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Please refer to this copy of your Update. There was an incorrect name (Jill Sherlock, not Lyn Baker in a pic), and a CPD course in September in Adelaide is Defence, not 2/1.
Apologies. Now (re) read on...

I've just returned from a weekend of Bridge Education at Peninsula Bridge Club, and I'm always overwhelmed at the sense of camaraderie I feel there.
They have what all clubs strive for: a team (mainly volunteers) who work well together to achieve strategic goals, and they've developed a strong sense of involvement with the community. It's really uplifting!

In the same vein, I hope you'll read about the Maitland Bridge Club featured as this month's "Club of the Month" too.  There are some impressive individuals who have driven the growth there too. 
The ABF are supportive of such efforts and the growing number of accredited teachers is a result of this support.  

We would love to hear from clubs, whether small, large, successful in competitions or focused on providing a service in their community.
Please get in touch with me, share your stories, or ask for feedback if you need help for a challenge your club faces. 

Have a great month!

National Teaching Coordinator

Could 2/1 be taught to Beginners? 

Why not? If we accept that beginners courses are really aimed to foster a student's general enjoyment of the game, and not to overload them with too much bidding detail, then it's just as easy (probably easier) to suggest an opening hand is needed to show their own suit at the two-level as it is to tell them 10+ points is the magic number. 

Rarely do beginners get a handle on the 1NT response either, so whether it shows 6 - 9 or 6 - a bad 12 is not a big deal! 

How do you feel about this? Please let me know your views. 

Bridge Club of the Month: Maitland Bridge Club 

Bridge lessons are the not-so-secret recipe to Maitland Bridge Club’s success. 
Established in 1975 and currently home to 165 members, Maitland Bridge Club Vice President and Bridge Teacher Jenny Coyle said the club’s friendly vibe and educational focus helped attract and keep new members.


ABF Teacher Accreditation Program 

Jill Sherlock from Narrabeen, and Anne Small from Peninsula Bridge Club with National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts.

Congratulations to all of our newly accredited teachers. You can find a full list of accredited teachers and their profiles on the Teacher Profile page.
Points can be obtained by attending official ABF Teacher Training Workshops, by submitting the details of a series of lessons, or help with play sessions you conduct at your club. Points can also be rewarded in recognition of past experience or expertise. 

You can view all Teacher Profiles, your Accreditation Points tally and Submit Your Work for consideration on the ABF Website.

Upcoming Teacher Training Workshops

Teacher Training Program: 

Saturday 4 May, Ballarat Bridge Club, Joan Butts

CPD 1: Modern Bidding Methods: 
Saturday, 23 June, Victorian Bridge Association, Joan Butts

CPD 2: Defence
Sunday, 24 June, Victorian Bridge Association, Joan Butts 
Sunday 9 September, South Australia Bridge Association, Adelaide, Joan Butts

CPD 3: Two over One Game Force
Sunday 17 June, City of Melville Bridge Club, Perth WA, Joan Butts

CPD 4: Declarer Play 
Sunday 5 May, Ballarat Bridge Club, Joan Butts
Saturday 16 June, City of Melville Bridge Club, Perth WA, Joan Butts
Saturday 8 September, South Australia Bridge Association, Adelaide, Joan Butts
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