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A message from Ilia Delio: 


The cover of this week’s Time magazine is frightening.  It reads, “Hate in America.”    From where does such hatred emerge?  How are the seeds of hatred born and nurtured?  There are no easy answers to the questions of hate and we should refrain from being too glib about it.  Hatred is born and bred out of deep fear, anger, distrust, and violence.   I am sure there are neurological structures associated with hate as well, the enhancement of brain centers associated with aggression and violence, for example, are probably amplified.   The brain can be trained to hate in the same way that the brain can be trained to love.   

We humans are not fixed entities; rather we are like sponges who soak up the water around us.   We are like silly putty that can be shaped and reshaped depending on the impinging forces.  Blaise Pascal once described the human person as a fragile reed that can easily bend and break. We act as fixed beings when in fact we are moving targets.   We think of ourselves as unmovable mountains but scientists tell us we are like eddys in a vast stream of life.   We need faith to sustain this erratic human life which can participate in a celebration one day and mourn life the next.    

The Christian tradition holds to the doctrine of grace, the love of God at the heart of the world.  The universe is rooted in grace because it is loved absolutely by God.    Everything is engraced because absolute divine love can do no other than love absolutely.  But here is where our theology starts to break down because what this means is that God loves white supremacists, Nazis, and gangsters—and this seems simply impossible.  What kind of God could love a terrorist or someone who takes innocent life?  But if God did not love absolutely and thus love each person as person, despite their acts of horror, there would no hope for the world.  Only God can love what is unlovable and transform the unlovable into something beautiful.   This is the basis of Christian hope. God does not condone terror.  I am sure God mourns and suffers the loss of innocent life but God does not give up loving the world; terror does not have the last word on life. Rather God loves through the hate:  “I have come so that you might have life and have it to the full” (Jn 10:10).    

One has only to consider the vast epochs of evolutionary change to realize that nature cannot be snuffed out, hard as we try.   There is something indomitable at the heart of life and this is the presence of absolute love—God-Omega.  Nature remains open to the greater fullness of life, even in the midst of cataclysmic events.  

There is something indomitable at the heart of life and this is the presence of absolute love—God-Omega.

We are in the midst of chaotic times where the mere switch of a trigger can set off a global catastrophe.  Shall we live with fear, hatred, and violence in our hearts? Or shall we root out the violence within us and live in a new revolution of love?  The Omega Center is committed to deepening our understanding of love at the heart of the cosmos.  This is not pie-in-the sky; this is our deepest reality.  We have to wake up and choose what we want for our future and then realize that love begins with each of us.   We have the capacity to root out the violence in our midst and work together for a world grounded in love.  But we must first disarm our hearts.  

- Ilia Delio, OSF
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 ~ Ilia Delio

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