Monday, November 19

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that your turkey will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. They are fresh, so please have a cooler out with plenty of ice packs in it. Otherwise, you are ready to get that bird brining or otherwise prepared for your Thanksgiving cooking! 

I have kept all the Thanksgiving/turkey recipes below as a quick reference. And I've actually included a video from the cookbook and Netflix show, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, I told y'all about a couple weeks ago. It's a recipe for buttermilk roast chicken, which I suspect would work just as well for turkey. But she also just has a few good, basic tips and considerations for roasting a whole bird, like letting it come to room temp before tossing it in the oven so that it will cook evenly. :)  

Wishing everyone excellent cooking! Enjoy!

Turkey!! Turkey's are raised by Andre Faul, of Faul Riverside Family Farm, the same Andre who has been suppling those beautiful chickens. They will be heading your way on Tuesday November 20th and will be fresh. Please leave a cooler out for us to deliver on Tuesday, and for those picking up, feel free to come anytime Tuesday or Wednesday. The White Broad Breasted breed is a standard market breed, and has been fed a non GMO diet and were rotated on pasture every three days. We are expecting them to be quite delicious!

All About Thanksgiving
What a holiday: a day all about giving thanks for the abundance of the the earth and all those who bring food to the table. We are especially grateful for Andre and his family for their commitment to raising high quality poultry, including the turkeys that will be gracing our tables this year. 

I suspect every household has their own unique Thanksgiving traditions and probably has unique preferences for what this meal should be and how it should all turn out. I don't want to step on too many toes here, but here are a handful of resources to help, remind, or inspire you in the kitchen this season. 

This article from the New York Times gets tips and recommendations from lots of the best chefs around NYC. The consensus, it seems, is to break the turkey down and roast each piece until its perfect level of doneness. The Splendid Table has a running countdown to their Thanksgiving episode, "Turkey Confidential," which I'm sure will be full of great ideas and tips for pulling off your holiday celebration. Thomas Keller, known for among others things, has his "Perfect Roast Chicken." He applies many of the same strategies for roasting a turkey as he does for chicken. But I also find little cooking reminders from Keller helpful.   

Finally, a couple videos from both Gordon Ramsay and America's test kitchen (see below) . Once you watch, and consider the articles, you'll notice there are lots of methods for preparing your perfect turkey. I'd just underscore the tip from Gabrielle Hamilton who says, "recognize the limits of your time and interests in making a particular part of the meal." In other words, I think she's saying to do what feels good; trust yourself in the kitchen; it's going to be epic no matter what. And if all else fails, we're in Kentucky, there's plenty of bourbon to go around!    
Lots of great tips. Just totally digging on her cooking style. 
Love love love all the butter and bacon going on in this situation. It certainly isn't traditional in my family to go this route, but he's sure making a good case for a tradition change! 
Bucking the suggestions of all those famous NYC chefs, the test kitchen suggests that perfect Normal Rockwell turkey is within reach. 
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Your Valley Spirit Farmers! 
Caleb, Kelly, Judah & Rebekah Fiechter on the left. Joseph, Abbie, Ruth and Angus Monroe on the right.
And from Pink Elephant Farm & Kitchen, Jenny Vaughn and Justin Owings.
As a reminder, this is all new to all of us. Please feel free to reach out at any time with any and all questions or concerns. We want this to be a highly positive experience for all of us, and a big part of ensuring this is keeping the communication and feedback lines always open. Let us know what's going on--what you liked, what you cooked, how veggies are storing and holding up for you, etc.. 
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