it is the most natural of all transitions. Here we have a bridge between the old and the new: think Savages meets Texas. All in all, Alibi presents a powerful, eclectic fusion of traditional Caribbean beats with contemporary alt rock. The result? It is magic. Your inner goddess will scream.

Find Ms. Mohammed on Bandcampher websiteTwitter and Facebook


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Ms. Mohammed - Alibi (Live at Fountain Studios)
Ms. Mohammed – Alibi
KEYS - click to load image

Introducing: KEYS

KEYS are a brand new (formed only 5 months ago) 4-piece Garage/Alternative-rock band from Stoke, launching their EP today – ‘Move the Earth’. 

Originally made up of siblings, James (20) and singer, Beth Keeble (17) along with drummer Josh Heath Pedley (17), the band started off as a trio but later added Ellis Gibbons after the release of their first single, ‘Comedown’.

Recorded with Tom Carter at Riff Factory in stoke, the band created an EP in such a short timeframe with new members and decisions to be made; to get this far this quick is impressing in itself. This 4-piece incorporate the riffs of the punk, garage era and combine it with the new wave of grungey, female vocals creating an idyllic sound and quality of today’s generation taking inspiration from Nirvana and Wolf Alice which are clear in their debut EP.

From the EP, singer Beth says, “the song that means the most to me is Deceive You because it’s about how people change fast without you noticing. Oceans is similar as it focuses on how I notice the little details about people and when people listen to it, I hope it reminds them of someone they love.”

Having just finished a micro-tour of the UK, hitting Stoke, Derby, Doncaster, Manchester, Birmingham and London, this band are set for a heavy, busy future.

KEYS on Spotify

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Baby Arms - click to load image

Baby Arms review by Stacy Norman

Baby Arms: ‘Sampler’ (LP)
out now

Full disclosure: I’m already in love with Jennifer Doveton‘s solo project, Baby Arms, so when this sampler was announced, I was eagerly throwing my money at Bandcamp and ordering a copy.

For the uninitiated, Doveton has already proven herself to be a talented songwriter and vocalist with her band Colour Me Wednesday. Seriously, along with her sister Harriet (Colour Me WendesdayThe Tuts), the Doveton’s are on their way to becoming some sort of magical indie-pop powerhouse.

Opening track ‘Eviscerator’ immediately had me thinking of Blake Babies, with it’s attention-grabbing bass line underneath guitars that manage to sound both jangley and emotive. I find myself coming back to this track the most on this album.

Baby Arms at LOUD WOMEN Fest 2017

Another standout moment is ‘Garden City’, a short but memorable track that really shows off Doveton’s vocal talents as her voice floats up towards the higher end of the scale with ease.

As this is a sampler, rather than an official “album”, some tracks appear a second time as part of the Radio Beton sessions Doveton played over the summer. I love this, as it allows you to compare how the songs sound in different settings, and it’s left me even more eager to see these songs performed live for myself.

Things are rounded off with Doveton’s cover of Throwing Muses’ ‘Not Too Soon’, originally appearing on a compilation put out by For the Safe of Tapes, called ‘Hang in There’, which features covers by various UK DIY bands/artists, to raise money for MIND.

This sampler collects Doveton’s recordings so far, and serves as a perfect introduction to her music if you’ve yet to jump on board. Her beautiful vocals and poetically personal lyrics place her somewhere between Juliana HatfieldMitski and Waxahatchee – not a bad place to be!

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Baby Arms - click to load image

Lana Del Rey: 'Lust for Life' review by Stacy Norman

Lana Del Rey: ‘Lust for Life’ (LP) 
out now

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Lana Del Rey‘s newest album; I’m a fan, but the lead single ‘Love’ really didn’t do anything for me. It just seems to be flat and lacking something, unlike ‘Video Games’, the song that had so many of us falling in love with her six summers ago.

This album is quite heavy on the featured artists, which I was also a bit unsure of, but most of the collaborations actually work really well. I especially love the way Del Rey’s voice blends with Stevie Nicks‘ on ‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems’.

While Del Rey is known for her use of Americana iconography, and an almost eerie sense of faux-nostalgia, in her lyrics (it’s one of the things I like about her music), there are times on this album where it almost borders on self-parody. Don’t get me wrong – the clearly intentional meta nature of ‘Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind’ isn’t lost on me. I get it. It’s just, no level of self-awareness can get me through a story of watching Father John Misty perform to a sea of flower crowns. Sorry Lana.

With all of that said though, when Del Rey gets it right, it results in some of her strongest material. ‘God Bless America’ was written in response to the Republican’s continued attack on women’s rights, and it’s one of the album’s highlights.

The also-political ‘When the World Was at War, We Kept Dancing’ is another favourite of mine; deliciously dark in its prediction of World War III, it seems Lana is at her best when she goes that bit deeper with her song meanings.

I started off this review under the opinion that this was Del Rey’s weakest album, overall. However, with repeated listens as I wrote, it has definitely grown on me! I don’t imagine ‘Lust For Life’ will do much in terms of gaining Del Rey more fans, it will hopefully appeal to her already admirable fanbase, and perhaps turn some casual fans into something more.

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Lana Del Rey - Love
Lana Del Rey – Love
Luna Pines - click to load image

Introducing: Luna Pines

UK electronic, alternative pop trio  LUNA PINES have just released their debut single ‘My Own Ceiling’.

“It’s tranquil melody washed with raw and powerful lyrics make for an honest portrayal of an encapsulating struggle with mental health, whilst Olivia’s soulful, yet effortless vocals manage to capture the essence of the track, inviting the listener on an imitate journey.

Luna Pines really take the meaning of DIY to the next level as not only do they play, write and produce all of their own music, they also mix and master all of their own tracks! This passionate, hands-on approach has allowed them to quickly build a solid foundation from which they can create inspirational music, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Drawing influences from dream pop sensation Japanese House and iconic producer Mike Sapone, Lotte, Ellie and Olivia have successfully created this atmospheric soundscape wrapped around soaring synths and addictive beats. Definitely not a track to miss!

Find Luna Pines on
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –
Soundcloud –


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Nervous Twitch - click to load image

Nervous Twitch: 'I Won't Hide' 
review by Cassie Fox

Nervous Twitch: ‘I Won’t Hide’
12″ vinyl (Oddbox)
released 20 October
and single ‘That Weird Guy’
7″ vinyl (Punk Fox) – out now


What a treat! Nervous Twitch’s new album has been playing on repeat in LOUD WOMEN HQ (aka my kitchen) since it landed in my inbox. 

A generous 14 tracks of catchy lo-fi garage pop, with themes of ‘alienation, anxiety and adversity’ – this is Saturday night music to dance round your living room to with your bestie. Singer/bassist Erin Hyde’s delivery is bitingly cool as ever, over fast and steady riffs – somewhere between Bikini Kill and the Buzzcocks – and I really enjoyed the Cramps-style organ on several tracks.
The lead single, ‘That Weird Guy’, is out now on groovy 7” clear yellow vinyl from the ubercool label Punk Fox Records. The band describe it as “a modern take on the classic girl-group bad-boy tale, with narratives of first date faux pas replacing the original leather clad juvenile delinquent types with scrounger wise-guy millennials”. It’s catchy as hell, like a souped-up The Tuts. B-side ‘Look At You Now’ is a trash indie stormer, waving its bottom defiantly in face of schoolyard and workplace bullies – and we all hate those21686923_1576232725770962_5608269985888633327_o guys don’t we? The 7″ also features gorgeous bonus track ‘These Four Walls’, not available on the album.

Find Nervous Twitch on Facebook or catch them on their album tour across the UK

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Fightmilk - click to load image

Fightmilk: 'Pity Party' review by Jelly Cleaver

Fightmilk: ‘Pity Party’ (EP)
out now

As you might expect from a band that has ‘fight’ in their name, Fightmilk’s EP begins with ominous-sounding guitars. 

Formed in 2015, they released their first EP ‘The Curse of Fightmilk’ last summer. Their new one, ‘Pity Party’ has gotten much more shiny pop production, having spent a weekend at Dean Street Studio in Soho, where such famous names as Adele and Ed Sheeran have laid down their chart-topping hits. While some indie bands might lose a bit of impact in such a pop environment, the big drums, punchy guitars and a general clean sound don’t take away from the DIY energy of the average millennial’s struggle through life, thanks to the moaning vocals of frontwoman Lily Rae.

They’ve made good on their promise to “turn self-pity into an artform”.  The album’s about adults who don’t really know how they got to that point, which truth be told is how most of us feel. This grown-up adolescence allows them to channel all the teenage angst while being maturely sarcastic about everything. With titles like ‘Pity Party’ and ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ both wallowing in self-pity, it’s about how modern life for young adults isn’t easy, but it can be fun, especially if you can find some humour in between all the struggle. It’s summed up in this screamed-out line in Pity Party – “I just want to be a princess”. It’s a relatable feeling, and makes us want to share this self-pity-fest of sad bangers with our friends, which can only be a good thing. 

They’re sitting on some more recordings from their marathon weekend in Dean Street, so we can expect more material from them in 2018.

Find Fightmilk on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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Charmpit - click to load image

Charmpit: 'Jelly' review by Jelly Cleaver

Charmpit: ‘Jelly’ (EP)
DL/Vinyl (Keroline Records)
out now

I was instantly charmed by Charmpit’s latest EP ‘Jelly’, and not just because it’s named after me. In all seriousness, “Charmpit” is the perfect word to describe their style. Their lo-fi, unwashed pop punk sound and shout-in-your-face lyrics combine with an infectious optimism that makes you want to get up and dance around in a shower of sequins. 

California natives, the trio formed in London last year for DIY Space’s First Timers festival, where the line-up consists just of newly formed bands, for what they perhaps thought would be their first and last performance. But it went so well that they decided to stay at it and release 2 EPs instead. The first one, ‘Snorkle’ was recorded in a shed, and ‘Jelly’ has that same garage band vibrancy. Singers Rhianydd and Anne Marie’s vocals come at you in either ear with some hashed-out harmonies, wound around sparkly guitar sounds. 0010545353_10

Their songs are happy fuck-you tunes about relationships, friendships and the odd bit of politics, but it’s never too serious. Pop is definitely a large part of their punk. They sneak a bit of High School Musical into ‘Vacation’, and their single ‘Buckfast My Heart’, which is a personal favourite track, they say was inspired by Britney Spears’ ‘Email My Heart’. For me it has the most interesting songwriting, starting off a bit like a 60s bubblegum pop love song, and being the only song much over the 2-minute mark. I’d be excited to hear more songs like this from them. My favourite line of theirs though was from ‘Margot’, which is about a baby fearing the horrors of capitalism: 

“No such thing as a neoliberal baby, every baby is a natural born punk”

In interviews the band’s attitude is very much that their music is a work-in-progress, having only started playing at all last year, and they’re excited to see what the future might hold, discovering new worlds of touring and what guitar pedals do and whether they like them or not. But they definitely enjoy the ride, and they make you enjoy it with them. 

Find Charmpit on Facebook and Bandcamp

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Duck: 10 question interview

Sheffield’s Duck describe themselves as ‘no-fi, no-budget, wonky homemade noisepop’ – what’s not to love! They’re coming to play for us at The Bird’s Nest on 18 Nov, so we asked frontwoman Sarah 10 questions …

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
If Merrill Garbus even knew of our existence I think we’d consider our lives to be complete. Failing that Tanya Tagaq who to my shame I only just heard of cause she’s on that ace new Weaves song. Actually they could collaborate. That would be fine.

2. Choose: Madonna or Beyonce? 
I can’t possibly choose between them so Grimes (my eldest daughter just looked over my shoulder at what I’m typing and said “Jesus Christ mum, Beyoncé!! It’s always Beyoncé!!!”)

3. Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?
Anything written/directed by or involving Alice Lowe in some way. “Crowning” would have been perfect for Prevenge but she could have anything she wanted for future projects. I’m putting that out there now. We know she likes a synth so that’s a good start…

4. Choose: the 80s or the 90s?
80s probably. It’s the whole dancing about in a preposterous outfit to electronic sounds/blurring of gender lines/visibility of queer artists that appeals. The 90s lad culture that followed was a disappointing development frankly.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of. 
You should listen to Nim Chimpsky if you haven’t already. Their new EP “Wibble” is out now and you can get it here. They describe their sound as “..angry, noisy whirlwind of acerbic feminist pop you can dance to” and “Girlx2, DIY, acerbic summat-pop”.

My favourite book for a while now has to be Viv Albertine‘s “Clothes, clothes, clothes. music, music, music. Boys, boys, boys” which every single one of your readers will have heard of or read so doesn’t necessarily fit the brief. Just in case you haven’t though, you really should. It’s searingly honest, relatable and downright inspiring. I really should seek out some more obscure books in case anyone asks me this again…

6. Bore us with the details of your set-up
I play an Epiphone SG through an old Laney head and a homemade speaker (made by Chris – he’s dead handy like that). Effects – Big Muff and a variety of homemade pedals (Chris again…) Ange has a shonky old guitar we had lying around and plays through a Vox AD50DT and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band?
Our very deep friendship (we’ve all known each other for aaaaages) and the laughs and support for each other that comes with it. Ange had never been in a band til Duck (Chris and I have played in bands since our teens) but I knew I wanted my bezzie beside me. I knew she could bang a drum but that was about it. Watching her grow in confidence and ability is incredible to me. Go Ange!
Forming Duck also marked a new beginning for us all I think after some very dark years of loss, grief and illness. I love that we can go through all these things together and still create and have a great time.

  • "Playing with so many female musicians is wonderful. The DIY scene is fantastic for that. I was the only woman on so many of the bills when I played with other bands and it becomes quite wearying and disheartening. No more sausagefests for me."

8. What are your band goals?
To keep it fun and interesting. Play more amazing gigs with more amazing bands and meet more great people. We want to tour next year and write/record a new EP.9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?


a2139839205_16We have an album out!!  It’s called “FaceAche” and you can get it here

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

Tuneyards – Merrill Garbus is a goddess genius and we are so excited for the new stuff.
US Girls – Meg Remy – see above.
Downtown Boys – New album is incredible. Angry and catchy and I can’t wait to see them live.
Menace Beach – We just love everything they do. All their stuff is so full of hooks and melody and Liza Violet is an incredible guitarist. Those riffs!
Ceiling Demons – Moving, thoughtful alt-hip hop/trip hop. No toxic masculinity here. I’ve seen them live twice now and they made my lip wobble both times.
Find Duck on Facebook and catch them live at LOUD WOMEN on 18 November at the Bird’s Nest in Deptford

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Jitterz - click to load image

Jitterz: 'Get a Real Job' 
review by Ms Mohammed

JitterzJitterz: ‘Get a Real Job’ (EP)
DL/CD from Bandcamp

This Leicester duo claims to be the “uncoolest band you’ll ever meet” but that is the very definition of modesty. The EP kicks off with the impossibly infectious ‘One Good Song’ and quickly establishes their confidence in their chemistry and craft. Punky rock ‘n’ roll is served straight up with effortlessly cool (there’s that word again) vocals from lead singer Beth. “One Good Song could be my way out of here” laments the singer, bemoaning her small town existence. If there was ever any one song that could deliver, it’s this one.

The no-frills yet polished approach to production perfectly compliments their style. The drum sound is reminiscent of Kill Rock Starsreleases in the early noughties and that is a very good thing indeed.
The band’s guitar/drums call and response get even more interesting when they indulge in their bluesy dark side, as is evident on ‘Lobotomy Eyes’, delivered with tongue firmly in cheek as always. Before things get too serious they catapult us into the catchy singalong chorus of ‘Unicorns and Glitter’. The more you listen, the more you love this one.

Jitterz LiveBeth’s vocals are pure ear candy on all 4 tracks but she also shreds like a muthafucka on the the 12 bar blues of ‘Girl I Hate You’, pouring her heart and soul into the old 6 strings.
The Jitters’ ‘Get A Real Job’ EP reminded me of why I fell in love with punk rock in the first place! Punchy, passionate, energetic and grabbing life by the lapels. Rejoice! Rock n Roll lives! Get this EP – thank me later.
Find Jitterz on BandcampFacebook Twitter and SoundCloud

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Crumbs - click to load image

Crumbs: 'Mind Your Manners' 
review by Gilan from Brosephine


Crumbs: ‘Mind Yr Manners’
DL/Vinyl from Bandcamp
Mind Yr Manners – LP review

With a thump and a “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!” Crumbs clearly wanted to start this LP off with a bang! It’s great when a piece of work has instant vigour about it! “You want to take me out to party?” questions a voice in the opening track ‘Weasels can wait’. Yes I do!

Crumbs are a four-piece post-pop party outfit based in Leeds/York who apparently like pets and puns. I can’t speak for the animals, but their enjoyment of wordplay can be heard in their release ‘Mind Yr Manners’, with well-placed alliteration, metaphors and a very enjoyable juxtaposition of intent between the verses in each song. It seems like each song starts off on one train of thought and by the end, it becomes very apparent that the opposite is true.  I don’t need you, or maybe I do, but I can’t tell you!

With pounding drums, and a wonderful combination of dissonance and distortion, the band manages to capture a mood somewhere between the edge of anxiety and being up and ready for a fight. There is almost a pleading sound in the lead vocals, despite it clearly being a force not to be messed with there is a nice occasional wavering tone to it. It is slightly reminiscent of Melissa Auf der Maur’s work – if she had listened to much more punk.
‘Mind Yr Manners’ is a bouncy, punchy LP packed with enough energy to force your body into get-up-and-go mode!

Listening recommendations: alone when you want to dance around the house.
Alternatively, stick this on at your next available house party!

Find Crumbs on Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook

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Crumbs - On Tiptoes
Crumbs – On Tiptoes
Soccer Mommy - click to load image

Soccer Mommy: 'Collection' 
review by Gilan from Brosephine

Soccer Mommy: ‘Collection’
DL/Vinyl from Bandcamp
out now

Are you ready to daydream your winter away? Why not add a slice of Soccer Mommy’s album, ‘ Collection’. Actually, screw having a slice, the whole thing is delicious!

Soccer Mommy are a three piece indie/dream pop band from Nashville who describe themselves as “chill but kinda sad bedroom-pop jams”.  I have to say I whole heartedly agree.  The album can be split into two distinct moods. First we have the slower, more minimal but rich songs like the most relatable track from the LP ‘Worn Out’, which has such sweet melodies but has great downhearted undertones. Songs for the sad but still hopeful – things aren’t ok, but they will be!

The second mood of the album is slightly lighter hearted. Listening to tracks like ‘Benedryl Dreams’ and ‘Try’ there seems to be a much more playful musicianship at hand. The compilation is comprised of lots of lovely guitar bends and sweeping whines, a bit of playing around with the rhythm. Melancholy lite.

Overall the lyrics are mostly quite literal however, with the use of layering, the rich yet gentle tones of guitar and the introverted drumming style the whole thing could be a script to a dream sequence. The effects used on the vocals allow the sweetness and innocence to shine through without it becoming saccharin, which I think can be the unfortunate case in a lot of bands of this genre lately.

Listening recommendations: on a cold day, with a hot drink, laying back and looking at the ceiling.
Alternatively: outside on a really sunny day for a casual walk.

Find Soccer Mommy on Bandcamp and Facebook

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Soccer Mommy - Inside Out
Soccer Mommy – Inside Out
Argonaut - click to load image

Lorna Draws ... Argonaut, Rabies Babies, Thee Dinner Ladies and Militant Girlfriend

originally published by Lorna Tiefholz at Gigs and Pencils

All ages/family friendly daytime gig put on by Loud Women at the Lexington.
Saturday 30th September.

All ages kid-friendly gigs are the way to go for so many reasons!

1. You get to hang out with your friends who have kids and can rarely come along to gigs.
2. Kid-friendly gigs are in the day time! You can also fit another gig in later in the evening, so doubling your gig-going potential.
3. Kid friendly gigs are just MORE FUN! Where else do you get offered sherbet dib-dabs or Love Hearts as you walk in the venue? Where else is the promoter of the event dressed as Wonder Woman? Where else do you find yourself enthusiastically making lightning shapes while watching the excellent Argonaut?

I’d never been to such a fun gig. The kids had a great time, and so did the adults.

Argonauts kicked off the afternoon with a fantastic set and lots of props, and everyone loved them. They handed out kazoos and gave us dancing instructions for audience participation, encouraged a stage invasion for ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and passed around bananas for their singalong version of ‘The Banana Splits’ theme.

Rabies Babies - click to load image

Next on was my band, Rabies Babies. This show was the second time that our guitarist Laura’s toddler son has been at a Rabies Babies gig, he doesn’t really like us. We are too shouty and he gets frightened. This time he didn’t cry for the whole time we played, so we are slowly winning him over. We re-worked out set – we dropped some of the inappropriate sweary songs and added some kid-friendly songs. Our drummer Mike ended up playing guitar and drums at the same time for one song so Laura could run about on stage pretending to be an elephant. There was a boy of 5 or 6 who was right at the front and slam danced and pogoed non stop all the way through our set.

Thee Dinnerladies - click to load image


Thee Dinner Ladies are just plain and simple brilliant garage. Musically they are right up my street, they are garage punk with equal measures of punk and garage. Shouty fun male & female vocals with flirty lines like “you’re only shopping cos you fancy me”. All this, plus the whole band are dressed spectacularly as dinner ladies. Who doesn’t love a dinner lady?

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Argonaut – exclusive track

Our lovely friends Argonaut have recorded an acoustic version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which they play at our Little LOUD WOMEN show on 30 Sept at the Lexington.

Here it is as a free download, for all the family to enjoy!

Vulpynes: 10 question interview

Vulpynes - click to view image
Vulpynes are our new favourite Irish punx, and they’re coming all the way over the sea to play for us at The Bird’s Nest on 18 Nov! In preparation, we asked them 10 questions …

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
Maeve-Molly: Patti Smith, so I can die happy
Kaz: Anybody covering our songs would be hugely flattering!

2. Choose: Madonna or Beyonce? 
Maeve-Molly: I’m going to say Madonna because she was a huge influence on my childhood. ‘The Immaculate Collection’ was one of the first albums I loved and I still think every track is dynamite.
Kaz: Madonna, because she got where she is by herself, whereas it seems Beyonce did whatever her Father told her to.

3. Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?
Maeve-Molly: I can see our song ‘OCD’ really suiting an American Psycho remake.
Kaz: Hmm! Maybe our song ‘Can’t Sit Still’ … in some cool thriller or horror movie.

4. Choose: the 80s or the 90s? 

Maeve-Molly: The 90s all the way. Alice in ChainsHole, L7, The Gits, Babes in Toyland, Nirvana and Soundgarden please!

Kaz: With Maeve on this one, the 90s were hugely influential to me wanting to play music, with pretty much the same bands mentioned!

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of 

Maeve-Molly: A book – It’s not exactly an underground classic but I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle‘s ‘The Power of Now’. I’ve read and re-read this book again and again for over 10 years and it always fixes my skewed perspective (i.e makes me feel like less of a psycho)
A record: The Gits ‘Frenching the Bully’. This album is amazing, a devastatingly underrated band who ended under tragic circumstances. Mia Zapata was an incredible lyricist, her story resonates why we should look after our fellow sisters.
Kaz: A book – ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. This book really helped me when I was younger in every way possible,
A record – ‘The Holy Bible’ by Manic Street Preachers. This album saved me on a number of occasions. Lot’s of people have obviously heard it, but more should!!

6. One for the guitarists … bore us with the details of your set up!

Maeve-Molly: I recently got a VOX MV50 AC guitar head that I love, it’s tiny and packs a massive punch. It’s ideal for traveling because it fits in my pedal case and weighs the same as a bag of sugar! Earlier this year I got a Catalinbread SFT pedal that I now don’t think I can ever play a gig without. It really lifts the bottom end which is essential for Vulpynes because we don’t have a bassist and I’m the only guitarist… so gimme that OOMPH.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band?

Maeve-Molly: It’s extremely therapeutic. No matter how tired I might be from life being shitty, playing and writing music always lifts me.

Kaz: The energy. I feed off it, even in rehearsals, and I feel like I’ve recharged myself 100% after playing.

8. What are your band goals?

Maeve-Molly: Tour the UK and Europe and anywhere else that will have us, stay determined, remain inspired and keep laughing like a nutter throughout this wonderful journey.

Kaz: Play to as many people who will listen to our madness! …and enjoy every second of it!

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Maeve-Molly: We are plotting our next release and have some very exciting announcements we’ll be sharing early 2018.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

Maeve-Molly: Deap Vally – they are 2 beautiful, talented women who are so inspiring. Every song is ridiculously catchy, they simply ROCK! Moonlandingz – We supported them early this year and they blew us away. They were so lovely too, definitely one of the most exciting bands to emerge this year. The Soap Girls – Another band we played with this year, you couldn’t meet two nicer ladies and I was singing their songs to myself for weeks after their gig. Check them out!
Kaz: I’m awful with up-to-date bands, I’m a sucker for playing the same stuff I’ve always loved, and still feel contemporary to me, so with that in mind, I’m just gonna name 5 bands I will always love and always play even when I’m 90 years old: Nine Inch NailsManic Street PreachersHole, Alice In ChainsDepeche Mode.

Find Vulpynes on Facebook and catch them live at LOUD WOMEN on 18 November at the Bird’s Nest in Deptford

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Vulpynes - OCD
Vulpynes – OCD
Just announced! Joanne Joanne will be headlining our Christmas party at The Lexington on 21 December - woohoo! Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 15 Sept - grab em!
The LOUD WOMEN: Volume One compilation album is now just £5 from

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