Challenges Facing Financial Literacy
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The outcomes of key financial finance decisions have a long-term impact on our lives. Choosing a career, saving money, spending wisely, making investments, borrowing money, and buying a house are all important events that can make or break us financially, and should be approached with discretion and prudence. If done right, these decisions can help lead to financial independence – but if done wrong, they can lead to years of being stuck in the hole. Click here for an informative Infographic from Value Walk

Resources for Solutions to the Challenges Facing Financial Literacy

The problem of financial literacy is not just a lack of knowledge or education.  While knowledge is a prerequisite to identifying the problem and possible solutions, by itself knowledge does little to change behavior. Science tells us that changing behavior is hard work.

To help with that work, PFEEF maintains a extensive online library of recent articles, academic research, and useful resources to assist and support your work in improving the financial literacy and wellbeing of your employees.  Click here to see some of the best resources we have come across to support financial literacy and lasting behavioral change. 


Five things to know about the financial illiteracy crisis

Over the past five years there have been repeated calls for the government and educational bodies to step up and tackle financial illiteracy. These have largely fallen on deaf ears, and the crisis has continued to deepen. While we must continue to urge institutionalized action across the board, it’s time the industry took matters into its own hands. With this in mind, here are the five things financial advisers need to know about the financial illiteracy crisis in order to make a difference.  Click here to learn more from FT Adviser.

Click here for links and useful resources on financial literacy
The PFW Scale™ is an effective way to evaluate employee financial stress. Click here to learn how your organization can benefit by using the Personal Financial Wellness Scale™
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