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September 2018

Dear UNAHA Membership;

I hope you all had a good summer, it seems that I blinked, and it was over.  The good news is that we have not had much forest fires here in western Montana, so our air is clean, and we can see the mountains.   

For those of you that were able to join us in South Sioux City, Nebraska, we had a good summer meeting and the tribes in that area were gracious hosts.  We had a good turn out for the meeting and we had a full agenda for the two and a half days that we were there. The tour of the Winnebago tribes’ housing and economic development projects on Monday night was very impressive.  It is always good to get out and see the different programs and services that our member tribes offer to their tribal membership.

Regarding the business meeting we had a lot of good discussion on the current topics of the FY 2018 appropriations for our NAHASDA block grants and the additional funds that are yet to be made available under a NOFA and a competitive basis.  We also discussed the new opportunity that is now being implemented for the Homeownership project to assist up to 10 of our members increase their capacity to offer homeownership. We were also able to give out the new Homeownership resource guide developed by the Center for Indian Country Development from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, one copy per UNAHA member.  If you were not able to attend and you would like one of the resource guides, let us know and we will get one sent to you. Our UNAHA training committee was able to meet and go over where we are in the planning of our training offerings for the next year.

Please watch for your opportunity to comment on the HUD 184 regulations that are supposed to be out for comment this month.  It is important to speak for your tribe regarding the importance of this program and it original intent for mortgages on trust land. Also, watch for NOFA for the additional $100 million that is supposed to be out by December, I am sure that the UNAHA regions alone could show the need for all the money.    

Our next meeting will be in December in conjunction with the NAIHC legal symposium in Las Vegas, NV.    Please watch for updates as they become available. I hope to see all of you in Las Vegas in December. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, your board members or your UNAHA staff.


Jason Adams

UNAHA Leadership

UNAHA Chairman-Jason Adams
Salish & Kootenai Housing Authority
PO Box 38, Pablo, MT  59855
Phone: (406) 675-4491
Fax:  (406) 675-4495

UNAHA Vice Chair-Sharon Vogel
Cheyenne River Housing Authority
PO Box 480, Eagle Butte SD  57625
Phone: (605) 964-4265 ext. 132
Fax: (605) 964-1070

UNAHA Treasurer-Joey Nathan
Northern Ponca Housing Authority
1501 W Michigan Avenue
Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 379-8224
Fax:  (402)379-8557

UNAHA Secretary-Iva Grainger
Fort Peck Housing Authority
PO Box 667, Poplar MT 59255
Phone: (406) 768-3459  ext. 31

Administrative Directors
Gauthier Agency LLC
Bob & Myrna Gauthier

63316 US HWY 93
Ronan MT, 59864
Phone: 406 676-8445
Fax: 406 676-8444

The Winter UNAHA meeting will be in conjunction with the NAIHC Legal Symposium December 10-12, 2018 at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our meeting will take place on
December 10, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Additional information will be posted to the website and Facebook as it becomes available.
Please click HERE to be directed to HUD Calendar of Events for upcoming training and presentations

It was an honor to be able to facilitate and plan the UNAHA Summer Meeting. We were very excited to see the Housing Authority Membership that were able to make it. I knew with the busy schedules, this would be an opportunity to provide everyone with a calm venue that allowed them to relax and rejuvenate.

The material that was presented on the agenda was on point. The tour was very eye opening, and the keynote speaker was very motivational and inspiring. This showed us another form of using fair market rate rentals to help put money back into the community.

It was nice to have the UNAHA membership in our local area to see some of our new developments and resources we are using.

I want to send a big thank you to all Region III members who helped with this big event. Thanks to Myrna and Bob for helping with getting the venue all setup. And lastly, thank you for all the gifts that were brought in for the drawings.


Joey Nathan, Executive Director
Northern Ponca Housing Authority

Message from your Administrators:
Bob and Myrna Gauthier

September 2018

As you all know, things are never dull in Indian Housing.  We have been anxiously awaiting for HUD to release the draft Section 184 Regulations as well as the guidelines for Indian housing programs to compete for the extra $100 Million Congress provided in the budget. These funds are targeted to programs with “capacity and need”.  None of us are really sure of what that means. As you know, UNAHA has passed resolutions to support the money staying with large land based tribes facing greater need. We had little success at NAIHC meeting with this issue, our resolution was soundly defeated. At any rate, the extra money in this environment in Washington DC is welcome news.  We hear that another $100 million is currently in the 2019 Budget. We will keep you posted.

With all of the UNAHA Members awaiting release of draft regulations for the Section 184 program, news came out that part of the delay is the Office of Inspector General Audit of the program and the unresolved findings of the initial 2015 review.  It seems that the Inspector General was not satisfied with decisions ONAP was making regarding the program and trying to make it work with the initial five page regulation. As all of you know, the intent of Congress was to encourage HUD to work with the tribes developing regulations to overcome issues regarding on-reservation lending and to make it a custom program to achieve its goal; MARKET RATE MORTGAGES on trust land. Your Association sent several letters over the past five years to ONAP, under three separate Assistant Secretaries, to establish a 184 advisory committee.  All of the letters were ignored. At one point, even after HUD had requested submission of names of qualified tribal members to serve on this committee. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. We will keep you posted as information becomes available. We have provided links the Inspector General Audit below.

Another question with the Section 184 program goes unanswered:  Where did the $60 Million to $90 Million of “guarantee fees” that all 184 borrowers are required to pay go?  The five page regulations instructs HUD on how to manage and account for the fund. Twenty six years after the program began, I have never seen an accounting of the money!

Summer Meeting

Twenty one of our members traveled to South Sioux City Nebraska for our summer meeting the week of August 20th.  It was a great meeting!  Hosted by the Nebraska and South Dakota tribes at the beautiful Delta Marriot on the Missouri river, all components were great.  We had a full agenda, timely updates, and a wonderful dinner Monday night following a great tour of the Winnebago tribal housing areas and economic development projects.  Lance Morgan, a well-known Indian entrepreneur was the Monday evening speaker. The host tribes also had gift bags and gave a huge number of wonderful door prizes. Thanks to the host tribes and contributors to make it a great event. A great deal of planning goes into the summer meetings and we always look forward to it each year.  We are looking at Northern Montana as the 2019 host. We will keep you in the loop.

The meeting itself included the usual reports as well as presentations by Wagenlander and Heisterkamp regarding additional methamphetamine policy updates.  Following their presentation, it was determined that another three day Meth summit sometime before the end of the year would be in order. Jason Adams agreed to inquire to Randy Akers about HUD co-sponsoring an event in November.

Another presentation was made by Bruce Jones and JC Crawford who submitted the successful proposal to work with up to 10 UNAHA members to assess and build capacity in establishing a homeownership program at their housing authority.  UNAHA had received a $45,000 Enterprise Partnership Grant to fund this activity. The participating tribes have been chosen and the program is underway. We will post information on the Enterprise project as we move along.

34th AMERIND All West 100
Native American Basketball Classic

Set for April 5-7, 2019

The 34th Annual AMERIND All West Native American Basketball Classic and Youth Weekend will be held the weekend of April 5-7, 2019 at the Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood, Colorado.  Registration will be Thursday evening, April 5. Games will be played beginning Friday morning, April 6 and concluding with championships on Sunday afternoon, April 7. Tournament activities will include special guest speakers, slam-dunk and three-point shooting contests, and specially discounted tickets to a Denver Nuggets game during the weekend.

The All West Classic has also maintained a FaceBook group page for the past three years. The FB group page currently has over 1,350 members from around the country and beyond and has become a good location for regional teams, recruiters, and coaches to find information about the Classic, the Ulmer Scholarship, and other tournaments and scholarships that are available to All West players.  And, of course, we love to post pictures of all the great participants and winners there as well! Find and join the group at:

The Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority (SKHA)
Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Project

For the last several years the SKHA and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CS&KT) have been looking for a good model for PSH.  We could not find a good model in Indian Country, so we have embarked on our own to create and implement our own program. For the last few years Zoe LeBeau from Zoe LeBeau consulting has been assisting us with our plans to develop a PSH program for CS&KT.  In June of this year we brought together our CS&KT interagency team to begin the formal planning process to develop our PSH program. This effort is a true collaboration of the following departments and programs of the CS&KT: Department of Human Resource Development (DHRD), the Tribal Health Department, the Tribal Defenders office and the SKHA.  We are now expanding our team to include staff from Tribal Law and Order, Tribal Education, Early Childhood Services and the Lake County Drug Court.

The basis of PSH is treating families in place, also known as housing first.  It is bringing services and programs to the facility where the families and individuals will reside.  All the families and individuals that will be served struggle with chronic homelessness. In our plans to date, we are looking at a 30-unit apartment building to be built in the community of Ronan, MT.  Twenty units will be for families and ten units will be for individuals and couples. The apartment building will become a community of tribal families and individuals that are working hard to overcome whatever obstacle that has prevented them from having and maintaining a stable home environment for themselves and their children.  All the current services that are provided by the departments and agencies that are on the interagency team will be provided to the families at the facility. It is our intention that families and individuals will be able to stay at the facility as long as will be necessary to find stability and success.

The facility will be owned by the SKHA and we will have the property management responsibilities.  The DHRD will be the lead service provider agency and they will staff the facility. All other agencies and departments involved will have access to the offices and community space that will be available in the facility to provide their services to the residents.

The facility will be built using primarily the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.  We hope to be successful with the application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits next spring or early summer and be under construction by September of 2019 with an anticipated completion date of the facility in June of 2020.  For the next year the CS&KT interagency team will be working through the planning process to develop all aspects of how the facility will be operated and how tenants will reside at the facility. Our team is very excited about the work that is set before us and we are anxious to make this project a reality.  We have a lot of housing opportunities here on the Flathead Indian reservation and we see this project as another option to help our tribal members succeed.

If you have any questions on our project, please feel free to contact me at (406) 675-4491 or via email at


Jason Adams, Executive Director  

Please visit our website for up-to-date training and grant information and employment opportunities

Northern Plains ONAP Updates

ONAP Updates

The Northern Plains Office of Native American Program (NPONAP) reminds all grantees that the use of the EPIC system is required for the submission of all Indian Housing Plans and Annual Performance Reports (IHP/APR) for federal fiscal year 2018 and federal fiscal year 2019.  The APRs for FY 2018 are due in the EPIC system on December 29, 2018, for grantees with a program year end of September 30, 2018. New program guidance was published with step-by-step instructions for completing the IHP/APR form (Program Guidance 2018-02). This guidance should be used to assist with preparing the form.  Please visit the Codetalk website for more information on the IHP/APR form and the use of EPIC.

The EPIC system is also available to submit the quarterly federal financial reports (SF-425).  While NPONAP is not requiring the use of EPIC to submit the SF-425 each quarter, grantees are encouraged to use the system to submit these reports.  EPIC allows for easy viewing of prior submitted reports which may ensure more accurate data is reported each quarter. As a reminder the final quarterly SF-425 is due 90 days after the end of the grant recipient’s program year; this means the fourth quarter report should be submitted at the same time as the Annual Performance Report.

HUD recently announced Healthy Homes Production grant awards to thirteen (13) tribes and tribal agencies for a total of $12 million.  Of the thirteen tribes awarded, five are in the Northern Plains region including Salish & Kootenai Housing Authority, Fort Peck Housing Authority, Blackfeet Housing Program doing business as Blackfeet Housing Authority, Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority, and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.  A total of $4,986,742 was awarded to these five Northern Plains tribes. The NPONAP congratulates these organizations for receiving these grant awards.

The NPONAP recognizes the Sisseton Wahpeton Housing Authority (SWHA) in Sisseton, South Dakota for recently initiating a loan to purchase units for its homeownership program.  The SWHA is utilizing HUD’s Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program to purchase and lease them through a lease-to-purchase model. This model allows families to lease the homes and work with homebuyer readiness staff to prepare themselves to eventually purchase the unit.  This is the second phase of the SWHA’s homeownership program and consists of purchasing six 1,200 square foot, three-bedroom homes built off-site and moved to lots prepared by the SWHA. The NPONAP commends SWHA for this innovative project. If other Housing Authorities have best practices or innovative strategies to highlight, please contact Katie Gloystein, NPONAP Administrator Advisor, at or 303-672-5147.

ONAP Staff Updates

The NPONAP in comprised of three branches: Administration, Grants Management Division, and Grants Evaluation Division.  The Administrator’s office oversees the operations of the entire office, ensures high standards of customer service, and provides ongoing administrative support to the Grants Management and Grants Evaluation Divisions.  The role of the Grants Management Division is to review Indian Housing Plans, rate grant applications, and provide technical assistance and training on ONAP administered programs. The Grants Evaluation Division evaluates and monitors HUD funded programs, reviews performance reports and audits, and provides technical assistance and training as needed.  NPONAP grant recipients are encouraged to work with their assigned customer service team, made up of one Grants Management Specialist and one Grants Evaluation Specialist, to address program issues and share best practices. The current customer service teams and NPONAP staff contact information can be found on the Internet at

Mr. Wayne Johnson, Grants Evaluation Specialist, is retiring September 29, 2018, after 30 years of working with HUD’s Indian programs.  As a Headquarters ONAP employee working in Denver, Mr. Johnson worked regularly with the Northern Plains tribes. He provided routine support to the Area ONAP offices and developed great working relationships and friendships throughout the years.  He has enjoyed the experience of serving the tribes throughout the United States and he wishes all the tribes and housing authorities continued success.  In retirement Mr. Johnson will spend time on his reservation, Walker River, in Nevada and enjoying life after ONAP.

Mrs. Cheryl Cozad was honored at the Denver Art Museum’s (DAM) annual powwow on Sept. 8, 2018.  Mrs. Cozad’s relative, Florentine Blue Thunder from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, sponsored the honoring and a women’s traditional dance contest.  The honoring to recognized Ms. Cozad for being the Head Lady Dancer at the September. 2017 DAM powwow.  The winner of the dance contest was Ms. Carmen Clairmont, a former HUD ONAP employee.  Ms. Clairmont received a beautiful blue star quilt and a monetary prize.  The powwow, honoring, and women’s traditional dance contest is a tradition for relatives to show love and appreciation to others.  Mrs. Cozad was overwhelmed by the honoring and grateful for the recognition

Women’s traditional dancers: Ms. Carmen Clairmont on the far left, the next four ladies are the consolation winners, and Mrs. Cheryl Coazd is on the far right.
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Thank you to our Associate Members!
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Associate Membership is an important aspect of UNAHA. It is a convenient way for Members to share resources that others might find useful.  For example, have you worked with an honest, hard working contractor in your area? Have you found a banker that is confident working with the HUD184 loan? Would you like to recommend him or her to other members in our region? How about accountants, painters, attorneys, maintenance companies, etc.?  We would love the opportunity to reach out and offer them an Associate Membership which includes an invitation to our three annual meetings, advertising space in our quarterly newsletter and company information listed on our website.  If you or your housing authority has any referrals for Associate Membership, feel free to send us their contact information at
Welcome our NEW Associate Members!

Raymond James Tax Credit Funds is one of the leading sponsors of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Funds nationwide. Since the inception of the tax credit program in 1986, we have sponsored more than 100 funds, providing equity for more than 1,900 properties in 47 states, making us a leading provider of high-quality affordable housing developments throughout the nation. And, as a subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, we benefit from the support, stability and strong financial backing of our parent company, which has a current market capitalization of over $11.9 billion. Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc. has also been a leading sponsor of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Funds with Native American partners dating to 1998. Since that time, RJTCF has sponsored more than 130 LIHTC projects, representing approximately $400MM placed with more than 50 Native American partners. Please contact Benjamin Shockey, Acquisitions Manager at
(727) 567-2115 or email if you have questions or would like additional information.
NEW Associate Member!

Dynamic Homes has successfully built housing projects for Indian Tribes over the last 30 years throughout the Midwest. Dynamic Homes is owned by Ho-Chunk, Inc., the award-winning economic development corporation of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Ho-Chunk, Inc. originally purchased Dynamic Homes to provide quality, new housing for single-family tribal member purchase; and multi-family housing in the new Ho-Chunk Village on the Winnebago Reservation.

Dynamic Homes provides high quality, customized single-family homes, multi-family apartments and duplexes. You have unlimited possibilities in choosing a standard design or designing completely from scratch. And every housing project can be tailored to meet your budget without sacrificing quality and value.

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