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National Minimum Wage Agreement has been signed
Following negotiations at Nedlac, the above Agreement was signed by the parties involved (with the exception of Cosatu) on Tue 7 Feb 2017. read more
New Minimum Wages for Farm & Forestry Workers W.E.F. 1 March 2017
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Seed bombing takes on a whole new dimension
If we're lucky, seed bombing could jump to a whole new level of awesomeness. A fleet of unused and decommissioned C-130 Hercules cargo planes, originally created to drop land mines, could be recommissioned as foresters. Lockheed Martin and Aerial Forestation of Newton took an old rusty idea from former UK RAF pilot Jack Walters and turned it into a reality. read more
New Staff at the ICFR
Two new staff members have recently joined the ICFR team. Benice Sivparsad started at the ICFR on 1 September 2016, as a Senior Research Scientist in Forest Protection research. Benice will be working on existing Forest Protection projects with a specific focus on Eucalypt pests and pathogens. read more
ICFR's Annual Research Meeting 2017
The Annual Research Meeting which will be held on 7 & 8 March 2017. As always, this event provides an opportunity for the ICFR staff and postgraduate student to present progress and highlights from our research over the last year, as well as to network and engage with our funders, collaborators, partners and the wider forestry sector. read more
Horticultural & Agricultural Skills Training
the latest courses for February till December. Courses offered at your premises for minimum 9 people - maximum 15 people.
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IUFRO Congress Newsletter 2017
In this newsletter we present:
  • Call for Abstracts: aftermath and revisions|
  • Current Congress Schedule
  • First Bronze Sponsor: MDPI Forests
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13% increase in Brazilian exports of wood products
In Sep 2016, the Brazilian exports of wood products (except pulp & paper) increased 13% in value compared to Sep 2015, from $209.5 million to $237 million. The value of pine sawnwood exports jumped 63% between Sep 2015 ($21.7 million) & Sep 2017 ($35.3 million) & in terms of volume exports increased 85% over the same period, from 97,900 cubic metres to 181,100 cubic metres. read more
Severe shortage of forestry workers in Japan
Japan is suffering a severe shortage of forestry workers at a time when many trees planted after World War II have grown enough & now need to be cut down. Demand for domestic timber is expected to grow partly for use in facilities related to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics. With Japan facing an urgent need to train industry-ready workers, the number of forestry colleges is increasing across the country. read more
Push for plantation to replace native timber
A forestry expert says the Victorian timber industry could be at risk of collapse after decades of mismanagement of native resources. The owner of Australia's largest hardwood sawmill in Heyfield in Victoria's Gippsland region announced last week it would have no choice but to shut down because it could not guarantee timber supply. read more
U.S. Forest Service 2017 International Seminars and Workshops
Our international seminars promote collaborative approaches to natural resource management & strengthen professional networks spanning the globe. The participatory, field-based workshops allow participants, who have diverse experience, expertise, perspectives & approaches, the opportunity to engage in meaningful deliberation, dialogue & problem solving. read more
Three new sections at the world's biggest forestry fair
The new Load & Transport section includes everything to do with raw material logistics from the forest to industry. Four months before Elmia Wood opens, the organisers confirm it will be the world's biggest forestry fair ever.  "By January we'd already sold more stand space than at the previous Elmia Wood in 2013," says Exhibition Manager Jakob Hirsmark.
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Are forests a good investment
Trees don't watch the stock market. Forests keep growing - and potentially increasing their value - even when inflation surges or the market swoons. Big investors, like university endowments and insurance companies, have long allocated money to timberland in places like Oregon's fir-and-spruce forests, Georgia's pine plantations and Appalachia's hardwood groves. read more
Low wood fiber costs in Brazil have continued to attract investments in pulp capacity leading to substantial increases in market pulp exports read more
Strong demand for wood in China in the second half of 2016 resulted in both record high imports of softwood lumber and logs, and increased import prices. read more
Forestry Tractors market report
The Forestry Tractors Market for Global and Chinese Industry Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the present market scenario of the global Forestry Tractors Industry with a special focus on China market. The report summarizes key statistics of the market and the overall status of the Forestry Tractors market manufacturers. read more
Premiere for MAN's logging trucks at Elmia Wood's new exhibition area
German truck manufacturer MAN sees Europe's forestry sector as an increasingly important market. That's why the company is exhibiting at the world-leading forestry fair Elmia Wood 2017 in the new Load & Transport area, which brings together everything to do with logistics en route from the forest to the industrial consumers. read more
RISI Euro conference focus on Brexit
The 19th RISI Annual European Conference will highlight the Brexit Effect and what lies ahead for the European pulp and paper industry as well as feature a key packaging seminar. The conference will take place from March 6-8, 2017 at the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. read more
Bell appoints new head of sales
Bell Equipment Sales Africa is excited to welcome Mark Hughes to the senior management team. Mark is to be based at the company's Jet Park head office and his sales and marketing responsibilities stretch across the BESA region, which includes South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). read more
FSC FM course
CMO is arranging a 2-day FSC Forest Management course in Mafinga, Tanzania on the 15 and 16 June 2017.
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STIHL MD issues warning on fakes
The MD of STIHL SA, Hayden Hutton, has personally cautioned all South Africans, especially those in the Gauteng region, to beware of criminals posing as STIHL employees & selling counterfeit STIHL products. A spate of e-mail reports from Gauteng residents in recent days have told similar stories. read more
Sappi celebrates 80 years on the JSE
Pulp and paper producer Sappi on Tuesday celebrated its eightieth year as a JSE-listed company, as well as the fact that it was, once again, part of the bourse's Top 40 Index, which includes the 40 largest companies by market capitalisation included in the FTSE/JSE All SharesIndex. read more
Wood South China in May
Wood South China 2017 has only 4 months to go! Please do not hesitate to schedule your trip if you are interested in China's wood and wood products market. Wood South China 2017 will include the main exhibits of logs and timbers, wood-based panels, veneers, wood flooring, wooden house and wooden structure. read more
KAP Industrial Holdings’ interim results highlight solid growth and enhanced margins
Diversified industrial group, KAP Industrial Holdings Limited (‘KAP'), which incorporates logistics and industrial businesses, reported growth across all major areas of operations today in the group's interim results announcement for the six months ended 31 December 2016. read more
Global outlook for bioenergy in 2017
2016 was a positive year for the global climate negotiations. 120 countries ratified the Paris Agreement limiting the global warming to less than 2°C. With the ratification, countries pledged to reduce fossil fuel use, increase energy efficiency and deploy renewable energy technologies. These pledges are now turned to action. The agreement will be the major driver for all renewable energy sectors including bioenergy. read more
Nippon Paper invents new paper based material
Nippon Paper Industries (NPI) has developed functional materials that have the features and characteristics of minerals through its unique technologies of fixing and compounding particulate minerals and pulp (cellulose fibers), a raw material in paper, with each other. Through this technology, by using wood pulp as the basic material, NPI will be able to provide new materials with the variety of characteristics that minerals contain. read more
Sustainability at the centre of paper manufacturers' inaugural report
Paper, in its countless forms, touches our lives every day and it's a relationship that often goes unnoticed. We use it without a second thought - from our first cup of coffee and morning ablutions, to eating yoghurt, popping our vitamins or putting on lipstick."  So says Jane Molony, executive director of PAMSA in the association's inaugural progress report. read more
PAMSA Infographic
Paper is tangible and versatile. It stimulates our senses and preserves our memories. It packages, cleans, and protects. Paper is renewable. Paper is recyclable. Paper is remarkable. The South African Pulp and Paper industry supports sustainable tree farming for the supply of wood and paper products. read more
Signing the CEO Pledge
Dolphin Bay is very proud of the leadership that the National Business Initiative, of which we are a member, is showing in efforts to safeguard our economy and the democratic institutions of South Africa. In one of the most recent steps, the NBI is the secretariat to the CEO Initiative, which has launched a Pledge on which business leaders can take a stand on ethical leadership. read more
Ambitious greenhouse gas emissions commitment approved by Science Based Targets Initiative
Husqvarna Group is the world's first forest and garden company, to have its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. read more
Forest biodiversity research revolutionised
A team of scientists from Australia, Brazil & Spain have joined forces to develop the most sophisticated remote monitoring system ever used to track the diminishing biodiversity of South America's Amazon Jungle. The project will revolutionise the way biodiversity is monitored by creating a distributed, wireless sensor network throughout the jungle with autonomous nodes that continuously monitor wildlife under the canopy of the Amazon Forest. read more
Earth Sets a Temp Record for the Third Straight Year
Marking another milestone for a changing planet, scientists reported that the Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016, trouncing a record set only a year earlier, which beat one set in 2014. It is the first time in the modern era of global warming data that temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row. read more
First FABI PhD awarded for 2017
Birhan Abate is the latest student at FABI to complete a PhD degree & the first to deliver a prestige seminar in 2017. He passed his PhD oral examination on 27 January, a day after presenting his prestige seminar. Prof. Mike Wingfield presented him with a framed certificate of completion, an award accorded to FABIans who reach this milestone, & congratulated him for his "trailblazing" work.  read more
Antifungal actinomycetes associated with the pine bark beetle, Orthotomicus erosus, in South Africa 
Actinomycete bacteria are often associated with insects that have a mutualistic association with fungi. These bacteria are believed to be important to this insect-fungus association as they produce antibiotics that exclude other saprophytic fungi from the immediate environment. read more
New FSC Africa members platform available
During our 2016 members meeting, our members asked us to create more platforms and opportunities to improve communication between different chambers and also create a more unified Africa membership base. As a starting point to responding to the aforementioned request, we have created a LinkedIn platform where all African members can discuss relevant topics. read more
Chile Is Battling the Worst Wildfire in Its History
Chile is battling the worst wildfire in its history, and is now pleading for international assistance after months of trying to bring deadly fires under control. Dought, strong winds, and high temperatures have stoked a series of fires in Central Chile since November (environmentalists blame Chile's unusually dry weather on climate change). read more
Photographing one of the world's tallest trees in Tasmania's Styx Valley
It took 67 days, 12,000 images & a climb to stomach-churning heights, but photographer Steven Pearce finally got the image he was after of the world's tallest flowering plant, Tasmania's eucalyptus regnans - often called mountain ash or swamp gum. read more
Ministry to drive awareness of new crop pest
Since the positive identification of the Fall Army Worm in South Africa, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Daff) has said it will drive awareness and give farmers technical information and control options. The worm, native to South and Central America, is a new pest to South Africa, and no pesticide was previously registered to be used against it. read more
Stora Enso shows in Lahti World Ski Championships what a tree can do
The renewable materials company Stora Enso is the presenting sponsor of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland. Stora Enso and Lahti2017 are together leading the way in promoting and supporting sustainable events, by using renewable raw materials derived from wood and by maximising the recycling and reuse of products. read more
ICFR seminars held in October
The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) hosts Occasional Seminars throughout the year. These seminars are open to all and cover a wide range of topics providing a valuable opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences on issues relevant to the forestry sector, while also serving as excellent networking events. read more
Forestry Commission Pegs Matthew's Damage At 205 Million
The S.C. Forestry Commission says Hurricane Matthew caused $205 million in damages to the state's timber industry. Hurricane Matthew caused more damage to South Carolina's forestry industry than initially thought, with the final tally coming in at $205 million, according to the state Forestry Commission. read more
Ten Agri PhDs to be capped
From tiny thrips that invade plum orchards to invasive wasps that can give a mighty sting, from diseases in grapevines, lions, leopard and apples to Nguni cattle genetics, forest ecosystems, black rhino conservation and flood management - these are the topics covered by the ten graduates of the Faculty of AgriSciences receiving their doctorates on 8 December 2016. read more
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