TAF Newsletter #7

July 2019
Dear TAF supporters and friends,
We have had the busiest time yet since our last newsletter, and the world is changing fast with us. 

2019 has been a turning point for environmental awareness globally, as protests spread across the globe and lifestyle choices such as veganism and reducing our plastic consumption have become ever more accepted. 

However, though there are clear signs that people are waking up to a more sustainable future, the changes are not happening fast enough and the reason why we continuously present to the public how each of us can live a more plastic free life today. 

TAF has chosen to focus on education and especially with children to spread awareness, and promote sustainable living and compassion for all life, protecting the ocean and its uniquely precious life. 

Our work in schools, educational stands, conferences, events and clean ups are essential to educate and allow children and adults alike to get involved in the most important challenge of our lives!

The Earth is not a simple place, and we can all acknowledge that there are countless issues to solve and defend. However, the environment and the ocean underpins all of life itself, and therefore we fight for the most vital issue of our times.

Our ocean provides the Earth with up to 85% of its oxygen.
We cannot live if there is no life in the ocean.

By saving the ocean and its marine life, we save our children and ourselves -We must all act now! 

If you would like to donate or take part in our events, please check out our website at and find the latest news on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page
Only together we can make a difference!

Thank you so much for your support, 

Berit Legrand, and everyone at TAF – The Animal Fund
TAF is ONLY functioning on volunteer work. We are therefore relying on all our many superb supporters and thank all who has been involved and contributed to the many events and achievements of TAF this year!   
You are extremely important and are essential for improving our world. Thank YOU!

Please see below for photos of our volunteers and members in some of our events this first half of 2019.
TAF's ongoing plastic bottle campaign
What do we do?
  • Inform about plastic pollution and its destructive effect on the planet
  • Educate on the dangerous effect on using and indirectly digesting plastic
  • Promote alternatives such as our sustainable stainless steal bottles which keeps cold/ hot for 24 hours
  • Ask for water fountains to be installed
  • Promote local water and water filters     
  • Read more about our campaign against the plastic bottle
Its cheaper, cooler and better for the planet and ourselves!
TAF's sunscreen campaign

Why most Sunscreens are Harmful

  • 98% of all sunscreens contain ingredients that are harmful to human health and to the marine ecosystems.
  • Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, chemical compounds found in over 3500 sunscreen brands worldwide are causing hormonal disruptions and skin allergies.
  • The hormones most commonly disturbed are oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones.
  • Endocrine disruptors can cause abnormal development of foetuses and growing children and might also cause cancer, while not proven yet.
  • Every year 14 000 tons of sunscreen end up into the ocean with devastating effects on the marine life. Wildlife and flora are heavily disturbed and destroyed at an alarming rate, altering coral’s reproduction and growth cycles, and ultimately leading to bleaching.

Our Solutions

  • Without compromising on a sunscreen’s protective abilities our product's residues are biodegradable, posing no threat to you nor the environment.
  • Ingredients: Coconut butter,* Shea butter,* Jojoba Oil,* Cocoa Butter, Marula oil, Aloe Vera, Raspberry Seed Oil*, Rosehip Oil* Haemacoccus Pluvialis Algae, Ionic Zinc, Ionic Selenium, Frankincense EO*, Chamomile EO*, Lavender EO*                       
*Certified Organic FREE FROM: synthetic chemicals, petroleum ingredients, GMO, artificial colours, fragrances.

Check out TAF's new sunscreen "OCEAN LOVERS" free from toxic chemicals destroying our sea and our body. Order here 

TAF's airline waste management campaign
TAF is interviewing all European airlines about their waste management programs. 
The good news is that most airlines have replaced their tea and coffee cups by eco-friendly sustainable cups and some airlines have begun to separate waste into two bags (plastic and the rest!)
However, lots is still not being recycled, as seen on the picture especially plastic cups, plastic bottles and packaging. Ideally, they would not use these materials to begin with!
A more detailed report will be released at our meeting on Sept. 25th. 
TAF event: Run/ Walk for the Ocean with our ambassador Paula Radcliffe (2.12min.)

How to live a plastic free life!
Monaco Ocean week (2.43 min)

And, yes he did again! 
Our hero, the legendary Sir David Attenborough asked for a plastic-free festival at Glastonbury, UK. And the installation of water fountains, of course .. just like it should be done everywhere! 
Thank you, SIR for your continued and tireless support to save our planet. 
To purchase TAF’s stainless steel bottle click here 
Greta Thunberg
Someone who dares to take responsibility and fight for what she knows is right. We can’t thank her enough and wish all could follow her example, as every single action counts!
One must never forget that action and change start with ourselves, we can all help and every personal change has its impact!

What Is The Effect On Captivity? 
Depression, Boredom, Shorter lives, Attacks, Repetitive behaviors, Dorsal fin collapse for Orcas, Deprivation on food and use of Drugs are just some of the horrible every day effects. Who would like to be treated like this? Read more


Good news - Canada Bans Whale & Dolphin Captivity
Canada has become the latest country to ban the breeding and captivity of whales and dolphins following public pressure and declining numbers of visitors at tourist attractions featuring these species. 
Read more

TAF works hard to promote awareness of the cruelties that marine life faces, for the sake of entertainment and financial incentives around the world. "Say No" to marine parks!
Whales and marine life are slaughtered cruelly and needlessly, unless we take action against this.
TAF is visiting a different country each year, where whaling unfortunately still is going on.
Our view is that only by visiting, interviewing and understanding why it’s still taking place, we can try to make the population there more aware of why it is not sustainable in today’s world.     Please find our reports here

Japan resumes commercial whaling
Despite the lack of a public interest in whale meat, Japan has defied the international moratorium on whaling, and sent out ships to begin capturing, killing and harvesting whales for restaurants and general consumption. Whale meat is toxic and dangerous to consume but the fishermen are proud of hunting whales, as they have done for more than 400 years. 
Who is killing who in the end?  
Read more

Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales 

It’s their tradition they claim above all, despite that their own doctors advise them NOT to consume whale meat as it’s toxic, with dangerously high levels of mercury.
Slavery was also a tradition once ...but was abolished after public pressure toppled it, so we must encourage the population to understand that killing whales is inaccurate. They destroy these intelligent individuals for profit, and kill themselves as whales indirectly supply us with more than half of our planet’s oxygen.   Read more

Good news -  Iceland will skip whaling this year 

Difficulties in selling whale meat, lack of time to prepare its fleet and the need to go further offshore to hunt minke whales - making it more expensive Gunnar Bergmann Jonsson told AFP, adding that the company would instead focus on sea cucumbers. Read more


Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months

The next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival. Read more

Mass Extinction Is Happening Now

Earth is facing a devastating collapse of biodiversity that threatens our global ecosystems and will involve the loss of an estimated million species, yet we have all the tools to stop it in its tracks. Read more

Cruise ship company Carnival fined $28m for pumping pollution into oceans

The world's largest cruise line company, Carnival, has agreed to pay $20 million penalty because its ships continued to pollute the oceans despite a previous criminal conviction aimed at curbing similar conduct. Read more

Palm Oil In Our Cosmetics, Cleaning Products and Food

A major ingredient in a huge number of consumer goods, palm oil plantations have been ripping through rainforests across the globe, to the vast degradation of wildlife within these once magnificent landscapes. Read more

How Much Plastic Is Your Washing Machine Sending Out To Ocean?

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers - all of which are forms of plastic -  are now about 60 percent of the material that makes up our clothes worldwide. Read more                        

A starving polar bear wandered into a Russian city, scavenging for food

Their habitat is nearly destroyed, no food is left and a sight which is becoming more and more frequent. Animals coming into towns searching for food and risking their lives. Read more                        

Plastic in the ocean set to triple by 2025

Predictions forecast that plastic is estimated to increase threefold if we do not take radical action in our lifestyles and care of our natural environment around us, reducing disposable waste and placing international pressure on fishing standards.  Read more                     

And some good news

Our world is all we have, so we must look after it, by Reducing, Recycling, and Reusing.

5 Tips for improving our ocean's chances:
  • Pick up our trash so the ocean stays free of it
  • Use canvas bags instead of plastic
  • Use stainless steel or glass bottles instead of plastic bottles
  • Avoid or reduce eating fish and meat where possible
  • Save water 

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging

Big supermarket chains in Vietnam, such as Lotte Mart, Saigon Co.op, and Big C, have all started to follow in the Thai store’s footsteps by experimenting with banana leaves as a packaging alternative in their stores as well. Read more

Heathrow airport - a good example for all airports!

As soon as you pass the security the fountain is where it should be - right in front of you!
TAF is asking for installation of water fountains in as many places as possible. As easier it is for the public to refill, the more people will start using sustainable Eco-friendly bottles like our stainless steel bottle.

Virgin to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld

Virgin has spent the last 12 months quietly removing 19 attractions with captive whales and dolphins from its brochure and website.  Read more

Brussels: The First Major City To Halt 5G Due To Health Effects

A Belgian government minister has announced the suspension of plans to provide 5G wireless internet access throughout the Belgian capital due to concerns about radiation levels. Read more

Plastic straws, cutlery and cotton buds to be banned in UK

The ban on straws, stirrers and cotton buds will take effect from April next year and sales of plastic plates and cutlery will be prohibited the year after. Read more

 Alternatives to Plastic

Everywhere we go TAF is promoting a more plastic free living by showing our wide range of alternatives. Its important to know where to buy them and we therefore always are in search of good eco plastic free items shops. 
In France you can find items in Au gramme Pres. In Luxembourg In Ouni . In Holland in Eco Plaza. In London plastic free shops

What to use instead of plastic?
See our list of plastic free items.(3min)

TAF has had an extremely busy year in 2019 and we intend to keep on expanding our impact across the world.

With more than 270 members, 1200 supporters, 95 volunteers and counting, please spread the word to your friends and family so we can make the biggest impact together.

The list is long with more than 30 events so far this year so please Read here to see what TAF has been up to the since our last newsletter.
Thank you for your support!
We would like to thank all our supporters, volunteers and members for their continued support for such an important cause. A special thank you to our young team and members who have been much engaged this first half year: Francesca, Liv, Swann, Caroline, Jacqueline, Angela, Vicki, Daniele, Mayca, Annette, Rikke, Silvia, Helena, Elizabeth, Gabriela, Valerie, Jane, Janel, Louis, Angelo, Tino, Yo, and our ongoing support from the students in ISN and EDHEC. 

We still have a long way to go to spread awareness of the devastating losses of our oceans. We must continue to save our marine life, and in turn, ourselves on this planet.
Please encourage friends and family to support TAF in our future events, become members, and join our cause.

Please visit our website, follow our Facebook page and our Instagram for news on our events, and how to become a member.
Thanks for reading, sharing and caring!
 Have a further good summer and SEE YOU SOON!
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