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April 16, 2018

Dear UNAHA Membership;

It appears that winter in the northern plains region just does not want to give up this year.  It is supposed to be springtime here in western Montana when we can get out and start the outdoor activities that we wait all winter for, but this year spring has not arrived. We are hoping for big changes soon.  

The last few months have seen a lot of activity and changes in the Indian housing world.  The biggest issue was the passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 or the Omnibus Bill.  This bill provides a small increase in the appropriation amount for NAHASDA, but the big surprise was an additional $100 million of new funding for competitive awards for construction and rehabilitation.  It will be interesting to see how soon HUD moves on this new opportunity and gets out the application process for this much welcomed new money. We need to make sure that we stay diligent in seeking an overall increase to NAHASDA funds that are a permanent increase and not just a one-time opportunity.  The Northern Plains region can show the need for an overall increase in NAHASDA funds.

I would encourage all our UNAHA membership to engage in the consultation process that HUD has begun regarding the HUD section 184 program.  After 25 years of being in existence, HUD has started a consultation process to revise the regulations for the program. It is important to remember that the program was created to assist tribes with providing homeownership opportunities for their members on trust lands.  The amount of trust land loans being done are very low and the impediments to increasing the number of loans on trust lands needs to be one of the focuses of this consultation process. If your tribe has not used the HUD 184 program yet I would still encourage you to develop some comments and get them submitted.  It is my personal belief that as we work on the trust land impediments and start to get changes made that will make mortgages more readily available on trust land that we will have a huge need for the program soon. We need to make sure the program will still be there and ready to serve our tribal members that will be utilizing trust land for the program.  Please email comments to

On April 5-8, we completed another successful Amerind All-West 100 basketball tournament.  This year’s tournament was the 33rd year of the tournament and we had a total of 102 teams with 17 teams on a waiting list trying to get into the tournament.  We had a total of 54 boy’s teams and 48 girl’s teams. From the morning of April 6th to the afternoon of April 8th there was a total of 252 basketball games played in the Gold Crown Foundation Fieldhouse in Denver.  I would like to thank Dave Heisterkamp, Dom Nessi, Mike Boyd, Pat Tate and Bill Hanslik for all they do to make this tournament such a huge success for UNAHA.  

For those that were not able to make it, we had a great UNAHA annual meeting following the basketball tournament on April 9th to the 11th in Lakewood, Co.  April 9th was the business meeting with a full agenda.  On the evening of the 9th we had our annual UNAHA banquet with a tribute to our friend Joann Lemmon and honoring the service of Dicky Shroeder, Tom YellowWolf and Linda Lee Retka.  HUD and UNAHA joined together to honor the service of several housing authority directors with over 10 years of service those directors being: Norma Stealer, Jeanne Cadwell, Warren Mackey, Lafe Haugen, Eric Spady, Patrick Goggles, and myself.  On April 10th and 11th we had some great training on topics from the history of Indian Housing, USDA programs, NAIHC training opportunities, Supportive Housing, the HUD EPIC system and the 15-year options for Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects.  

Plans are being finalized for our Summer meeting to take place in South Sioux City, NE on August 20-22, 2018.  Please watch for updates as they become available. I hope to see all of you in South Sioux City in August. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, your board members or your UNAHA staff.


Jason Adams


UNAHA Leadership

UNAHA Chairman-Jason Adams
Salish & Kootenai Housing Authority
PO Box 38, Pablo, MT  59855
Phone: (406) 675-4491
Fax:  (406) 675-4495

UNAHA Vice Chair-Sharon Vogel
Cheyenne River Housing Authority
PO Box 480, Eagle Butte SD  57625
Phone: (605) 964-4265 ext. 132
Fax: (605) 964-1070

UNAHA Treasurer-Joey Nathan
Northern Ponca Housing Authority
1501 W Michigan Avenue
Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 379-8224
Fax:  (402)379-8557

UNAHA Secretary-Iva Grainger
Fort Peck Housing Authority
PO Box 667, Poplar MT 59255
Phone: (406) 768-3459  ext. 31

Administrative Directors
Gauthier Agency LLC
Bob & Myrna Gauthier

63316 US HWY 93
Ronan MT, 59864
Phone: 406 676-8445
Fax: 406 676-8444

CLICK HERE to be directed to our website where you can reference all training materials presented at the annual meeting

Message from your Administrators:
Bob and Myrna Gauthier


We enjoyed a good turnout at our Spring Association Meeting in Denver earlier this month. I hope many of you were able to attend the 33rd addition of the AMERIND Risk All West Native American Basketball Classic.  This year over 1000 native youth participated in the three day event with nearly 500 games played in total.  Wow what an accomplishment for the Board of the Classic and the many volunteers like Dom Nessi, Mike Boyd, Pat (head of officials and tournament director), Dave Heisterkamp and many others that go to Denver early to volunteer their time running a scoreboard, chaperoning kids or simply being there to support the youth! Thousands of young Native student/athletes have participated over the years and I can’t help but think that many of them were inspired by the event, a Nuggets game or hearing a respected speaker give them a positive message about good choices. My hat is off to all that help in some way to make this tournament happen.

Our meeting Monday was started out with a “hot’ breakfast of bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, rolls, potatoes and rolls.  It will be a tradition in the future! Nearly 30 of our 32 paid members were in attendance or had submitted a proxy. Business of the Association stayed on schedule once we finished participating in a “consultation” with the Office of Native American Programs regarding upcoming new Regulations for the Section 184 program.  Your association has been involved with this program for many years. We have tried without success to get HUD to work with us regarding program concerns. We recognize that having a market rate home loan program available to our members and the families they serve is a critical part of addressing their housing needs. I, for one, do not like the apparent direction of the development of these Regulations.  You will see the official comment from UNAHA in a day or two. We intend to keep fighting.

Congratulations to Sharon Vogel and Joey Nathan upon their reelection as our Vice-Chair and Treasurer respectively. Both are valuable assets to your organization and make many contributions to the good of the organization.  Both of them also head up outstanding Indian Housing organizations. UNAHA would also like to congratulate Jason Adams as the new AMERIND Representative for Region V. He and our three term Board member Lafe Haugen switched places, with Lafe serving as Region V alternate.  I know you join me in thanking Lafe for his contributions and giving us a voice through a changing time at Amerind Risk. Also on the agenda was Stephanie Holderfield, from HUD DC office as she outlined the Secretary’s Envision Center that is designed to create more opportunities to leverage HUD funding.

Monday night’s banquet was enjoyable with honoring of the late Joann Lemmon and retiring NAHASDA expert Tom Yellow Wolf. Tom has been a dedicated soldier for tribes, working with NAIHC and many of our members. We also paid our respects and thank you to Richard Schroader, who has served UNAHA as long time Treasurer, AMERIND Board member and good friend.  We wish him well in his retirement.

On Tuesday, the history provided by Jim Waganlander was very interesting and informative.  He stressed the importance of UNAHA on a national stage. He recounted the many times this organization and members of UNAHA played a significant role in the development of much of the law and the regulations that Indian housing operates under.  He stressed, and I agree, that this is one of those times that we need to be united as much change is on the horizon for Indian Housing. It is also a critical time for you to stay involved, get your boards and staff involved and get your tribal council up to speed on issues we face together. Jim presented a resolution during the business meeting asking HUD to focus allocation of the additional funding under NAHASDA on those tribes with the greatest need. (a copy of the Resolution is included below.)

We heard from Tedd Beaulow, USDA regarding their most current program status regarding Native Housing.  We also heard from Denver ONAP staff regarding the changeover to the EPIC system beginning May 1 of this year. All meeting reference materials and contact information can be found on our website under 2018 Annual Meeting Training Presentations.

If you haven't done so already, please CLICK HERE to complete survey about the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
UNAHA Summer Meeting - South Sioux City, Nebraska
August 19th travel day
Meeting and training to take place August 20-22
Delta Hotels by Marriott - South Sioux City Riverfront
Group Room Rates of $93.00 per night
Rates available until Sunday, July 29, 2018 by calling (402) 494-4000
Additional information will be available on our website as the date approaches
Please visit our website for up-to-date training and grant information and employment opportunities

Northern Plains ONAP Updates

The Office of Native American Program (ONAP) is rolling out the new EPIC system for all fiscal year (FY) 2019 Indian Housing Plans and Annual Performance Reports (IHP/APR).  The Northern Plains ONAP has been testing the new system through FY 2018 with a lot of success. Beginning May 1, 2018 the use of EPIC is required for the submission of HUD-52737 IHP/APR, IHP Amendments, or IHP Waiver.  New program guidance was published with step-by-step instructions for completing the IHP/APR form (Program Guidance 2018-02). This guidance should be used to assist with preparing the form. Please visit the Codetalk website for more information on the IHP/APR form and the use of EPIC.

The Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program regulations are being updated.  Thank you to all UNAHA members who attended the Consultation session on April 9th in Denver, CO and provided feedback on the program regulations.  ONAP invites additional comments to be submitted to  For information about the Section 184 program, HUD’s consultation process, and resources for providing input on the program regulations please visit the Consultation on Section 184 Regulations website.

In FY 2018 HUD launched EnVision Centers.  The EnVision Center concept provides a community with resources and connections to partnerships to expand opportunities for Americans to become self-sufficient.  The goal of EnVision Centers to is empower people to leave HUD-assisted housing through self-sufficiency and become responsible homeowners and renters in the private market.  Visit the EnVision Centers website to learn how to get a local community involved in the demonstration program.

ONAP Staff Updates

HUD’s Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) is happy to announce that Gary Nemec joined ONAP as the Director of Grants Evaluation in Washington, DC. This position was vacated by Jennifer Bullough who retired in December 2017.  Gary joins ONAP us from the Office of General Counsel, Office of Litigation where he served as the Assistant General Counsel for Insured Housing and Community Development Office of Litigation. Please welcome Gary to the ONAP family!

Grants Evaluation Specialist, Sam Potter, recently left the Northern Plains Office of Native American Programs to pursue a career with HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development.  His assigned recipients will be assisted by the Grants Evaluation Division. Questions regarding APRs, Audits, and monitoring should be director to Melissa West, Grants Evaluation Division Director.  

CLICK HERE to learn more about Enterprise Community grant and funding opportunities for your organization
Longevity in Indian Housing Awards (from Left to Right):
Lafe Haugen, Executive Director, Northern Cheyenne Housing Authority - 14 years; Patrick Goggles, Executive Director, Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing - 14 years; Jeannie Caldwell, Executive Director, Lower Brule Housing Authority - 14 years;  Rudley Weaver on behalf of Eric Spady, Executive Director, Southern Ute Indian Housing Authority - 13 years; Norma Steeler, Executive Director, Winnebago Housing and Development Commission 14 years;  Warren Mackey, Executive Director, Santee Sioux Tribal Housing Authority - 14 years; Jason Adams, Executive Director, Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority - 14 years; with Randy Akers NPONAP.

Joann Lemmon was also honored with a Legends in Indian Housing Award in recognition of 32 years of service and dedication. At the time of Ms. Lemmon's passing, she served as the Executive Director of The Ute Mountain Ute Housing Authority. She will be truly missed by the people of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe for her commitment to service. She will be remembered as compassionate and kind and she was a pleasure to work with. May she rest in peace.
Distinguished Service Award:

Tom Yellow Wolf

In recognition of more than 30 years of service leading numerous Tribally Designated Housing Entities that are members of the United Native American Housing Association. The service and dedication to improving housing in Indian Country in celebrated. 

Happy Retirement!
Legends in Indian Housing Award
presented to Richard Schroeder
In recognition of his outstanding work in serving the Turtle Mountain Housing Authority and as UNAHA Treasurer. We also recognize his many contributions to AMERIND while serving as a Board Member representing Region III.
Happy Retirement!
Special recognition for Linda Lee Retka of NAIHC:
In Recognition of service and support to UNAHA in technical assistance, training, and events hosted throughout the Northern Plains region.
Thank you to our Associate Members!
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Associate Membership is an important aspect of UNAHA. It is a convenient way for Members to share resources that others might find useful.  For example, have you worked with an honest, hard working contractor in your area? Have you found a banker that is confident working with the HUD184 loan? Would you like to recommend him or her to other members in our region? How about accountants, painters, attorneys, maintenance companies, etc.?  We would love the opportunity to reach out and offer them an Associate Membership which includes an invitation to our three annual meetings, advertising space in our quarterly newsletter and company information listed on our website.  If you or your housing authority has any referrals for Associate Membership, feel free to send us their contact information at
NEW Associate Member!
Big Water Consulting is a consulting firm located in Seattle, Washington which specializes in helping tribal, governmental and nonprofit clients to identify, collect, analyze and act on data. This data will help these organizations monitor and evaluate their work, make better decisions, generate more support and manage more efficiently. Big Water Consulting and its partner organizations seek to identify lasting solutions that: promote self-sufficiency, incorporate the highest appropriate level of technology, identify and mobilize available resources, reflect organizational, cultural and other values, and diminish our client’s need to hire a contractor to provide a similar service in the future. Please click on the image about to be directed to their website.
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