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Yarra Bay ANZAC Day Outing.

Four Wetas, including Keith’s friend Guy in the demo boat, turned out for a day on the water at Yarra Bay on ANZAC day and this year we even had a start boat which made life more interesting, although the wing mark was being used by the rest of the fleet and was too low for us so we just did sausages. Paul won a couple of the races but Keith got it all together in the final race and took line honours - and then told us all about it!

Wetas vs Jellyfish

Or how we lost the Peter Loft Marathon at BYRA.

It started off well with Paul goosewinging the kite to get ahead while weaving between the moored boats as we left the beach in the mass “Le Mans” start. He was in the leading group, keeping the 505 busy, by hugging the left side of the course and Keith doing the same down the right side with Geoff a little further back in the middle. 


But then there was a thunk and another, and the water was a mass of large white and brown blobs the size of a dinner palate floating just below the surface. The third thunk was the one that kicked up the rudder for the first time and both Geoff and Keith has similar problems, despite Keith also having bungee wrapped around the rudder.

The fifth kickup was the one that did it for Paul as the gudgeon pin fell out and the stock twisted around the pintles with the sound of splintering carbon. So now he was sailing in a wind gusting 20-25 knots with no steering.

He found he could achieve some headway by backing the jib slightly but the turns at the end of the tack were difficult and after three attempts he decided it was going to take far too long to try to tack back to the sailing club which also had the trolley, car and trailer parked nearby. So he decided to head to a nearby beach downwind which he knew had road access - the only problem was it fronted by three layers of moored boats and after some boating pinball, narrowly averting a T-bone disaster by slowing the boat by hanging off the rear of the tramp, So at that point he decided the best solution was to raise the daggerboard and raft in to the beach - paddling madly to avoid the moored boats as he drifted past.

Having made the beach the next problem was to get back to the sailing club 15 Km away with no money! Fortunately he had his phone in a waterproof cover although with cold weta hands and pouring rain it was difficult to make it work. Eventually he managed to book an expensive Uber with a long wait time but while he was waiting a bus came along, He asked the driver if he could pay with the phone but the driver replied, “no worries mate, the machine isn’t working” so Paul got a free ride most of the way to the Club and Ubered the rest.

As Paul arrived at the club, Geoff sailed back to the beach and told of jellyfish impacts, near capsizes, white outs and incredible gusts he had endured.

Brassed Off

The annual Toukley Brass Monkey Regatta has a reputation for wild winds and cold water - but this year it remained flat calm and so Keith and Geoff decided to call it a day and head home early. But it did give Keith a chance to show of his new skirts!

NSW State Titles Survey - Spiers Point Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Spiers Point SC have offered to host the first NSW State Titles on Lake Macquarie over the 2019-20 New Year period (27 Dec -5 Jan) next year. It may seem like a long way off but we need to gauge interest and plan now. Our event would be alongside the Hartley T16 trailable yacht championships.
We'd welcome visitors from interstate and even overseas - even our Kiwi friends or if Snowbirds from the Northern Hemisphere want to thaw out.
Please complete the quick survey by clicking one of the links below
Yes, I am really interested 
Maybe , If everyone else is going
No, I'll be doing something else really important at the time
If you want to charter a boat, or have a boat available for charter, send an email to
Details of the location and event proposal can be found here
Photo: Clubhouse with launch beach & flat water lake sailing

Upcoming Events

19-21 April  - Maryborough Regatta, Hervey Bay, QLD 

More events here

Rooster safety knife

Most safety knives are heavy and too bulky to fit in a PFD pocket where you need it  The lightweight Rooster safety knife has a moulded body with a replaceable stainless steel blade.

  • The opposed slopes at the back of the blade reduces friction resistance which enables a smooth and more effective cut.
  • Fast Easy Blade Change.
  • Ergonomic design.

Steel jib bridge

The UK Class Association has produced this stainless steel bridge for the jib which fits in the holes through the gunwales. It won’t wear out and keeps the jib foot close to the deck. Contact Pete Cailes for more information at

Grunt Webbing Protectors

If you lash down your aluminium Weta trolley to the trailer with webbing or secure it with a chain, you may find two issues:
- The sharp edges of the aluminium trolley can cut into the webbing
- The soft aluminium trolley can be damaged by the chain
The solutions is a protective sleeve which you can slide over the webbing or chairs, The  $9.98 Grunt Ultra Heavy Duty Super Grip (IN 0094o376) and $3.98 Heavy Duty Webbing Protector (IN 0094377) are both available from Bunnings (although it is in stock, the blue Ultra Heavy duty product doesn’t appear on the website currently).

Mod: Flip up ama ports

New Weta owner, Patrick sails in shallow waters and has problems with his shoulder after a ski-ing accident so he’s modified the ports with a seal around the edge and rigged up levers which allow you flip up the ports remotely from the tramp edge. This allows you to flood the ama if the boat capsizes and doesn’t completely turn over (aka TV-Ariel mode).

Wetsuit Change Mat and Bag

If you have to change out of your wetsuit on sand, mud or a dirty changing room, this mat is what you need.
Super convenient, and easy to use, makes getting in and out of your wet gear a lot better by standing on the durable polyester mat. Protect your wetsuit from wear and tear, dirt and sand. Once your out of your gear, easily pull it into the bag shape for easy transit home. Saves getting all that moisture dripping onto the car upholstery. Available from Surfshops Australia for $29.95 

Stormsure Glue for Wetsuit repairs

StormSure Glue is a tough, waterproof, flexible adhesive suitable for wetsuits, drysuits, waterproof clothing, boots and shoes. It will stick to virtually any material and can form a thick film creating a patch-less repair. Curing time is overnight or leaving it for up to 10 hours, this long curing process gives the glue its long lasting durability. For a quicker curing time a tiny amount of water can be added to the mixture.

Available from Clark Rubber for $19.12

Wetas for Sale

There's been a rush of Wetas changing hands from South Australia to Queensland and it seems the pool of used Wetas has dried up for the moment - if you have one that's under-used or want to swap it for a nice new lightweight foam-core one, send a mail with details to to get it included in the newsletter, facebook and website.

Weta #175,  2008 - Albury NSW

Grey Weta for sale because it has been unused for two years!.
It is currently in Albury at my daughters house. Have configured it for easy teenage girl rigging and sailing alone.
  • Original centreboard and longer centreboard included
  • Had a Dacron jib made up with self furler on it so you can furl the jib out on the water if things get overpowered.
  • Original jib included as well.
  • Replaced the original screecher furler with continuous furler (Harken I think?) 
  • Replaced the standing rigging with thicker rigging
  • Some mods to allow daughter to rig it on her own easily.
  • Have a shorter port side stay which takes a 6:1 set of blocks to make tensioning the rig easy. ie attach sidestays with blocks loose, raise mast, tie off forestay, then apply tension to rig with portside stay tackle. Pretty sure I have the normal length side stay as well in bag with it as well.
  • Have a hinged mast base fitting to enable mast to be raised by daughter on her own, place mast base in, temp bolt through, base is captured, raise mast without fear of it getting away on you.
  • Original sails all in good nick
  • Has a Weta cover for storage to keep clean.
  • On registered trailer.
Our kids have a fleet of bikes now so the boat does not get used. Time to go.
Rob Blackburn
0434 004 895
Lennox Head.

AWCA Traveller Series – Queensland & NSW 2018-19 season.

27-28 Jul 2019 Humpybong Winter Bash
More events here

Australian Weta Class Association Report

President's Report
Single Yardstick proposal for 2019-20
After a number of events with a mixture of new foam core and older hex core boats, the Technical Committee is proposing that for next season, there be no difference between the Yardsticks for the hull type and sail used - only if the boat is sailed with one or two crew. The reason is that there are older hulls which weigh the same as the new foam core hulls (120Kg) and the results haven't shown any significant differences - apart from the skill of the sailor. Also the SQ sail will become standard but if a sailor chooses to use the Pinhead sail for an event then it is their choice - as you can in other classes that have different sail sizes (e.g. RS Aero). Feedback on the proposed rule changes welcome. 

To join the class or renew use the instructions below or contact Hamish for alternatives. 

How to renew or join AWCA
Register and renew your AWCA membership through the AWCA Revsport website using your AS Number. If you are registered with a sailing club you will have a AS Number. To check your number click here.

Buy your customisable AWCA Merchandise here - all profits go to running costs and trophies.
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Hamish Urquhart, AWCA Secretary

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