Martin Lynch and Sons End of Year Round Up Hog Roast Special
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To begin with, you may have noticed we have listened to your feedback over the year and implemented your requests for a more user friendly website. We hope the new layout meets your approval and over the next few months we will be working on making more products available via the webstore. Our aim is to include video reviews with these products and we would encourage you to leave reviews on any of your past or new purchases. We would also like to thank everyone who has ‘liked’, ‘retweeted’ and subscribed to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. It’s been great to be able to show you what has been happening in store and to see your shiny new toys in action. As they say ’a picture paints a thousand words!
This year has also seen our Training Academy operating on a near weekly basis. Providing courses for the Foundation and Intermediate exams, alongside holding Advanced exam days for those that have done external remote learning courses. Many of you may have been trained by our workshop’s very own Steve Venner G0TAN.  If so, you will know his laidback and often humorous teaching style has been very successful. Resulting in over 95% of the applicants passing. Congratulations to all our students and we wish you all the best in your pursuit of this wonderful hobby!
So if you need to upgrade your M6/M3/2E call or know of anyone interested in starting the hobby (that can’t do a Thursday night in the scout hut due to work commitments!) why not come to our air conditioned classroom on a Saturday and learn with ML&S!
For further information regarding availability of our training courses, please email
So what have been the highlights of 2016 in the UK amateur retail market? 
Without doubt the most popular HF/6M (we should also say 4M) radio with our customers has been the Icom IC-7300. Finally now available from stock for anyone looking to buy a SDR based traditional style 100w base station transceiver. This radio has given an insight into what the future holds
for radios within this category. Offering a full colour touchscreen TFT LCD waterfall display, real time spectrum scope and a RF direct sampling system as standard. Alongside an auto ATU and 100w RF output power. User reports have been very favourable, with many amateurs claiming the performance to be on par with radios within the £2000-£3000 price bracket. If you want to hear this radio for yourself, we would suggest you just tune in to 40M on any given day. As there seems to be deluge of happy IC-7300 owners operating their new pride and joy!

Coming in a very close second in terms of sales, we need to mention Yaesu’s HF/6M/2M/70CM C4FM FT-991.

Seen as a replacement for the FT-897D by many, this radio provided the much needed internal automatic ATU as
standard and was the frst to add a full colour touchscreen on a base/portable radio. In addition, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) and 3/15kHz roofing flters added to the overall performance of the radio. We have many customers using the FT-991 in the feld and there seems to be a resurgence in 2M ssb activity around the country, thanks to the affordability of this great ‘shack in a box’. Hold on, you mention the scope is not a real time indicator of the bands?
Well, it seems Yaesu have been listening. If you search our website for FT-991A, you will be pleased to know you can now purchase the updated FT-991 with real time scope and enhanced features! We are also awaiting confirmation of an upgrade modification for the original FT-991.
Keep checking our website for further updates.  
With the introduction of band scopes becoming more prevalent within the hobby, this year has seen an influx of SDR receivers from across the world. All varying in quality and performance. So, in keeping with our support of high quality UK manufacturers within the hobby such as Howard’s excellent Funcube Dongle Pro+, we also saw the introduction of the SDR-Play RSP1 Radio Spectrum Processor to our range of SDR receivers.  

The SDR-Play RSP1 provides a full
featured wideband SDR covering 10kHz to 2GHz and open API control software. The ‘amateur’ operator will be please to know that the unit will cover up to 10MHz of spectrum at one time. So you really could be frst to notice the magic band opening. With ongoing development within this field, be sure to keep an eye on future products from SDR-Play here @ ML&S.  

This year has also seen the major manufacturers introduce various models throughout their VHF
and VHF/UHF ranges. With Yaesu
offering entry level VHF models such as the FTM-3100 for under £150, Kenwood’s TH-D74 flagship handheld incorporating Dstar technology and wideband HF multimode receive and Icom’s continued support of the ID-51
handheld range. It seems the choice of VHF/UHF transceiver models is greater than it’s ever been

We have also continued our support of stocking the latest transceivers and accessories from the long established SDR manufacturer Flex Radio and those manufacturers we feel are emerging as strong contenders, Elad and Expert Electronics.  
So, you’ve chosen your radio for the New Year and no matter how much you’ve spent, we all know the most important part
is the antenna! Here is the 2016 ‘favourites and newcomers’ overview. Alongside our range of Cushcraft, GAP and Hustler antennas, we have introduced the superb EAntenna range from Spain and Australia’s best kept secret ‘The Bushcomm Antenna’ range this year. Both manufacturers offer a wide range of commercial grade HF/VHF/UHF antennas to suit all applications. From a simple wire ‘no atu’ antenna such as Bushcomm’s SWC-100 series made from high quality SS, to the pile up busting EAntenna multiband 59+ yagi for those of you lucky enough to own a tower.
A tower? I don’t think so! Well, we may not all be so lucky. But don’t panic, as you can still work DX with limited space! Take a look at the Ciro Mizzoni range of automated loop antennas. Our most popular loop antenna over the last year, its received great reviews from our customers around the world. If coupled with a rotator, even operators with a noisy environment can be active thanks to the low noise level and nulls present
with loop operation.

The mobile operator has not been forgotten this year, as our very own MyDEL range launched a selection of HF/VHF/UHF single and multiband antennas for those looking for a cost effective solution. Replicating classic designs, such as the 2m 5/8th whip and the multiband ‘plug and play’ HF vertical for those wishing to activate those rare WAB squares. With such a wide range of antennae available at ML&S, why not spend some time on our website searching for that perfect Moxon or Endfed!
Don’t forget the ultra-efficient Messi and Paoloni coaxial cable!
Without listing every accessory we have sold this year or currently sell (our website does a great job of this!), we just need to let you know we have also introduced new ranges for the DX and Contest operators amongst you. Special order and stock items from Array Solutions, Microham and DX Engineering are now available online or in-store.
Feel free to contact our sale staff for further

We have continued stocking the wide range of transceivers, receivers, linears, psu’s, tuners etc. from all our partner suppliers and manufacturers from previous years. So if you are looking for a package deal or that hard to find product, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. 2017 looks to be an interesting year for new products, as we await the release of the new Icom IC-7610, IC-R8600 and IC-R30 radios. Alongside the new Yaesu M-1 Microphone for superior quality voice transmissions to name a few and who knows what else will be in the pipeline from the majors next year? It could be another step forward for the world ofamateur radio!
Don’t forget if you spot a product you may think we would be interested in stocking, forward the details to our sales team and we will try our best to add it to the ML&S range of amateur radio products.  
To celebrate the end of 2016, we would like to invite you all to ‘The Famous ML&S Hogroast’ taking place on Saturday 3rd December 2016 from 8-00am to 4pm.

As usual entry is free of charge and you will be fed and watered throughout the day, including bacon butties for the early comers to the traditional hog roast rolls at lunch time. But that is not all! We have organised a series of talks throughout the day in our classroom. With speakers including Ciaran Morgan M0XTD who will be giving an insight into the ARISS Principia project and communications aboard the ISS. Mark Haynes M0DXR from Kenwood UK showing features and functions of their latest flagship handheld, the THD74. Product demonstrations from SDR-PLAY with Jon and Andy, explain the operation of their superb range of SDR receivers. Dave Powis G4HUP from HUPrf will also be showing his range of kits and assemblies for the amateur enthusiast. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work at ML&S. Our very own Steve Venner G0TAN/W6TAN will be opening the door to ‘Life On The Other Side’ here at ML&S. He promises this will also make you laugh as well as cry! So if you are looking to grab an early xmas present for yourself or a loved one, why not come down and enjoy the day. As usual, Martin will be serving up his ‘Hogroast Special’ prices on the day. Making sure you all go home with a full stomach and shopping bag!

We would like to thank all our
customers and suppliers for
your continued support this
year and look forward to an
exciting 2017!

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