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Wood-Mizer TITAN wideband sawmilling product range announced

Wood-Mizer Holdings is proud to announce that it has acquired the wideband sawmill equipment range of South Africa-based Multisaw, which will now be known as Wood-Mizer TITAN.
Best known as a leading supplier of thin-kerf, narrowband sawmills since the 1980s, Wood-Mizer has significantly broadened its reach into the wideband industrial sawmill manufacturing and supply arena in the past decade.
The recent agreement between Wood-Mizer and Multisaw will now strengthen Wood-Mizer’s ability to design and manufacture innovative wideband sawmilling solutions that will extend the corporation’s reach in the wide and narrow band sawmilling arenas further.
Wood-Mizer’s purchase of the Intellectual Property Rights (IP) of Multisaw’s wideband sawmill equipment range and the phased transition of the manufacturing processes to Wood-Mizer’s global manufacturing network, holds a number of benefits for current and future Wood-Mizer TITAN sawmill owners.
The synergies from Wood-Mizer and Multisaw’s combined know-how in the narrow and wide band saw arenas, will result in a new generation of sawmilling solutions that is set to revolutionise the global sawmilling industry. 
Plans are also far advanced to offer TITAN wideband products and services to Wood-Mizer’s global customer base through the company’s international network of representatives.
This will give Wood-Mizer TITAN owners the assurance of Wood-Mizer approved customer service and after sale support.
After-sales service support including radically up-scaled spare part inventories and new supply and technical support team networks in existing and emerging markets are set to decrease downtime and ramp up productivity.
Timeframes for commissioning new installations, the maintenance of existing lines together with the technical training of mill personnel will also benefit from the added capacity that is now available globally.
The TITAN Range
TITAN wideband machines will greatly expand Wood-Mizer’s available products, which will now consist of three distinct product lines, each geared towards the specific volume and budget requirements of the end-user.
Wood-Mizer’s Orange sawmill range continues to provide sawmilling solutions for entry level through to professional sawmillers, while Wood-Mizer’s Green range will now focus on narrowband industrial sawmilling solutions. TITAN products are heavy-duty, and built-tough wideband sawmilling solutions for high-throughput industrial sawmilling applications.
Each TITAN product is designed to operate as standalone unit that can be used in existing sawmilling lines or form an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.
The range provides for primary and secondary log breakdown capacity across a range of log diameters varying from 100-800 mm in diameter. Blade widths on TITAN machines vary between 32 mm and 150 mm, depending on configuration.
The Titan products include horizontal and vertical primary and secondary log breakdown sawmills and resaws, circular saw edgers, multirips, and material handling equipment.
TITAN Bandsaws
  • Twin vertical primary breakdown head rigs
  • Resaws
TITAN Circular saws
  • Multi-rips
  • Optimising board edgers
  • Manual edgers
International and National representation
Existing and future TITAN customers in Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA will find immediate benefit in the newly forged partnership between Wood-Mizer and Multisaw.
Wood-Mizer’s worldwide sales and service network will now be actively involved in the sale and support of existing and new Wood-Mizer TITAN installations.
Additional sales and service points in South Africa, Africa and around the world will greatly expand spare parts availability through conveniently located service centres.
Reduced downtime, improved productivity and the convenience of having approved and trained technicians available to service and repair machines, are some of the benefits that Titan customers can expect from the expanded service network that Wood-Mizer now offers.
In South Africa, existing and new Titan customers can depend on Wood-Mizer’s proven sales and technical service support network.
Wood-Mizer TITAN’s twin and quad vertical primary breakdown saw range achieves equal open face cuts in a fast, precise and robust way.
The Wood-Mizer TITAN Resaw range offers ultra fast (<80 m/min) feedspeeds and on-the-fly size change capacity combined with high throughput and the stability-of-cut that 32 to 150 mm wide blade sizes provide for.
Wood-Mizer TITAN’s Circular Multirip and Edger range provides for built-tough, no-nonsense industrial strength secondary breakdown capacity.
Wood-Mizer TITAN’s T-AE Optimising Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging
Contact: Wood-Mizer Africa
Forestry News

CMO expands and restructures
Our South African forestry customer base requires suppliers to remain innovative and sensitive to their needs. To this end, CMO is happy to advise that we now have a full-time manager in KZN, South Africa. read more


Register for the 6th Annual Forestry Training Indaba - Free of charge
This year's theme is "Yakhani" - We are building.  Come & join the Forestry Training Indaba & tap into a wealth of knowledge, resources, know-how & inspiration. The 2016 Forestry Indaba brings together all you need to know to improve training & development requirements. read more
SIMA 2017
Following a meeting between Mike Peter and representatives of the French Trade Commission, the latter have invited members of the South African Forestry Industry to attend SIMA 2017. This is a huge agricultural / forestry expo which is to be held in Paris between 26th February and 2nd March 2017. read more
Economic doldrums will pass
Economists expect tough times in world markets for the next year or so, but are hoping for a "meaningful" upswing after that.  This is one of the comments from Nedbank Chief Economist Dennis Dykes in an interview with the Dolphin Bay Brief last week. read more
PG Bison in partnership with local farmers feed Ugie's vulnerable citizens
The most vulnerable citizens of Ugie in the rural outback of the Eastern Cape are set to benefit from a newly-launched feeding scheme - the latest addition to a range of interventions through which leading diversified timber company PG Bison provides support to its community. read more
State & Private Forestry Report Highlights Accomplishments & Emerging Trends in Forestry
The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) has released the 2016 State and Private Forestry Report which includes success stories and an overview of emerging issues and trends that were recently identified by the state forestry agencies. read more
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Africa journey
FSC certification in Africa started in South Africa in 1997, when timber plantations in South Africa were first certified. At the time, the process was managed from the FSC International headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Over time, Africa was recognized as a key area for FSC certification. read more
Invitation : FP&M SETA introduces its Research Partnership with Wits University
As a valued stakeholder in one of the FP&M sectors we would like to keep you informed on initiatives that show our ongoing commitment to improving our service to you. FP&M SETA has established a research partnership at the School of Education, University of Witwatersrand, focused on the ‘Political Economy of Skills'. read more
AGFO Expo - Programme of Events
Agriculture and Forestry Exhibitors (over 100 stands) / Agforum / March by Firefighters / Bomber Fly-by / Bell Driving Competition / Chain-saw cutting and many more competitions / Arts & Crafts Market / Food & Beverage Stalls / Beer Tent / Children's Entertainment / Evening Entertainment: Radio Kalahari Orkes read more
Invitation: ICFR Occasional Seminar on Biorefinery Technologies
The seminar is entitled Biorefinery Technologies in the Forest Products Industries & will be given by Dr Bruce Sithole (Forestry & Forest Products Research Centre, UKZN/CSIR) on Friday 14 October 2016. read more
Provincial hearings on the Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Policy Bill 
The Protection & Development of Agricultural Land Bill (PDALB) has been redrafted in its entirety by DAFF. The revised Bill has been submitted to Nedlac, but the Department is simultaneously hosting provincial consultations on the Bill. Agri SA has prepared draft commentary which has been circulated. read more
Media Statement by the Chief Land Claims Commissioner, Ms Nomfundo Ntloko Gobodo
In the Statement of the Cabinet Meeting of 31 Aug 2016, Cabinet stated that it had noted the Constitutional Court ruling on the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act, 2014 that reopened the lodgement of land restitution claim, & that the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights will be conducting a media briefing to guide the way forward following the ruling. read more
Partnering up in KwaZulu-Natal to save rhinos
The beautiful 700ha Gwahumbe Game & Spa in Mid-Illovo, KZN, is the latest private reserve to join the ranks of others which have dehorned their rhinos. Its partnership with Husqvarna & Hilton veterinary surgeon Dr Ryan van Deventer will, hopefully, ensure the survival of the lodge's last remaining male rhino, 8-year-old Vuyo - & finally allow the expansion of its herd. read more
SPCA receives welcome donation
With a smile on their dial, volunteers from the public and the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) planted trees at the society's Lakefield premises. The association secured 2 711 trees through their partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. read more
International News
Brexit rattles RI-European timber trade prospects
Shortly after the UK people voted to leave the EU, the country witnessed a change of prime minister & economic uncertainties radiated around the globe.
For timber traders & advocates of environmental sustainability in Indonesia, this development was a major concern. The country was about to clear the final hurdle toward getting the FLEGT license for its timber trade.  read more
The WRQ Trade Snapshots - Regular Updates of Global Forest Products Trade!
The 52-page market report, the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), established in 1988 and with subscribers in over 30 countries, publishes prices and market commentary for softwood lumber, softwood logs, pulpwood, wood chips and wood pellets for the major markets around world. This fall we are launching the WRQ Trade Snapshots, a complementary service for WRQ subscribers. read more
Softwood lumber prices have trended upward around the world the first six months of 2016
Demand for softwood lumber has gone up in many markets around the world in 2016, resulting in a substantial increase in global lumber trade. With very few exceptions, the major importing countries have imported more lumber during the first six months this year than they did during the same period in 2015, according to estimates by the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ) read more
The global timber price index GSPI was up 4.2% in the 2Q/16 after having fallen to the lowest level since 2009 in early 2016
Higher sawlog prices in Russia, Brazil, Germany and British Columbia in the 2Q/16 contributed to the first increase of the GSPI sawlog price index in over two year, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. An increase in lumber demand and slightly higher log trade than last year have put upward price pressure on softwood sawlogs in most major markets of the world this year. read more
Transport News
Researchers say trees could help strengthen auto parts
Trees that are removed during forest restoration projects could find their way into car bumpers and fenders as part of a study led by Srikanth Pilla of Clemson University. Pilla is collaborating on the study with researchers from the USDA Forest Service's Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. read more
Stability control the key to improving truck safety
"Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a superior vehicle safety system that detects the stability and sideways acceleration of a heavy vehicle, and automatically activates to slow the vehicle down if it senses risk of a rollover. read more
HINO SA having a good year despite economic climate
"Hino SA is having a good year in terms of sales when one considers the tough the economic climate & highly competitive market," said Vice President Ernie Trautmann. "Hino's overall market share is currently standing at 13.5% of the total truck & bus market compared to our target for the year of.... read more
Forest Engineering News
Focus on Forestry - April 2017 - KZN
Planning is well underway for Focus on Forestry 2017, organised by CMO, NMMU and the ICFR. This year's Focus will be held in KwaZulu Natal, from 19 - 21 of April 2017. Focus on Forestry now has a wider scope of including silviculture, fire management and forest engineering.
read more
Automatic GNSS-enabled harvester data to evaluate productivity
Most modern CLT machines used in forest harvesting have on-board computers that capture individual tree data & can also be coupled with GNSS. Researchers from the Universities of Canterbury & Sunshine Coast have used this data to study a forest harvesting operation in a Eucalyptus spp. Plantation based in Uruguay. read more
Value Adding News
A cut above the rest for 60 years - and a laser-sharp vision for the future
60 seconds make up a minute & 60 minutes an hour. One might ask what 60 years would comprise. To First Cut, a leading SA manufacturer & distributor of capital equipment, cutting consumables & precision measuring tools to a broad range of industry sectors, 60 years represents far more than merely existing or the elapse of time. read more
CMO presents : Biomass harvesting for energy
CMO will be presenting two "Biomass Harvesting for Energy" short courses during November. Two international experts in biomass harvesting will be co-presenting the courses. The course is designed to include the key high impact information that forest managers require when considering biomass harvesting as an option to supplement traditional roundwood systems. read more
LCP Roofing levels up with integrated roof inspection app 
To offer clients an even better timber roof truss supply & erection service, & to help elevate industry standards, LCP Roofing, SA's leaders in roof truss technology, have developed an integrated mobile app for enhanced, more secure completion & processing of the SANS10400 A19 certificate for a building's... read more
Optimise your plant's output
Before you consider installing a second timber treatment plant, investigate whether you are getting the maximum production out of your existing plant.Dolphin Bay can undertake a plant optimisation study and, depending on the results, help you to optimise the treatment process flow, and / or re-engineer those aspects of the plant that need improvement.  read more
Avoid theft - secure your CCA
CCA is widely known as an extremely valuable commodity, making it vulnerable to theft. To prevent your own CCA from being stolen, & then sold on the black market, the product should be well-secured on-site, preferably within a locked-up facility. The illegal trade in treated wood is a growing problem in Africa, & its growth is tarnishing the reputation of our own industry. read more
Manufacture of Wooden Containers in South Africa 2016 Who Owns Whom
This report focuses on the manufacture of wooden containers in SA . According to the FP&M SETA, there are 50 large, 53 medium & 516 small companies that produce wooden pallets, boxes, crates, bins, cable drums & wine barrels. read more
Gambia announces ban on timber imports
Gambia announced a ban on importing timber after years of accusations from neighbouring Senegal that it profits from illegal logging across their border. Gambian loggers have long benefited from lax oversight of Senegal's southern Casamance forest to take prized rosewood timber over the border before exporting the logs to China, according to AFP. read more
Time lapse of world’s tallest wood building construction
Watch the time lapse of the building's construction. It stands 18 storeys tall and is now the tallest wood building in the world. University of British Columbia's Brock Commons student residence is the first mass wood, steel and concrete hybrid project taller than 14 storeys in the world.  read more
2 Spots still available for DANA October China Plywood Tour
Designed for delegates to visit veneer and plywood mills that use hardwood and softwood logs, from both domestic and imported sources; mills exporting plywood; two major log import ports, a huge new MDF mill, and plantations. read more
Could Composite CLT be the next big thing in Australia?
Following tests in the US in which a flooring system involving a cross layered timber deck topped with a thin layer of reinforced concrete was shown to support loads of around eight times what is required by code in that country, XLam technical manager Nick Hewson says there are opportunities to use similar types of systems in Australia. read more
Softwood rises with weaker dollar
Softwood lumber prices have trended upward in the first 6 months 2016 because of higher demand & a weaker dollar. Demand for softwood lumber has gone up in many markets around the world in 2016, resulting in a substantial increase in global lumber trade. read more
Environmental News
ICFR Wattle Field Day - Central Region, 25 October
This is an invitation to the next ICFR field day in the Central Region, which will have a wattle focus. The programme includes research on various aspects of wattle, including frost tolerance, an update on our understanding of the wattle rust pathogen and its impacts, vegetative propagation techniques, and a growth and yield analysis of wattle spacing trials. read more
China Eucalyptus Research Centre leader visits FABI
The head of the pathology programme of the China Eucalyptus Research Centre (CERC), Dr ShuaiFei Chen visited FABI in September. His visit was specifically to engage with his students based at FABI and to promote ongoing collaboration regarding plantation tree health.  read more
Egyptian Researchers Use Sewage Water To Grow Forests In The Desert
Africa is hit hard by desertification and each year more fertile land is claimed by the desert. The only way to counter this problem is to plant more forests. However, lack of clean water for the proper growth and nourishment of trees is another issue in the region. read more
Engineering professor using NASA satellite data to forecast forest fires
Imagine being able to accurately predict where forest fires might strike - even in the most remote locations in the province - using freely accessible data from a NASA satellite. This is the work of Quazi Hassan, a geomatics engineering associate professor in the University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering. read more
Precipitation, not air temperature, drives functional responses of trees in semi-arid ecosystems  read more
Securing African forests for future drier climates  read more
Ecology and population structure of a tree wound-infecting fungus in a native South African forest environment  read more
Neotypification of Dothistroma septosporum and epitypification of D. pini, causal agents of Dothistroma needle blight of pine read more
Development of microsatellite markers for the pine needle blight pathogen, Dothistroma pini read more
Looking for a job in forestry, look no further...
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  • Lonza Wood Protection
    (Timber Protection)
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  • Sunshine Seedling Services
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