The pond aerators have been installed

Good news everyone, the pond aerators have been installed today September 2nd 2019. Greycliffe at the Quarry Home Owners Association realized the need to aerate the pond after several large fish kills and the increased amount of algae. The aeration will provide many benefits to our pond, including:
  • Enhancement of the fish habitats
  • Improving water quality
  • Reducing algae
  • Removing phosphorus
  • Break down unwanted bacteria
  • Help with mosquito problems
  • Remove foul odors from the pond
You will notice the bubbles at the surface at both ends of the pond, this is where the aerators are located and also marked by a small blue and white float. Please take care when fishing by these as we want them to last a long time and not get damaged by lures or fishing line.

The next steps we need to address as owners on the pond is how to curb or get rid of the goose population. Each one can produce 1-2 pounds of excrement per day which carries numerous bacteria which can include e-coli. If anyone has some ideas or options we would like for you to reach out. So far decoys, grape kool-aid and line tied across the waters edge have all failed. Come this spring, if anyone knows where they are nesting, we can try to shake the eggs and put them back so they are sitting on bad eggs and won't hatch. I'm sure everyone would like to be able to walk in their yard without a crap-ton (pun intended) of goose poop.

Thank you


Jeff Nissen
Pond Owners Committee
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