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“A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job.”

Thomas A. Edison

Opposites and Questions.
Does every cultural trend have an opposite? You know, countercultures to the prevailing trends. Like minimalism vs maximalism (ridiculous, but still). Or metrosexual vs lumbersexual and all that. Enjoyed this read on the Newtonian 3rd law idea of culture moving in equal and opposite directions. As Rory Sutherland says, the opposite of a good idea, can also be a good idea. Opposites are interesting and pose interesting questions.

Speaking of questions, this was a super interesting watch on the pursuit of ignorance. We know very little really, but as we learn we're able to ask better questions and, to frame those questions in a better way. So, we can achieve a higher quality of ignorance. Which is a nice way to look at things. 

And finally, this latest work from Nike in Japan "The Future Isn’t Waiting" was nice. It urges the next generation to question things like overstretched expectations, racial tension and bullying. You know, the opposite of their normality. Better questions get better answers.

We’re not in Kansas anymore
10 years ago Netflix (in the UK) didn’t exist. And yet, this year they're set to spend $1 billion on content in the UK ($8bn in total). A 50% increase on the last year. They're using data to swallow the TV industry whole. For example, instead of grouping members by age or race or geography, they track viewing habits & have identified almost 2,000 micro-clusters users fall into.

They've quickly become culturally seismic and can now create "The Netflix Effect”, with shows like the Queens Gambit. Their biggest to date with 62 million households tuning in has turned the original book into a bestseller again and super fuelled interest in chess.

Competing with them, now requires different thinking. Channel 4 get that. They've said they no longer sees their future in traditional tv channels and have launched a global $40 million format fund & digital expansion. A brave new world awaits.

Hollywood too, is having a "we’re not in Kansas anymore" moment as more movie releases are going direct to consumers on streaming platforms. Warner have announced they'll release their 2021 collection online and in cinema at the same time, This disruption of the window release model, is pretty transformational and obviously creates a more existential crisis for cinema.

But, different times call for different minds though, right? And y
ou can't just talk about different, you have to BE different. Just look at Facebook's Rival Peak, which is both a new game and game-like reality show. It combines AI, cloud gaming and is streamed over Facebook. It's a Survivor like series, with AI based characters. Different, right? It's certainly not Kansas.
5 things we read this week:
  1. Great list. 52 things I learned.
  2. Rob Delaney on grief. Wow.
  3. Revenge bedtime procrastination is strange. 
  4. The snug project is just lovely. 
  5. AP 2020 photos of the year. Wow

Listening: Adrianne Lenker wrote the album Songs holed up in a cabin in the wilderness of western Massachusetts during lockdown. Surrounded by nature and her own thoughts, she picked up a guitar, started writing and created a beautiful lockdown album. Here she is on NPR's tiny desk concerts playing some of it. Enjoy.'ve got this far.....good hustle....

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