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Report: Sydney Harbour Cock of the Harbour Race - Paul White

Five Wetas (the largest fleet) turned out for the annual Cock of the Harbour race which, as its been cancelled so many times previously, was announced only a few days before to get the right forecast. Sydney turned on some fabulous weather amd a decent NE wind.

COH Start Video: Chidzey times it right

A downwind start required good timing and Keith Chidzey led the Wetas followed by Geoff and Peter who went lower than Ian and Paul, who found his new jib and gennaker produced a significant improvement in speed, deciding to split the difference down the middle. Ian and then Paul got a good gust as they neared Bradley's Head but Ian Gybed in the lead with Paul not far behind and Peter catching them.

Ian gybed a bit early to round Fort Denison and slowed to head direct down wind this allowed Paul to catch up by coming in hot - so much that he almost hit Ian as they rounded the mark. As they started the long beat up to Manly, Ian was going low and fast while Paul was going for height and Peter somewhere in the middle - all trying to spot the shifts.

Paul and Peter gradually passed Ian and Peter then got ahead of Paul only to get severely headed as they entered North Harbour . Meanwhile Paul tacked away towards the Heads and then tacked onto a shift which took him all the way to the West Mark at Manly, where he used his local knowledge to head for the correct East Manly Mark.

By the time he tacked, Paul had pulled out a 300m lead over Peter who was 200m ahead of Ian. Paul managed to get further ahead as he cross the Heads and was about 600m in front as he passed the Sow and Pigs marks in the middle of the Harbour. But the wind was going light and he noticed that Peter and a fast charging B15, Yellowbone, were catching him in more pressure as a big gust came down the harbour. 

Paul decided to cover Peter who was going high towards Steel Point and as the entered Rose Bay, the B17 which had gone low had got ahead and Peter had sailed up into a lull. But then a big gust hit Peter first who managed to keep ahead on the very tight reach and the same gust caused the B17 to capsize as they weren't able to maintain the same tight angle.

So at the finish, it was Peter first closely followed by Paul and then the B17 and Ian ahead of the 505 and then Geoff - although we later found that Geoff (with all his local knowledge) had gone around the wrong Manly mark! Both the Moth and Waszp had beaten the Wetas on Handicap and Keith had retired as he was finding the long race put too much pressure on his wrist.

Thanks to all the WSC volunteers and staff for running the event.
RaceQs 3D Replay here

Upcoming Events

30 Mar –1 Apr Maryborough Easter Regatta at Harvey Bay, QLD.

25 April - Spears Point ANZAC Day Regatta, Lake Macquarie, NSW

27 Apr-28 Apr - Pittwater Sailboat Expo, Royal Prince Alfred YC
 Australia's only sailing show (meet Mr Weta, Roger Kitchen)

5 May - Peter Loft Marathon, BYRA, Bayview, Pittwater, NSW
20nm race with "Le Mans" start

More events here

Faye and Andrew go the distance

Faye Boyes reports:
"For the championship series we decided to work on endurance and complete both races on Saturdays. After the first race the yacht club deck is looking mighty fine, drinks, chips and friends who could blame us! To be fair the first race finishes at 3pm by then I’ve walked the dog, worked in the garden, rigged up the boat in soft sand, sailed out to the race course and raced for 45mins. But we thought it was time to start completing both races on Saturday and the championship series was a good place to start and we did it.The last Saturday in the series was a real test as we had to sail around for 45mins waiting for a course change all up 3 hours of sailing"

New High UV Resistant Boat Cover

We all know how harsh the Australian sun is and the effect that can have on materials which are exposed to it - especially plastic and rubber products. The current Weta cover is waterproof but only has average UV-resistance and a life of 2-4 years (it's also not hailstorm-proof!).
The new High UV resistant cover has a life 6-8 years and is made of a lighter, flexible fabric which is breathable and mould resistant. Available from Weta dealers for $490 (compared with $290 for the standard cover)

Roger Kitchen at Pittwater Sail Expo.

"Mr Weta", Roger Kitchen, MD of Weta Marine, will be at the Weta stand at Pittwater Sail Expo on 27-28th April and available to answer all your Weta questions.  More info about Pittwater Sail Expo here

Speed & Smarts: Preventing Overtaking Downwind

Tactics for protecting your lead and clear air on the run, by David Dellenbaugh.

One thing I hate on a reach or run is when the boat behind me sails higher than I want to sail. This forces me to sail above my VMG course in order to keep my air clear in front of them. I constantly worry about falling into their bad air and about losing ground to the rest of the fleet. This article describe a technique for sailing as low as you can and still keeping your air clear. Before you resort to this approach, try two things. First, as soon as the other boat starts heading high, luff up sharply in their path to let them know there is no way you will allow them to sail over you. The windward boat is very enticed by the idea that they may be able to roll over you, so squash that early.

Read more here

Cruising Conversion

OK so Wetas are a very flexible boat for having fun, racing or learning to sail but they can also make a great boat for cruising - with a few modifications.
Some (mad?) people have taken part in the 300 mile Everglades Challenge, including this years' sole Weta entrant Dan Davies.
But others such as Carlos Sánchez in Spain have used the stable platform of the Weta to create a comfortable boat for long distance cruise/camping.

His mods include a tent, reefing points, oars, outboard, custom cockpit cool box, cockpit bulkhead for sleeping, fishing rod holder and even a stove. More here

Lightweight Trailer

Combi trailers and trailers with chocks under the axle of the trolley may seem like a great idea on paper, but without an additional rear support, the long overhang of the rear of the aluminium boat trolley can lead to the trolley bending at the axle because of road impacts.
This Australian made trailer is fully galvanised and comes with 13" wheels, winch bar, winch, jockey wheel, aluminium ramps, 19mm marine ply boat platform, LED lights, (rego extra). All components adjustable on draw bar to enable you to get the balance right. The trailer suspension, wheels and trolley wheels combine to absorb road impacts. GVM 750kg, Tare weight 120kg, Max payload 630kg. Available from Weta Sydney.
More info here

Three towing laws you need to know

Here are three laws that you may have thought you knew but weren’t clear about or you may not have heard about them at all:

1. Prescribed height of a number plate

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) 61/02 Vehicle Markings, Section states:
…provision must be made for mounting a registration plate to be affixed to the rear of the vehicle so that no part of such plate is more than 1300 mm from the ground.

A registration plate mounted on the stern of a Weta on a flatbed trailer could potentially exceed this height restriction.

2. Fitting towing mirrors

This one catches a lot of drivers out. A section of the ADRs, Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 14/02 – Rear Vision Mirrors) 2006 specify that rear view mirrors provide a minimum field of vision as indicated by the diagram below.

Towing a Weta behind a small car may hinder vision of the shaded area. So in order to remain compliant with the ADRs, you must fit extension mirrors. In Victoria, the offence for not doing so is fail to have a clear view of the road and traffic, ahead, behind and to each side of the driver and it will set you back $233.

3. Driving too slowly
Many road users complain about caravans and trailers driving too slowly and causing unnecessary traffic holdups. Some suggest that their slower driving is actually illegal. It is not illegal to drive too slowly, however, you can be booked for unreasonably obstructing drivers or pedestrians. All states will have their own road rule on this, however they will be largely consistent. You can drive at a speed that is safe and reasonable under the circumstances but dawdling along at 20km/h on the freeway just to conserve fuel may land you in hot water.

Wetas for Sale

Weta 1098  $16,000 
2015 model with grey hull. Proven race winner.
Two sets of North sails inc 8.5SqM Pinhead mainsails (later from March 2017)
1x Turquoise, 1x Blue gennaker (later March 2017)
LR Sails 12.5SqM Monster Mainsail
Spare rudder blade
Tapered jib sheets and all class legal mods.
Flat-bed trailer.
Wheelez balloon tyres for aluminium trolley
Location: West Sydney, NSW

Weta 764  $13,500

2012 model very good condition. White hull, Blue gennaker.  Comes with registered trailer. $13,500.00.
Bundaberg, QLD
More here

Weta 967, $14,500.00.
2014 model it in excellent condition.
Comes with custom road trailer. Call Dave. Ph 0447544202
More here

AWCA Traveller Series – Queensland & NSW 2018-19 season.

9-10 Mar Bundaberg Sailing Club Regatta. Contact Glen Foley
30 Mar –1 Apr Maryborough Easter Regatta at Harvey Bay.
5 May Peter Loft Marathon, Bayview YRC, Pittwater, NSW Contact Paul White
19 May  Bargara Bash,  Bundaberg Sailing Club
25-26 May Tin Can Bay Cockroach Cup and Cooloola Cup (TBC)
8-9 Jun 2019 Wyvenhoe Winter Marathon. Book campsites early
27-28 Jul 2019 Humpybong Winter Bash
More events here

Australian Weta Class Association Report

President's Report
Single Yardstick proposal for 2019-20
After a number of events with a mixture of new foam core and older hex core boats, the Technical Committee is proposing that for next season, there be no difference between the Yardsticks for the hull type and sail used - only if the boat is sailed with one or two crew. The reason is that there are older hulls which weigh the same as the new foam core hulls (120Kg) and the results haven't shown any significant differences - apart from the skill of the sailor. Also the SQ sail will become standard but if a sailor chooses to use the Pinhead sail for an event then it is their choice - as you can in other classes that have different sail sizes (e.g. RS Aero). Feedback on the proposed rule changes welcome. 

To join the class or renew use the instructions below or contact Hamish for alternatives. 

How to renew or join AWCA
Register and renew your AWCA membership through the AWCA Revsport website using your AS Number. If you are registered with a sailing club you will have a AS Number. To check your number click here.

Buy your customisable AWCA Merchandise here - all profits go to running costs and trophies.
Weta Fun. Fast. Easy T-Shirt AWCA Beer can or Stubbie Holder Can CoolerLife's Better with a Weta Performance Hat

Hamish Urquhart, AWCA Secretary

Class Association website can be found at class documents can be found here.
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