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Hey, Bello! 

We missed you last week, so this week, we wrote you some podcast recommendations in the form of horoscopes! It seemed like a fun idea*. Also, some other things we're listening to, new shows on the horizon, and links to read. 


*totally unscientific. 

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horoscope this week

You’ve been antsy to start something new—as usual—and itching to compete. Take out your energy with The Trials of Dan and Dave from ESPN’s newly launched 30 for 30 podcast. Two men, one goal, and a highly publicized rivalry gone wrong.

You are the ol reliable to your group of friends, but also stubborn and uncompromising. Don't let your boring life spill over into your podcast queue. Try something new and different! Like listening to The Genius Dialogues on Amazon Channels. Yes you need to jump through hoops to download the Audible app and then find "channels", but it's totally worth it to hear engaging convos between legend Bob Garfield and MacArthur Genius winners. Jad Abumrad and David Simon (The Wire, c'mon) are the two that will lead you to a month of new exciting things.

Do you do things a little differently - like get your to-go Chipotle order in separate containers? Deconstruct your weird habits - and also love of food - on The Ringer's new show, House of Carbs

Feeling a little pessimistic lately? What you need is the last segment of Sam Sanders’ new-ish podcast, It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders. Listen to the July 7 episode with (Zoe Chace and PJ Vogt) and let all the listener stories about the ‘best thing that happened this week’ inspire some positive reflection.

July may have gotten off to a dramatic start, but your season is approaching. In the meantime, take a pause and step back to the birth of hip hop with Gimlet’s newest show, Mogul: the Life and Death of Chris Lighty.

The Lonely Palette’s latest episode is going to challenge both your intellectual, analytical side, and yet you will appreciate the humanity that is expressed within the photos that are described.  You will be conflicted by this moving episode, but make sure that you practice kindness in your daily life to offset the hatred of the past.

The summer months call for something special and a little out of the ordinary. Go outside and star-gaze while listening to the Dinner Party Download’s Look Up and Listen! Special, which features Neil deGrasse Tyson and some woods-y music.  

Emotions are stronger in the summer, dear Scorpio, and you’ve been leaning into the emotions hard. Lucky for you, Love Me is back with a beautiful, moving story about a moment of love and hope in a times of war. Close your eyes and prepare to emote.

Your creative, curious, adventurous side will appreciate both the form and the subject of the most recent 99% Invisible, whether it be recreating the experience of surfing on land,  the origin of the kidney-shaped pool or how functionalism has affected the world. Get out there and enjoy a ride through your neighborhood, be it on two wheels, or better yet, four.   

You are deeply determined, strong-willed, and ambitious (ya goat) but that may have caused you to reach for the most prestigious and expensive schools you could attend, and now you’re facing years and years of student debt, just like the callers in the latest Death, Sex & Money episode on Student Debt. Your responsible, workaholic nature also might lead you to extreme money-saving techniques in order to pay off the debt, just like the callers in Student Debt, Part 2.

Your friends can always count on you for a laugh, but like, you also have serious interests and stuff, you know? Combine your affinity for comedy and your appreciation for the ~ finer things ~ with this new brand-new series that we’re super excited about: Piece of Work, hosted by Broad City star and fellow Aquarius Abbi Jacobson - who, by the way, studied art in college and is an illustrator. It’s a WNYC + MoMA production (uhh, cool) that reminds us a little of Nate Dimeo’s Memory Palace + The Met collab, but maybe with less history, more pop culture & conversation.

Swim for the stars! Life is taking you in unexpected directions this week. Make sense of the cosmic craziness by escaping to more fictional and fun plots, like the season finale of The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel.

“I think it'd be great to reach down with the hand of God, pluck NPR HQ out of Washington and plop it down in St. Louis.”

This article from Poynter is an excellent imagining of what the future of NPR could look like outside of D.C. Written by the excellent Melody Kramer, who is the perfect author for this (a few years ago, she wrote about moving to North Carolina - and why more journalists should make moves to smaller cities). From designers to podcasters, it seems like more and more people are realizing the upside of breaking out of the NYC-DC media bubble. Hey, NPR, if you moved your HQ to a cool smaller city, we would totally apply to be one of the #womenofNPR - just sayin’.
A few things we're reading & listening to
  • New podcasts! On Drugs, New Fire, Seat at the Table.
  • Back for another season! Love+Radio, Israel Story, Love Me.
  • Are you a designer? We're loving the Slack group for the Design Life podcast. 
  • A few lessons from an independent podcaster. 
  • Podchaser, an “IMDb for podcasts,” is building a big tags-based database to help people discover showsNew newsletter! Flyover podcast newsletter, highlighting podcasts from the flyover states. 
  • Is Australian podcast Trace on the verge of a cold-case murder breakthrough? 
  • From Twitter: the 99PI editing process
Image: Watercolor Zodiac by Webvilla
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