Helping people not only get a good return on investments (ROI), but a great return on life (ROL).

Return on Life

Live   Give   Owe   Grow

ROL financial planning helps structure the four uses of money to gain the greatest ROL.  The first of the four is “Live”. 

Planning conviction: Lifestyle spending is the primary barrier to long-term financial freedom.

Television, print and other advertising media is specifically designed to create discontentment within us. The ads suggest that what we have isn’t enough but that we are in need of “more” or “bigger” or “newer” than whatever we currently think we need or have. These messages relentlessly bombard our senses and compete for our constant attention. Unfortunately when we act on the feelings these kinds of messages create within us there is a cost. The short-term joy that comes from the spending is not worth the cost of our future financial freedom.  

In the ROL process the objective for lifestyle spending is contentment. The challenge is to define what contentment means for us and align our spending toward specific goals and objectives that will help us to experience it.  Choosing contentment as a lifestyle will most likely mean prioritizing our spending on the other three uses of money (Give, Owe, Grow). We recommend a systematic “cap” on lifestyle spending that includes income increases and financial windfalls.

The principle is simply: spend less than you make and allocate the difference over the other three uses of money. Then, just like the shampoo bottle directions, rinse and repeat!  This simple strategy will create the financial margin in your life needed to accomplish your long-term hopes and dreams while enjoying everything you have received along the way.


Your life is not about making money, your money is about making a life


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