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Time: Part 2

Your BodyMind’s internal systems track time in a few ways. In the second of this series on time, we’ll briefly explore the idea of Epigenetics and aging; your Circadian Clock, the Chinese Clock and the telomeres on your DNA. 

We each age differently: my Dad at 94..


We each age differently

The past is never really past. Things that happened even in the long past of other generations, continue to impact us. Aside from events like famines and their impact on ancestral health translating forward, details that might come up in a BodyMind Spirit Healthcare session can include the concept of the “Epigenetic clock,” the “Sands of Time,” and addressing the health of telemeres in your DNA. Telemeres are like end caps for your chromosomes and they shorten over time. They just do. But perhaps we can affect how quickly they shorten.

Let’s explore each of these a bit more.

Your “Epigenetic Clock” is esentially your aging clock. Despite media coverage infering there is a more or less equal unfolding for, say, all 75 year olds, that’s not true. We each age differently and in fact different parts of our body may be aging more or less quickly than the whole. Cells tell time.  Aging is accelerated in conditions like cancer and obesity. It’s accelerated by our beliefs around the contraction (and dehydration) of all systems that underly aging. This cliche can be literaly true: you’re only as old as you feel.

The hypothalamus is the master of your “Circadian Clock,” a clock informed by the quality of light at sunrise and sunset. When did you last go outside both at sunrise and sunset? Given our largely sedentary, indoor lives, its common for our circadian clock to be off-kilter, effecting sleep and many other functions of a healthy body.

Light is another oh-so-essential topic for your health, but I won’t stray.
The quality of light at sunrise and sunset inform your “Circadian Clock,” but only if you head outdoors.

Internal Clocks: the Circadian Clock, Your Meridian System & the "Chinese Clock"

Your circadian clock controls as many as 15% of the cells in your body. Not all parts of your body function in the same “time zone,” nor do they age at the same speed. On a systems level, Jet Lag is a classic example of how completely your internal clock can be thrown out of sync. Even the small adjustment of Standard to Daylight savings time can confuse your internal clock, affecting your sleep cycle. BodyTalks Cortices brain-balancing technique is thought to help.

Disruptions in Circadiam Rhythms also impact immune function. Memory. Depression. Metabolism and obesity. And, aging. Aging of course is completely about time and the consciousness of mortality. In the Shamanic training I did, the journey to death was one of our first because we each need to come to peace with death as a presence in our lives.  Does life end when your time in this incarnation ends? We don’t each answer questions like that in the same way and that also impacts health and healing.

BodyMind Spirit Healthcare can and does address each of these if and when muscle checking indicates they are necessary to your session. Sometimes what surfaces as a priority needs to be given a nudge by requesting a particular session focus and then muscle checking to confirm if it will be effective to directly target one of these at this time or if something else needs to be addressed first.

Your meridian system has it’s own 24 hour rhythm and it too gets out of sync. I’ve been taught to think of that as your “Chinese Clock” and it often comes up as priority in a formula to reset it. Your meridian system is ultra-attuned to the unfolding of the seasons so seasonal tune-ups are important. Though you may not think the unfolding of the seasons, the yin and yang cycle of the moon, impact you, your body has a different way of thinking, of being. Millenia of evolution have hard wired us in ways that are confused and undermined by our modern lifestyles. 

Weaving this all is indeed, integrative care. 

Your body has its own internal rhythm, influenced by seasonal light.

Letting it Flow 

Is the most important aspect of a session how long it lasts or what you discover, how effective it proves to be?  This is a long-cherished discussion in energy work, one that each practitioner needs to decide how to address. Sessions with the BodyTalk founder rarely last more than 15 minutes and can be as short as 5. In this case, time isn’t a valid measure of effectiveness. He is so attuned to the nuances of the system he co-developed with so many talented healers, he sees formula unfolding without needing to know each detail, and taps them out to anchor them.

As a practitioner, do I charge by how much time I spend or because the session wrapped, came to a natural conclusion, with no further priority? I have chosen to set a schedule by time frame because that’s how my scheduling program works and it’s something clients understand but also because it seems the time always fills itself, regardless. 

We often think about wasted time, if we don't use it, or I don't have enough time, which means I don't have. So what if we just say to ourselves I have time, I have space. And that’s what I’ve done with scheduling: we have time. We have space. To let your session flow.

Reaching Through Time

Without getting in to the complexities of the science other than to say that Quantum Physics supports this approach, it is possilbe to reach through time to address a situation at the point it happened in your life. Addressing jet lag works very much like this, incrementally balancing your internal clock to the time you got on a plane, and the time zone where you landed. But less literal can be reaching back to the age you were when a particular trauma unfolded, addressing it at that age. Age regression in hypnosis works like that.

Your BodyMind doesn’t care when something literally happened. It can surface experiences as if they are happening right now. That’s PTSD but there are other, newer labels. The science of trauma and how to approach it is a richly complex field. Trauma doesn’t respect the linear unfolding of time. 

And sometimes a session needs time and space — so we pause and wait. I muscle check, “how long?” for this download, for this energy imprinted with the information surfaced in your session to “settle,” for your system to take it in.  The concept is like when a file is downloading on to your computer. If you want the entire file, you need to wait for the download to complete.  

Time: Part 3 Arrives in Your Email Inbox Friday

As I wrote my way in to this concept of time, I started thinking of songs where time is a strong element and then realizing yet again how songs take us back to other times, other places.  

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