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New Wood-Mizer LX100 sawmill for heavy use released


LX100 is the first in a new line of Wood-Mizer sawmills, completely redesigned from the ground up based on the feedback and needs of sawyers from all over the world. The LX100 sawmill is built for heavy and continuous sawmilling use and features many innovations in strength, efficiency, ease of use, and operator visibility. 
The LX100 is the first sawmill in a new line of completely redesigned Wood-Mizer sawmills.
LX100 - New xFRAME design
A new innovation is the rigid xFRAME that holds the control panel, the motor, and the sawmill head. The xFRAME travels on side-by-side tandem steel bars of the bed. The xFRAME allows the operator to stand in a position with better visibility during the cutting process.
The rigid new xFrame holds the control panel, the motor, and the sawmill head

The sawmill controls are centrally located on the Operator Control Panel. A wide, easy-grip handle functions as a push bar for the sawmill if purchased without the optional power feed. For faster production, power feed control can be added to precisely control the sawmill speed as it cuts through the log. The power feed system is driven on a heavy-duty chain, faster and more durable than other methods.
The sawmill controls and optional Setworks are centrally located on the Operator Control Panel

No manual cranking is needed to raise or lower the blade position. The up/down switch moves the powered sawmill head into place for the next cut. With the Optional Setworks, just set a board size and with one button, the sawmill repositions automatically for each cut. 
Keeping sap and sawdust from building up on the blade is easier with automatic blade lubrication that activates when the blade is engaged, and turns off when the blade stops. 

LX100 BED – New design built for extreme endurance
The LX100 bed is an entirely new design that is engineered to withstand continuous and heavy use with thicker steel in the tubes and cross sections. The bed rails are higher than the side tubes, so that it is easy to load logs onto the bed with a forklift, without dropping the logs onto the sawmill.

The improved log clamp with a new attachment for easily clamping the last board to cut
This attachment allows for more precise clamping of cants and thinner planks
The log clamp is always held out of the dirt and within easy reach when you need it.
The new xFrame travels on side-by-side tandem steel bars of the bed.
The LX100 cuts logs up to 700 mm in diameter
The LX100 cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter and of any length by adding additional modular bed sections. The LX series, like all Wood-Mizer sawmills, are produced both in the USA and Europe, and meet all safety requirements for the respective markets.
LX100 Specifications
  - 7.5 kW standard (16 Amps normal usage)
  -  11 kW optional (25 Amps normal usage)
Cutting Specs
  - 70cm log diameter
  - 64 cm max width of cut 
  - 5.4 m – 8.1 m log length (depending on the bed segment size)
Standard features
  - Electric up/down
  - Electric blade guide
  - Automatic blade lubrication
Optional features
  - Power feed
  - Debarker
  - Setworks
Contact: Wood-Mizer Africa
Forestry News
International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference
Announcing the International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference at the Furama Resort, Da Nang, Vietnam. On the program we have the Conference on from February 13-15, 2017 and from February 16-17, 2017 a Field Trip. read more
Forest Enterprise Simulator.
The "Forestry Enterprise Simulator" (ForEntSim) project is joint initiative by the Dept. of Forest & Wood Science at Stellenbosch University, the Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) & Forest Economic Service (FES). The aim is to provide a tool with which the feasibility & profitability of forestry enterprises & the efficiency of value chains can be tested.
read more
Agri SA Comments on the Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill
The protection of agricultural land, especially high potential agricultural land, is of crucial importance. Agri SA has been advocating for the protection of agricultural land for decades. Many competing land uses such as residential & mining are making serious inroads into the availability of agricultural land. read more
Protea Agricultural Training Centre
Horticultural & agricultural skills training course outline for 2017. On-site skills training for 10 - 15 people.
read more
Reconciling actual and predicted forest yields
At recent ForestTECH events, presentations have been given on the plot imputation method for forest yield analysis that uses a combination of field inventory plots & LiDAR metrics to predict recoverable volume by log grade. ForestTECH 2016 in mid-Nov will be showcasing a number of major forestry companies that have trialed and rolled out this inventory system. read more
Wood made in a petrie dish
It may sound like magic but a Canterbury University researcher thinks 3D technology could hold the key to a whole new industry in 3D printing wood. Associate Professor David Leung has just received funding of $255,000 to unlock just how to do it. He says the idea is to take a group of cells he has in a petri dish and then make them become wood. read more
International News
China's Imports of Wood Product Expected to Surge
China has always been one of the biggest wood product importers in the world. In the first half of 2016, over 50% of China's wood products are imported & the imports of wood, wood-based panels & wooden furniture have all jumped noticeably compare with the same period of 2015. read more
Understanding forest land use study
Understanding how ethnic minority households make decisions on using their forest land! This is the key objective of a PhD research project that has just been developed at the New Zealand School of Forestry, University of Canterbury. This research is being conducted by a Vietnamese central government employee and funding for the work... read more
Wood pellet imports to the UK fell 24% year-over-year in August
Wood pellet imports to the United Kingdom have gone up dramatically the past five years and are likely to reach a new all-time-high in 2016, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review. The US South is the main supplying region with shipments having increased eight-fold since 2012. read more
Timber harvests in the US have increased by 10% from 2011 to 2015 because of higher production of wood pellets, softwood lumber and hardwood lumber
Seattle, USA. According to official statistics, the US timber harvests were practically the same in 2015 as in 2011, coming in at 355 million m3. This appears to be quite low considering the log demand by the US forest industry. Analysis by Wood Resources International based on derived log consumption by the forest industry in the US and net log trade, indicates that the actual removals of industrial roundwood were closer to 411 million m3 in 2015, and 10% higher than in 2011. read more
The WRQ Trade Snapshots - Regular Updates of Global Forest Products Trade
The 52-page market report, the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), established in 1988 and with subscribers in over 30 countries, publishes prices and market commentary for softwood lumber, softwood logs, pulpwood, wood chips and wood pellets for the major markets around world. This fall we are launching the WRQ Trade Snapshots, a complementary service for WRQ subscribers. read more
Global pulpwood prices were up in the 2Q/16 after having declined for seven consecutive quarters
Wood fiber costs currently account for almost 60% of the cash costs when manufacturing wood pulp. Prices for both wood chips and pulplogs have trended downward for a long time, but this came to an abrupt halt in the 2Q/16 when the softwood price index rose 2.3% and the hardwood price index increased 3.7% from the 1Q/16, according to the latest Wood Resource Quarterly.  read more
Transport News
Brake & Tyre watch opens eyes about unroadworthy trucks
Hino SA, one of the country's leading truck manufacturers, recently sponsored the first joint Brake & Tyre Watch event attended by truck operators, Hino dealers & a large number of Hino SA staff. It certainly proved an eye-opener for all of those who attended.
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Hino partners with agribonus reward programme
Hino South Africa has become the first truck brand to become a partner in the AgriBonus Rewards Programme, which is designed to benefit local customers. Members of AgriBonus earn points through purchases from a variety of service providers, who are all prominent in their various fields of business. read more
Forest Engineering News
New forestry machines in Elmia Classics
Elmia Classics, the e-museum for old forestry machines & associated products, has been updated with new machines. The museum has now gained both older & newer machines made in both the Nordic region & further afield. "This time we've also included unusual machines such as Russian skidders from the 1980s," explains Jimmi Svensson, the collector behind the project. read more
John Deere 800M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters Now Equipped with Final Tier 4 Engines
As a part of its commitment to offer loggers equipment designed to meet their needs, John Deere has upgraded the 800M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and 800MH-Series Tracked Harvesters with engines that meet FT4 emission standards. read more
Husqvarna Group and BMZ in strategic partnership for future battery development
In order to further increase the competitiveness of Husqvarna Group's offering & drive the penetration of battery powered products in the forestry, lawn & garden market, Husqvarna Group & BMZ has signed a strategic partnership to develop the most competitive battery & charger products... read more
Stick insect concept development continues
One output of New Zealand's FFR Steep Land Harvesting programme, a robotic tree-to-tree machine, dubbed the "stick insect", was demonstrated in September to a small group of forest industry representatives at Bottle Lake Forest Park near Christchurch. read more
CT scanner for whole tree logs receives scientific award
The 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is awarded to Alexander Katsevich & Federico Giudiceandrea for the development of a CT scanner for whole tree logs. The prizewinners received their diploma from the hands of His Majesty the King of Sweden at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, on 10 Oct 2016 read more
'Local is still Lekker' with new Bell L-series TLB
Although the Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) may be considered an entry-level machine for general earthworks, the newly launched Bell L-series TLB is proudly a locally manufactured product that offers innovation & a wide range of features that one would only expect in much larger & more sophisticated equipment. read more
Express tree planting in Finland
Recently in Scandinavian countries, it has become very popular to use tree-planting machines. Manual planting is still the most common way, but recent improvements in technology may change this situation dramatically in the coming future. Let's check out how this practice looks like in Finland. read more
Tree planting robot from University students
The University of Victoria team behind a prototype automatic tree planting robot have developed a second generation of their TreeRover device, with better digging ability for tough soils. One of the issues with the initial design was how the TreeRover at the time would use a pneumatic air system - with mixed results - to punch a young plant into the soil, with another arm... read more
Value Adding News
Masonite Africa is reborn as Evowood
Masonite Africa Limited, the SA market leader in hardboard and softboard for over 70 years, will be rebranded as Evowood from November. The rebranding marks a new beginning and reflects the rejuvenation and reinvigoration of a company that was acquired by the proudly South African consortium of Jacobs Capital and Black Bird Capital in August 2016. read more
New Log Line at Merensky's Weza Sawmill supplied by Holtec
Logs from 2.4m to 24m can be processed  - "We set the challenge & Holtec delivered," notes Stephen Roth, Engineering Manager at Merensky's Weza Sawmill, which was recently upgraded during a Group-wide optimisation project. read more
Wood South China 2017(formerly Wood Guangzhou)!
Why Attend Wood South China 2017? 1- It's estimated that over 21% of China's wood suppliers are located in Guangdong Province-China's largest furniture-manufacturing base, where Wood South China is held in every May.  read more
Malaysia aiming at China's timber market
Malaysia was once one of China's major timber & timber product suppliers. However, since 2010, Malaysia seemed to take on a negligent manner with Chinese market, which can be shown in data. From 2010 to 2015, Malaysian exportation of timber to China has dropped by a staggering 58%. read more
Wooden glass for windows and solar panels
Researchers from Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology earlier this year announced the development of an "optically transparent wood".  It's said that it lends itself to mass production, & could serve as a viable substitute for glass as a building material in windows and solar panels. read more
Environmental News
Integrated poaching strategy outlined for SADC region
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is implementing a strategy to strengthen its fight against poaching & the illegal trade in flora & fauna, with law enforcement being a major factor in the battle. The illegal logging & timber trade constitute about 20-30% of the total timber trade. read more
Extinct trees found in the queen's royal garden aren't so extinct
During a recent survey of trees in the Queen's garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, botanists discovered two elms thought to be extinct for nearly a half century. The two trees belong to a species known as the Wentworth elm, & scientists thought it had gone extinct last century on account of the Dutch elm disease epidemic. read more
Forest benefits singled out in Climate Change report
We need to work together on climate change and farming, says Environment Commissioner. New Zealanders must work together and start tackling the complex problem of the biological greenhouse gases from agriculture, says Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. read more
Six recently recorded Australian insects associated with Eucalyptus in South Africa
S.J. Bush, B. Slippers, S. Neser, M. Harney, G. Dittrich-Schroder, B.P. Hurley
The increased movement of good and pathways to transport these goods around the world, combined with the global homogenisation of cultivated areas has resulted in an increase in insect movement and establishment. This pattern has been evident in South Africa , including plantations of Eucalyptus where the increase in the rate of introduction of non-native insect herbivores has been reported. read more
Botrytis eucalypti, a novel species isolated from diseased Eucalyptus seedlings in South China
QianLi Liu, GuoQing Li, JieQiong Li, ShuaiFei Chen
Eucalyptus has become a preferred species for the production of industrial products and also for the protection of natural forests in South China. Many diseases affect these trees, both on plantations and in nurseries. One such disease in Eucalyptus nurseries is grey mould caused by a species of Botrytis. Symptoms of grey mould were recently observed on stems and leaves of Eucalyptus urophylla × Eucalyptus grandis seedlings in nurseries in ZhanJiang, GuangDong Province, South China.
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Why IUFRO really matters to tropical forestry research
MJ Wingfield
I took on the presidency of the International Union of Forestry Research Organisations (IUFRO), in October 2014, having the honor to follow in the footsteps of some great leaders in forestry research. In my acceptance speech, I committed to promoting a number of key goals. These included firstly the promotion of forestry research globally, and consistent with the strategic goals of IUFRO, to emphasise the science-policy interface that is so important to world prosperity. There are two other areas of importance about which I am passionate and that underpin my key goals.
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Precipitation, not air temperature, drives functional responses of trees in semi-arid ecosystems
Charlotte Grossiord,*, Sanna Sevanto, Henry D. Adams, Adam D. Collins, Lee T. Dickman, Natalie McBranch, Sean T. Michaletz, Elizabeth A. Stockton, Miguel Vigil1 and Nate G. McDowell
Model scenarios of climate change predict that warming and drought will occur simultaneously in the future in many regions. The capacity of woody species to modify their physiology and morphology in response to environmental conditions is widely recognized, but little is known about the responses of trees to reduced precipitation and increased temperature acting simultaneously.
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Securing African forests for future drier climates
Casparus J Crous, Francois S Malan & Michael J Wingfield
Increasing incidences of drought-induced tree mortality are being recorded worldwide, including Africa. African forests cover a significant proportion of the continent, which implies that African forest sustainability is threatened from a climate-change perspective. This is especially problematic in a developing nation context, because forest ecosystems such as plantation forestry provide important goods and services that sustain human well-being and economic growth.
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