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Thank you for attending one of our Youth Leadership training! In this month's issue, we are sharing resources to help you showcase your strengths, consider the value of transportation skills training, and motivate you to make a difference by volunteering and cheering others.

Purpose and Hope: Youth Holiday Service!

We are all looking forward to the winter break. Most of you are probably planning to play videogames or catch up with your favorite TV show or movies, but have you considered volunteering during December instead?

Being involved in positive community service provides great opportunities to meet new people, make relevant connections, a chance to impact someone's life positively, and best of all, you will receive the best ever gift: the great feeling of helping and cheering others. 

Here are some ideas to serve in your community:

  • Preparing food baskets
  • Decorating the home of a disabled or elderly veteran, or the home of a military family whose service member is deployed during the holiday season
  • Shoveling snow, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and/or stacking wood
  • A make and take event (ornaments, baked goods, jewelry, etc.)
  • Serving a meal at a local community center or homeless shelter
  • Gift wrapping
  • Stuffing stockings with socks, toiletries, baby wipes, a reusable water bottle, and snacks to donate to a local homeless shelter or foster care agency
So what do you say...? Check here for some local opportunities or contact your church, libraries, and community centers in your area to find even more opportunities. 
Learn More: Volunteerism and Competitive Employment

Dude, Where's My Transition Plan?

We are excited to share our newest resource booklet for youth, Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan, with you!  The booklet is available in English and Spanish:

Travel Training and Transportation Services 

Travel training is an area of transition planning and transition services that looks at training people with disabilities to get around safely and independently – whether on foot or in a wheelchair, on a bike or scooter, in a car, or using public transportation. Watch the video below from the Family Support Center of New Jersey and the travel guide below. 

 Transportation Education:
An IDEA Transition Service 

Learn More: Get Going! Travel Guide

Career Opportunities and
High School Endorsements

Students in high school have the unique opportunity to select at least one of five available endorsement options, allowing them to enroll in specific elective courses based on the student’s career interests and abilities.

Taking electives within your endorsement choice will allow you an early glimpse into the fields you are interested in, so you will have a head start in your college classes or vocational training. Additional resources can be found at House Bill 5: Foundation High School Program

This series of bulletins from the Texas Workforce Commission takes a closer look at each endorsement area and connects those endorsement pathways to career opportunities.

Each comprehensive issue contains vital information about the guidelines of the Foundation High School program and endorsement selection requirements. In addition, they feature careers that are specific to each endorsement area and the accompanying labor market information for each job title. 
Learn More: Connecting Youth to Career Video

Determine Your Minimum Salary Needs

Texas Reality Check is a Lifestyle calculator. It will show you will how much your living expenses will cost, and the amount of money you will need to earn to pay for them. This tool will:
  • Walk-through expenses you will incur each month.
  • Determine your minimum salary needs.
  • Explore occupations that will earn you the salary you will need.
Learn More: New and Emerging Occupations of the 21st Century

Personal Branding to Land a Job

Watch the video below to learn how to make a better professional impression through your personal brand online and in-person.

 Lessons with Bigfoot:
Personal Branding to Land a Job

Learn More: Employers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates



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