Help your employees reduce their financial stress

How you can help your staff to succeed financially

It can be too easy to overlook the importance of your employees wielding financial expertise. After all, finance experts and professionals are already close at hand for workers needing their advice. However, financially educating your workers isn’t about effectively turning them into accountants.

Instead, it’s about helping your staff to relieve personal financial pressures that could be weighing down on their mental wellbeing and, consequently, their workplace performance. Therefore, you have an interest in proactively helping to bring the right educational opportunities to their notice. Click here to read more from this ABC Money article.

The PFW Scale™ is an effective metric to measure employees financial stress in a private and nonintrusive way. Click here to learn how your organization can benefit by using the Personal Financial Wellness Survey™

What Does Financial Wellness Look Like At Different Ages And Career Stages?

What does it mean to be “financially well” at different times in your life?  I get some version of this question every week on our Financial Coaching Line. Employees take a Financial Wellness Assessment, report their score to me, and anxiously wonder how they are doing compared to others their age.

The first thing I tell someone is that what matters most is how they are doing compared to their own goals. I can’t decide someone else’s life priorities for them.  “Financial wellness” is a dynamic state of financial health. It doesn’t mean that someone has a certain net worth or complete financial security.  Being financially healthy, like being physically healthy, is about enjoying daily life, maintaining balance and protecting yourself against devastating risks. Read more of Cynthia Meyer’s Forbes article here.

The PFW Scale™ provides management with a simple way to evaluate employee financial stress. Fill out the Service Request Form to use the Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ at your business!
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