Greycliffe at the Quarry Newsletter - March 2017
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Greycliffe at the Quarry Newsletter
March 2017

Greycliffe Board of Directors

Jonathan Detrick

Jeffery Nissen

Dave Dauer
Treasurer / Trustee
Frank Butler
Secretary / Trustee

Lachman Chablani

Dale Bruhl

The Board of Greycliffe at the Quarry wants to keep the residents of our neighborhood up to date concerning events that occur between our annual meetings.  To that purpose we would like to present the following:

  • Development of the new website continues. By logging on to Greycliffe at you will be able to see the minutes of the board meetings, annual meeting minutes and quarterly financial reports as well as essential neighborhood information. Included in the website are copies of all of the deed restrictions, committee organizations and a complete map of the development with resident names. Please look at this important source of information.
  • When Greycliffe was developed, deed restrictions were written for plat 1. Subsequently plats 2, 3 and 4 were developed. While most of the deeds written for each of these plats were similar, there are variations in the restrictions for each area. The board is in the process of making all four documents match in major areas. A 75% approval is required from each resident of the plat to make these changes and the board would appreciate your assistance when voting becomes final.
  • The finances of Greycliffe are being dealt with on a daily basis by Toledo CPA and by the board treasurer. This includes contacting members that are delinquent in their dues and arranging appropriate payment. Past due accounts are charged $30.00 per month handling fees. Two members of our community were delinquent to the point of having a lien placed on their property and one has recently been sent to collections. We appreciate your prompt and continued attention to your dues. Through your efforts the past due accounts have dropped from over 30, amounting to $34,000.00 in debts to only two major accounts.
  • We have been blessed by a mild winter which has kept the cost of snow removal at a reasonable level. A new contract for lawn mowing and summer maintenance was signed.
  • The insurance policy for Greycliffe at the Quarry is being reviewed and renegotiated.
  • A new welcoming committee is contacting all new members to our community.
  • After a long court trial, the renting of a property to short term renters through AirBNB has been halted. We are pleased to report that the courts have upheld our restrictions on our neighborhood becoming a source for vacation rentals.  
  • A contract was signed giving us an easement for placement of a new wall on the north side of the development. Prior to this contract, the wall was sitting on private property and actually owned by an  individual who had bought the Quarry Club and subsequently chose to remove the wall. The new contract is written in perpetuity to avoid further conflicts.

It is our goal to present quarterly updates to members who have signed up to our website.  More and more this will become our source for information to you and we encourage you to continue to follow important events as they occur by signing on to our website.

Thank you,

The Greycliffe Board of Directors
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