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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things
We're so glad so many from the Spring season are continuing with us and excited to welcome a couple new folks! We were able to open up a few more spots if you have any friends or neighbors who want to join! 

Just a little bit of housekeeping as we get going again...


  • Invoices: Your total is $<<Full Diet Payment>>. This number is for your first check this season and reflects your payment preference (season total, every four weeks, etc.). A check can either be mailed directly to us at Pink Elephant Farm 6964 Ballardsville Rd. Smithfield, KY 40068 or just left in the cooler where we will deliver on Thursday.  And do let us know if this number doesn't look right for some reason! 


  • Schedule: We are changing up the schedule slightly for the Fall season. Deliveries/pickups and order forms will be on a bi-weekly basis (every other week). So just like you did for the final delivery of the spring season, you'll order each time for a two week period. Pricing will stay the same--it's still a 14 week season plus some big Thanksgiving bonuses, just with seven total deliveries. *For more info on why we're making this shift, see below.* 

    Additionally, starting with a delivery on September 5th, deliveries will come on WEDNESDAYS instead of Thursdays. 


  • First Order Form: The first order is linked below. Given the schedule change, you are ordering for a two week period, instead of a one week period.  


  • A special note on ordering Milk: You'll have the option in the order form to get your milk request all at once, or to break up the order over the two weeks. We're happy to deliver fresh milk each week, but know the milk should be perfectly drinkable throughout the two week period.    


Finally, here is this week's order form.

+ Delivery for this order is THURSDAY AUGUST 23. Expect us sometime between 4-7pm. 

+ Please complete this order by Tuesday night so we can harvest on Wednesday. 

+ Remember, you are ordering for two weeks. The next order form will come Sunday September 2nd for the next two week order period.  

+ And please remember to set out a couple coolers so everything can stay crisp until you get home. 


Pictured above: Jenny and her sister, Laura, are introducing cousins, Alma and Lauden. 
--Little Farm Update and More Info About the Schedule-- 

We came home from this break to farms loaded with the abundance of summer--all the tomatoes are popping, eggplant and okra is going insane, and potatoes are out and headed to storage. There was also more planting during this time--the fall carrots and beets, cabbages and greens, and always salad.  And the winter squash is setting lots of fruit. Can't wait to get it to you all!

So, why are we shifting the schedule?

Our previous Winter Season operated on a bi-weekly basis and then we shifted to weekly for the Spring Season. Having done both now, the feedback from customers and farmers seems to be a preference for the bi-weekly. We're hearing that the food keeps well and remembering to order every week is hard sometimes! This CSA is unique for the area in that it is year-round, so we don't want to wear anyone out ;-) And from our perspective, we (Justin and Jenny) have been adjusting to the new life of parents so shifting back to delivering every other week will offer a little more breathing room into our life and farm. 

The veggies and everything else should stay vibrant and fresh for the duration of the two week order period. If you are finding any issues though, PLEASE let us know! We will try to reference best storage tips for veggies in the newsletters as reminders. The bread freezes well if you want to spread out enjoying it during the two weeks.

Though the milk should stay perfectly drinkable for the two week period, we are happy to deliver milk every week if desired. This will keep you in fresh milk and keeps milk moving out of our cold storage. You can indicate on the order form if you want a gallon each week.    

The other piece we're trying to work out, in addition to adjusting to being parents, is that we'd like to continue working towards diversifying what we can put on the order form. We'd like to explore offering kombucha, more ferments, and ideally more raw dairy products (butter??). So a little time between order form logistics will hopefully allow us to refine some kitchen time to offer you more items!
A Message to the Community 

One of our members, Steve Schnurr, sadly passed away during the last season. As I understand, Steve was battling a number of cancers, and enjoyed using the CSA foods to help support his health. Hearing how some members are seeking out our fresh, nutrient-dense foods to support their health, sometimes in these very acute ways, places a profound and unexpected responsibility on the farm. Speaking for myself, it's humbling to participate in peoples lives in this way, and to be reminded of the real, fragile, dynamic, human beings on the other side of this computer who are cooking, savoring and being nourished by these foods we produce each week.  

Here's what Joseph from Valley Spirit had to say: 

As we are a Community Supported group, we wanted to share with all members of our CSA that we lost one in our community recently, a darn good one. 

We have had the distinct privilege of growing food for Steve for the past four years. Personally, he was a source of great light in my life. A lovely man, his goodness was obvious and he was beloved in his community. His memorial service made that clearly evident. 

I always left Steve’s presence in greater spirits than I had been in previously. He was someone I looked forward to seeing every time I had the opportunity. He loved radishes and for that alone he is a saint. I will never forget his hospitality, whether it was offering me a beer, a chair to sit down and chat a while, or telling me to “peace out, young sir” when leaving his company. 

His son Tom whom he split his CSA share with is continuing on as a member this season. I thought everyone would enjoy getting to know more about the life of Steve. His obituary is below.

Best wishes to you Tom and to your family. Thank you for sharing your Dad’s life with us.



Stephen J. Schnurr Sr.

1927 - 2018

Louisville - Stephen J. Schnurr, Sr., 90, died July 6, 2018. A lifelong Louisville resident, he was born November 25, 1927. A 1945 graduate of Saint Xavier High School, he served in the United States Coast Guard (1945-1946) and studied briefly at Speed Scientific School of the University of Louisville before his career in the family business of Julius Schnurr & Sons, Inc. He volunteered in many capacities for Saint Joseph Children's Home, including service as president of its board of trustees. On August 18, 1951, he married Betty Jean Ziegler, who died August 3, 2010. He is survived by his four children: Stephen J. Schnurr, Jr., of Gary, Indiana; Jean C. Schnurr of Catonsville, Maryland; Thomas J. Schnurr of Louisville; and Robert C. Schnurr (Sherrie Effenbeck) of Loveland, Colorado; as well as six step-grandchildren: Jackson Stites and Nhoora Fuller of Oregon, and Breana, Kalie, and Alexis Hurd of Colorado. A memorial Mass will be celebrated August 7, 2018, at 11:00 a.m., at Saint Boniface Catholic Church, 531 East Liberty Street, Louisville. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Saint Boniface Church.
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Your Valley Spirit Farmers! 
Caleb, Kelly, Judah & Rebekah Fiechter on the left. Joseph, Abbie, Ruth and Angus Monroe on the right.
And from Pink Elephant Farm & Kitchen, Jenny Vaughn and Justin Owings.
As a reminder, this is all new to all of us. Please feel free to reach out at any time with any and all questions or concerns. We want this to be a highly positive experience for all of us, and a big part of ensuring this is keeping the communication and feedback lines always open. Let us know what's going on--what you liked, what you cooked, how veggies are storing and holding up for you, etc.. 
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