Last Chance to Obtain a Custom Colour Self-Tacking Jib
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The Self-Tacking Jib Kit makes tacking and gybing much easier
Production of the self-tacker moulding in custom colours is a problem for the factory because of short runs and not wanting to carry stock of colours that don’t sell.
So this is the last chance to order a custom colour moulding - after which only white will be available unless ordered with a new boat. The white version can be painted in your preferred colour using enamel paint or gelcoat to match your boat.
The NEW Weta Self Tacking Jib Kit Details and FAQ

The first batch of new self tacking jib kits for Weta #1000+ are shipping now. The kits include everything you need to go sailing (hardware/ropes/jib/track). Self tacker kits for China manufactured Wetas (Weta #1-999) will be available soon and can be ordered now. 

Installation instructions are here. No cutting is required, just glue the track to the deck using a marine construction adhesive. In Australia, we recommend Fix 2 from FixTech which is available direct or from marine retailers including Whitworrths and Road Tech Marine.

Self tacking jib sails come in standard blue trim. Track moulding colours other then white will need to be pre-ordered with your boat unless you order them now.

Contact your local dealer to order

Weta Victoria (VIC & SA)
Colin Bresnahan
Ph: 0481 339 382
Weta Sydney (NSW & ACT)
Paul White
Ph: 0447 215 145
Weta Queensland (QLD & NT)
Glenn Foley
Ph: 0429 009 227


What is the retail price?
RRP AU$ 1,610 + shipping.

What is the sail area of the self tacking jib?
3.0sqm. Around 6% less sail area than the standard jib at 3.2sqm.

What is the performance of the self tacking jib?
Very little performance loss, if any. Simple 2:1 purchase. Many gains in terms of ease of boat handling. You have another pair of hands available when tacking and gybing. No need to trim the jib everytime you tack. Cockpit free of jib sheets with only 2m of central self tacking sheet. Standard jib sheet with 2:1 purchase is about 9m. 

Is the self tacking jib adjustable?
Yes, using the cleat on the mast.

I have a hinged mast base, can I install the self tacking jib?
The hinged mast base needs to be adjusted before the self tacker can be installed, contact your dealer for instructions. 

Can I use my existing jib?
No, it is a different cut of sail, specially designed for the self tacking unit.  However you can revert back to standard jib configuration with the self tacking unit installed.

Can a new Weta from the factory come fitted with a self tacking jib?

Can it be used with the roller furling jib?
It is not possible to combine a roller furler with a self tacker.

More photos
Self tacking jib in action:





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